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Crash Restraint

Crash Restraint
When attaching support lines to a harness for suspension, I use a novel method that people frequently ask me about, and I've been meaning to document for a long time. Serendipitously, I ran into Kali from Kink Academy a few months ago at Wicked Grounds, and she asked me to film some instructional videos for them on suspension -- so I managed to slip this in there, and they've graciously agreed to allow me to use screenshots from those videos to illustrate a blog post here. This method was inspired by the Tatu hitch , during a Fetlife discussion whose details are now murky in my memory -- in any case credit is due both Tatu and Jack Elfrink for making me aware of that knot, upon which this is based. Things needing names, and this technique using the first half of a Tatu hitch, I suppose we could call it the half-Tatu hitch. Thanks also to Mecha-Kate for modeling for these. The full video version, in two parts, is here and here on Kink Academy. Single Point Attachment, with Carabiner

Patriot gauntlets An alternative to lou duff style arm gauntlets. This was the basis for the 600 foot rope mummification I once did at Shibaricon The main bulk of the rope will always be behind what you are tying around. The tie itself is just bringing parts up to the front. Make a bunny ear on the left side. This bunny ear will be laying in front. Kinbaku / Shibari Terms by Tatu Return to Home | Tutorials Glossary Terms Related to Japanese Shibari / Kinbaku / Bondage Compiled by Tatu (c) 1999 / 2005 Please Note: I began compiling this glossary in August 1999 in an effort to first gain understanding of the Shibari / Kinbaku world for myself and also share what I have learned to the west. Sex Sling Plans "A totally wonderful DIY guide for the happy kinky home adventurer. This book is great! I love it!" UPDATE! Due to overwhelming response we have compiled all our instructional videos into one DVD. Originally shot in High-Def, "Getting Started With Your TwistedMonk.Com Rope Vol.1" brings all these great videos together into one brighter, clearer and easier to follow package. By popular request, all rope kits now come with our "Getting Started" DVD at no extra charge.

Hon Kikkou Hon Kikkou Tortoise Shell Advanced Rope Lesson by Tatu (c) 2001, Revised 2007 Model - "yumi" Photos by Quietmstr (c) 2005 Tatu Publications How to not be creepy. My name is Holly Pervocracy, and I used to be a creep. Not the worst kind of creep; I was certainly never dangerous, and it wasn't to the point where I drove everyone away, but I was definitely called creepy a few times. And given the side-eye-while-edging-away a few more times. KinkyClover » Rope Space – Programmed Preconceptions Rope Space – Programmed Preconceptions Rope at the moment seems to be the new black. This is a wonderful thing. There are events popping up all over the country, most recently we have one in Nottingham, all these places for rope enthusiasts to get their kink on. With the increase of rope bondage there is more tying in clubs and at different events. From observation, online forums, discussions at munches, peer rope events and workshops, it appears there is a general expectation for rope bottoms to space.

KinkyClover » Nerve and Circulation Problems Nerve and Circulation Problems I think the two most common and often misunderstood problems in rope are circulation and nerve problems and more importantly how to spot the differences between them. It is not always simple, but here are a few points to guide towards what the problem could be. I am not a medical professional, everything written here is my opinion or given to me by medical professionals regarding my own injuries. If you have an injury my best advice is to seek medical advice for your injury.

Vector Forces Vector forces become apparent whenever there is an internal angle greater than 0° between two or more rigging components or anchorage points. For ease of explanation, a vector force is typically trying to pull horizontally as well as vertically. This has a multiplying effect on the loads that are felt at the anchor points and likewise the tension exerted within the rigging equipment, be it ropes, slings, strops or chains.