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Scoubidou, Macrame and Friendship Bracelets. Noteworthy Knot Knowledge: How to Tie a Bowline Knot. The bowline knot is extremely useful in many craft projects.

Noteworthy Knot Knowledge: How to Tie a Bowline Knot

Easy Crafts and Homemade Decorating & Gift Ideas. In this flea market flip HGTV Magazine showed you how to give an old chandelier new life by covering it with rope.

Easy Crafts and Homemade Decorating & Gift Ideas

To complete the look, the experts added a decorative monkey fist knot to the bottom of each light fixture. See how to make these intricate and unique knots below. 5-foot piece of cord (for each knot) tape scissors dice or small balls Step 1 Cut a piece of cord 5 feet long. Step 2 Wrap the cord around your fingers three times, as shown. Guest Post: DIY Climbing Knot Bracelet. This guest post is from Johnie Gall of Rock climbing is not for the fainthearted.

Guest Post: DIY Climbing Knot Bracelet

In order to make it up the face of a rock wall, you need strength, persistence, courage and knowledge. Without any one of those qualities, you might not be able to finish your climb and have to come back down…or worse. Every time I pull out my climbing rope, I’m reminded of all of those virtues – and to double check my knots. That’s why my version of the friendship bracelet is the Climbing Knot Bracelet. Materials: -1-2 yards of knotting cord -Magnetic jewelry clasps. Monkey Fist Knot - rainbow color - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS. Monkey fist knot. Tie Cool Knots. Decorative Knots. The Home Page describes some knotting terminology, and it explains a number of factors which affect the security of the knots that you tie.

Decorative Knots

Always keep in mind that there are risks associated with ropes and knots, and the risks are entirely your own. Knots can be attractive and decorative in addition to being useful. This article describes several decorative knots which were chosen for their symmetric and attractive qualities, as well as for their ease of tying. There are many other decorative knots, but they can be quite complex to tie (in other words, I didn't include them here because I haven't yet figured out how to tie them properly!).

Valentine Craft: Candy Rope Friendship Knots for Kids. Jan30 by Lindsey Boardman These friendship knots made from candy rope are quick, easy, and fun for older kids to make themselves as Valentine’s Day exchange gifts.

Valentine Craft: Candy Rope Friendship Knots for Kids

With our printable bag topper you can download, cut out, and staple to the top of baggies, this works out looking very cute and being an inexpensive class valentine to boot. It’s often hard to find a valentine that seems appropriate for all children, but most kids love tying knots and eating candy, so this should be a hit with everyone. Knot Games for Teaching. Blackout Knots All players have a piece of rope.

Knot Games for Teaching

Assign a specific knot. Shut out lights for a specified time and see how adept group is in the darkness. Vary knots called and time lights are out. Blindman's Knot The patrol is blindfolded. The leader passes down the line, holding a piece of cord knotted in one of the familiar knots. Bowline/Sheet-bend Draw Have the troop divide into pairs. At the GO signal, each scout picks up his/her rope and ties a bowline around their waist. As a Patrol competition, the first patrol to have all of their pairs done, wins. Chariot Race When you get on to teaching the square lashing a good game, the chariot race. How to Tie 7 Basic Knots. Essential Knots: How to Tie the 20 Knots You Need to Know.

Pack 114's Library - Knot Games. Chinese Knots Collage. Knotting is a traditional Chinese craft.

Chinese Knots Collage

Knots are functional (used to fasten clothes, etc) but they are decorative too. Elaborate designs are often used as decorations at Chinese New Year. Real Chinese knots can be quite complicated but our Chinese Knots Collage is ideal for younger children. Chinese knots collage You will need: Wool or cord (pink, red or orange) Card (pink, red or orange) Glue Instructions: Look at some pictures of Chinese knots (try a Google image search). When you are happy with your design, glue the wool down. If you'd like to try some real Chinese knotting, follow along with these videos: Junior%20Camper%20-%20Knots%20of%20Fun!.pdf. Knot Theory for Young Kids - Moebius Noodles. A couple of weeks ago I discovered a wonderful math blog called Math Munch.

Knot Theory for Young Kids - Moebius Noodles

Now, with a name like this, you know this is going to be good! And it is even for someone who is not a professional mathematician and who was pretty scared of math as a child (I’m pointing my finger at myself now, tsk-tsk-tsk). Basically, Math Munch is a weekly digest of the beautiful, surprising, strange, engaging, and fun math out there on the Internet. As I was browsing the site, I came across a post about knots. I love knots because they are a) beautiful and b) because I have such a hard time following the instructions and learning how to tie them (something so simple, even a hagfish can do it). Intrigued, I followed up with Anna Weltman, who teaches math, folds paper, ties knots and co-authors Math Munch. Challenge Knot Tie. Challenge Knot Tie [Illustrations by Shiju George] This is an easy one, but it will baffle people who don’t know how to do it.

Challenge Knot Tie

All you need is: 1. A piece of rope 3 or 4 feet long. Untying Knots - game to learn to work together. Human Knot Game. Got some quiet kids on your hands?

Human Knot Game

Try out this human knot game for a great ice breaker. It's a great way to boost cooperation and team-building skills as kids work together to untangle a group knot. Even better, this group activity is lots of fun, and sure to bring a pile of laughs along the way. What You Do: Have all 10 kids stand in a circle, facing inward. How to Teach Knot Tying To Kids (6 Steps) All tied up in knots. Tying knots is very challenging for preschool age children and so today we “loosely” explored the process of tying a knot together… Even though not all of my students were quite able to master this process, we did have some amazing teamwork and support for one another that made this process far more rewarding than just tying knots… Before everyone got their own length of rope to work with, we had a group discussion on using rope safely in the classroom and we set a few rules to keep us safe too.

Then we took turns feeling two kinds of rope – silk and plastic. Handy Knot Guides - Geek Prepper. Print out these handy knot guides and wallet cards. You’ll always have the means to tie the knots you need! Handy Knot Guides The right knots you can secure gear to your pack, secure a tent’s guy lines to a tree, strap a canoe to the roof of your wife’s minivan (while she’s freaking out about it), pull a friend out of a chasm, and allow you to repel down that same chasm to get the crap he dropped when you pulled him up. Here are some handy knot guides that you can print out, so you can have one with you all at times.

Dragonfly Knot. Knot Tying Practice. Nasty Knots - Pirate Puzzles and Activities for Kids.