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English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

Convert to Cartoon - Convert photo to Cartoon - Cartoonize Me - Cartoonize - Collocations Exercise Useful Expressions in English | Commonly Used English Expressions Check out IH Bristol’s extensive list of over 1000 of the most useful expressions in English, available for free for Beginner/Elementary students to Advanced speakers. Learning English is one of the best ways to improve your life and the prospects of getting a good job. English is used all over the world as the language of education and business and it is becoming normal to expect everybody to be able to speak it. IH Bristol has more than 30 years’ experience of teaching English as a foreign language, of helping students to pass Cambridge Exams, to achieve the right score in IELTS or OET or just to learn to communicate more effectively in the language. However, not everybody can come to Bristol to learn in person. How to use the Useful Expressions 1. We’ve covered a wide range of everyday situations, and for each one there are 10 common phrases with explanations of how or when you would use each one. The more you use them, the more you will improve!

Emotional Synonyms, Emotional Antonyms Thucydides, of course, had a sensitive and emotional temperament. New Yorkers aren't like our whole-souled, emotional Western folks. Her motherhood might be the mere figment of that kind colored girl's emotional fancy. His emotional nature had never, as yet, been deeply stirred. This uncontrolled, emotional trend of thought comes in cycles and is unerringly followed by bitter disillusionment. We are careless of form and type, yet we crave the emotional stimulus. There was a tenseness about her manner, a restraint in her tone, which seemed to speak of some emotional crisis. "You are neither an inquisitive nor an emotional person," Wrayson said. The emotional dreams of his Lowland Beauty are recorded no more. Lady O'Moy was in an emotional maelstrom that swept her towards a cataract.

Games at Miniclip - The 50 most useful Idioms and their Meaning Commonly used Idioms Idiom: a manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language Every language has its own collection of wise sayings. They offer advice about how to live and also transfer some underlying ideas, principles and values of a given culture / society. These sayings are called "idioms" - or proverbs if they are longer. These combinations of words have (rarely complete sentences) a "figurative meaning" meaning, they basically work with "pictures". Smart Idioms A hot potato Speak of an issue (mostly current) which many people are talking about and which is usually disputed A penny for your thoughts A way of asking what someone is thinking Actions speak louder than words People's intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say. Add insult to injury To further a loss with mockery or indignity; to worsen an unfavorable situation. At the drop of a hat Meaning: without any hesitation; instantly. Back to the drawing board Ball is in your court Cut corners

Brain Teasers for Kids and Adults - Quiz - English Vocabulary Choose the appropriate colloquial 'pair-phrase' to complete the sentences. prim and proper to and fro odds and ends hard and fast tooth and nail by and large pros and cons down and out length and breadth safe and sound 1. She's very _____________ about everything. Make sure you don't use any swear words around her! prim and proper 2. length and breadth 3. by and large 4. hard and fast 5. tooth and nail 6. odds and ends 7. down and out 8. safe and sound 9. to and fro 10. pros and cons Interactive Quiz Sheet Printable Quiz Sheet More Quizzes