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Facebook Twitter : Portfolio de LI DEZARMENIEN Yinxuan. Voici une nouvelle illustration que j'ai réalisée pour la couverture du roman de Jade Berube, Nikki Pop Tome 1 : Le rêve d'Emily, version française, aux éditions Michel Lafon. modo, 3D. : Portfolio de LI DEZARMENIEN Yinxuan

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg - model building - model railway Hamburg. Animator Friendly Rigging. Is one of the training tools available to learn the ins and outs of creating character rigs that your animators will enjoy working with.

Animator Friendly Rigging

Based on the same principles that , these tools will teach you not just how to create one particular type of rig, but they will help you develop a and approach to solve almost any rigging problem. This is one of the, if not the best rigging series your money can buy. Not only is it highly educational and in-depth, but also very easy to understand and entertaining...Anybody wanting to solidly learn rigging can't go wrong here Felix Lahme, Germany This 8 chapter series (broken into 4 parts) helps teach the rigger to look at a problem, get reference, analyze it, try some ideas, generate a toolkit of techniques, and apply them in a way that will make their animators more and .

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