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Moyers & Company. Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights. From Techrights The Gates Foundation was described as a shell for tax avoidance by philanthropist and accounting expert, Sheldon Drobny.

Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights

Techrights has collected evidence that shows the same and will organize it here. Through the foundation, Bill, Melinda and Microsoft maintain pharmaceutical patent investments, tobacco investments, investments in alcoholic beverages, petroleum investments, investments in experimental and controversial crops, and even investments in news/media. Gates need not even pay tax, though he keeps control of the assets and uses that control to influence private and public policy.

Money talks and politicians can in turn be persuaded to buy from Microsoft. We have provided extensive evidence for the above claims in many past summaries which include the following (sorted in chronological order although we took a much closer look in later years). [edit] 2014 [edit] April [edit] January [edit] 2013.

INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE. NEWS, COMMENTARY & INSIGHT. Wobbly Times. This Is Hell! 796: Control, Alter, Delete Shows Wealth division multiplies / Taking back the internet / Ukrainian for “nuance” / PLUS: Brazil’s stadium splurge, RIP Michael Ruppert and Buzzfeed’s quiz answered 795: Liquidity Trap Shows Jellyfish as reverse canaries / Oil finds Ghana / Bohemian sketchpad / PLUS: Foreign policy’s women problem, UK media update and Ungroupthink. 794: Live Free or Dry Shows.

This Is Hell!

Business Insider. The Monkey Cage. Communism is free time and nothing else! Finance, Economics, Markets and Technology. Thoughts for the post-2008 world. No More Mister Nice Blog. Patrick Jennings. In the last video we introduced the Fact Without A Point Tactic that GW skeptics and deniers like to use .

Patrick Jennings

And in this video we want to talk about just one of the more popular talking points so that we can see this tactic in action and that talking point is the always popular "CO2 is plant food" and therefore can't possibly have any negative effects on our climate. I call each of these talking points a "Fact Without A Point" because, while they are factually correct; when presented in a vacuum; with no additional context; they don't increase our understanding of the issue.

The think tankers and politicians who love to use these simplistic ideas as proof or evidence that manmade global warming isn't real often use them in a hit and run fashion. NSFWCORP. Evidence-based political blogging. Smart Politics in Pictures and Words. Independent commentary and news from Israel & Palestine. Fearless commentary on finance, economics, politics, and power.

Professor Richard D. Wolff. The Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness. Expose the TPP. Home - The Public Bank Solution. SolidarityNYC. News, analysis and commentary from the black left. Freedom Rider. Defiant Quebec students reject shabby government offer. Quebec college and university students are now in the 13th week of their militant province-wide strike while voting by overwhelming majorities to reject a government offer that met none of their key demands.

Defiant Quebec students reject shabby government offer

After a 22-hour bargaining session involving ministers of the Charest government, university and college heads, and leaders of the major trade-union centrals, the student leaders agreed on May 6 to put the offer to a vote of their memberships without recommending acceptance. If the offer (the French-language text is here) were accepted: The 75% hike in tuition fees (now spread over seven years, but indexed) would remain, albeit with slightly liberalized access to scholarships and loans, and provision for repayment of loans geared to future income.

A provisional committee would examine university budgets and propose possible cuts. Each dollar cut would go to reducing incidental fees not related directly to tuition (admission, registration, sports services, technology, etc.). Pressthink. Omidyar Group. Investigative Reporter. Blog for Morris Berman. Charles hugh smith-Weblog and Essays. How To Get a Job Despite the Economy April 14, 2014 An entire new feedback loop of accreditation is necessary in the economy we have, and fortunately that feedback is within our individual control.

charles hugh smith-Weblog and Essays

I cite. A primary issue for CPUSA in 1930 was membership -- recruiting members, keeping members after they were recruited, and enhancing leadership.

I cite

These problems were addressed yunder the generla theme of improving the organizational and political of shop and street nuclei. As a way of addressing the problem The Party Organizer published experiences from the specific districts. Chicago: a meeting was described wherein 'old leading members' argued over whether unemployment was developing on a mass scale and over whether workers were radicalized. Six new members from Indianapolis refuted the old members. Russell Brand. Extraenvironmentalist. The Ecologist: Environment, Climate Change, News, Eco, Green, Energy - The Ecologist. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Infographics Details. About Lawfare: A Brief History of the Term and the Site. The Lawfare Blog went live on September 1, 2010.

About Lawfare: A Brief History of the Term and the Site

Ben’s first post set forth our general aims and, relatedly, our reasons for selecting our title: Welcome to Lawfare, a new blog by Robert Chesney, Jack Goldsmith, and myself. For those readers familiar with our prior writings, our subject will come as no surprise: We mean to devote this blog to that nebulous zone in which actions taken or contemplated to protect the nation interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions. Publicity & Creative Direction for Grassroots Activists. Voice of the Underclass. Dispatches from the Underclass. The Feminist Wire - Washington's Blog. Boasting the Attributes of Hybrid Vigor. The Dissenter. Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey.

RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism. Daily news and opinion from the left. Michael Parenti Political Archive. The North Star. The Real News Network - Independent News, Blogs and Editorials. VIDEO: New "Kochtopus" Graphic Maps the Influence of Billionaire Koch Brothers on Climate Policy. LBO News from Doug Henwood. Naked capitalism. NAKED KEYNESIANISM.

Mathbabe. Robert Reich. Henry C.K.Liu Home. Historian, political economist, activist, writer. Yanis Varoufakis. Valve Economics. It was late at night in October of last year when the strange email arrived.

Valve Economics

Greek Success Story: The latest Orwellian Turn of the Greek Crisis. Greece’s Prime Minister recently flew to China, to woo Chinese investors.

Greek Success Story: The latest Orwellian Turn of the Greek Crisis

In his bid to be persuasive, he adopted a radical narrative: Greece is a Success Story. A country that almost perished in 2012 is now on the mend; on the road to stabilisation and growth; a wonderful opportunity, currently, for investors to pick up ultra cheap investments and to benefit from the forthcoming growth. How much of this is true, however? Greek Prime Ministers and Finance Ministers have been upbeat for the past three catastrophic years. Mr Samaras’ narrative is, therefore, neither here nor there per se . PRIME ECONOMICS. Wonkblog. A Progressive Look At Economics and the Rest of the Screwed Up World. The Fight for Better Media Begins Here.

Keeping an eye on the corporate education agenda, in Massachusetts and beyond. The Monkey Cage. The War of Ideas in the Middle East. The Electronic Intifada. Informed Comment: Thoughts on the Middle East, History and Religion. Welcome to Chris Floyd's Empire Burlesque. Max Blumenthal. Author of The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin.

LENIN'S TOMB. Fearless, Independent News and Opinion. Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines. Free Speech TV. Not Safe For Work Corporation. The Rag Blog. OCCUPY STUDENT DEBT CAMPAIGN. Crooks and Liars. America's #1 completely independent news and politics source. TomDispatch. The National Memo. Alternet. Daily Kos Labor at Daily Kos. Remember green jobs?

Daily Kos Labor at Daily Kos

They were supposed to be a win-win for America, simultaneously creating new skilled jobs and moving us toward sustainability. But, as Michelle Chen details, the momentum has died: Though federal green initiatives have provided vital seed money for wind farms and solar-generation projects nationwide, the blue-collar workers who have the most to gain from the projected clean-tech boom are still struggling to find any job, much less a green one. Of course, green jobs are not the boondoggle portrayed by right-wingers. Solar panel companies and green building firms are hiring people, just not fast enough to dent the unemployment figures. It's really sad. Discuss A New York Times editorial points out that software engineers and fast food workers are more similar than we might think: Both groups are affected by wage theft. ThinkProgress. Media Matters for America. JIMROMENESKO.COM.

UP with Chris Hayes. Now playing Dissecting the notion of ‘Deporter-in-Chief’up next Can damage with Latino community be repaired? Will GOPers pivot away from anti-ACA message? Can ACA change voters’ minds in red states? Sam Sacks. Yes Lab. Progressive Shows List. Models of Courageous Citizenship. The most comprehensive whistleblower database in the world. S.H.A.M.E. Project › Shame the Hacks who Abuse Media Ethics...

C-SPAN Video Library.