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Not Actual Size. Damien Barrachin. NICOLAS GIRARD. Nielsprayer. Josep Bernaus. LOWENBRAAT. N9ve. Bureau Hardy Seiler. Kevin Deviercy – Videographiste Freelance Paris / graphiste video: Freelance Motion Designer Paris. Iron Kinetics. WINSHIP. Tutorials / Visual FX / Motion Graphics. SIMIAN UI - Theodore. Web & Motion designer / Illustration. INFO - Henrique barone. MCPHERSO. WRLK.TV / Direction & Creation. Jonathan Lindgren. Motion graphics. Simon Russell's Portfolio. Guillaume Combeaud. Merci. Julien Baret Motion Designer. Le top 50 des motion designers français 2014. Edit: Merci pour vos propositions, la liste comporte désormais 50 motion designers. Cet article fait suite au précédent article rédigé par Vincent Ginet, il y a près de 3 ans.

Il faut savoir que cette liste n'est en aucun cas exhaustive. C'est un exercice extrêmement difficile de ressembler les talents acteurs du motion design en France en 2014. Aussi, ça n'est dans aucun cas un classement dans un ordre précis. Cette liste est le fruit de ma connaissance dans le motion design français. De plus, la distinction entre motion designer, réalisateur, animateur est parfois difficile.

Enfin, j'ai découvert beaucoup de talents dont le travail faisait partie d'une agence, d'un studio ou d'un collectif. Nicolas André (LeNeopen) Motion Graphics Designer. Josef Bsharah. In this Tutorial We are going explore some of the essential things when it comes to creating V-Ray materials , what we going to be discussing here is hopefully going to get you started making V-Ray materials and again , some more in depth tutorials are going to be available for specific parts that are not covered in this series V-Ray materials are not as simple as the standard materials , the way they behave is more physical ( as surfaces can absorb light , refract it , reflect it .. etc ) and for that reason , each parameter is tight another and colors play a huge role in this regard VRay has a number of material types which can be used in combination or separately to produce high quality renders .

Josef Bsharah

The main materials that we are going to be working with is the V-Ray Advanced Material . General Options : This is the alpha option in the vray advance material , you can use gray shaders or textures to delete specific parts from an object in the render time. YUJAEHO. Deniz Tarsus // Director - Writer. Deniz Tarsus. I.AM.GRAPHIC.ARTIST. Miguel Rato. I'm a Freelance Motion & Graphic Designer based in London.

Miguel Rato

Always on the look for exciting projects to work on and smart people to collaborate with! In the past I have been working with names like; EA (Electronic Arts), MPC, Spov, BLIND, The Found Collective, Red Bee Media, DesignStudio, BBDO, JumpDesign, 30 Seconds to Mars, TheUSED. Game Projects: Need For Speed: Rivals - (load movies / cinematics) Art Director / Lead Design - in house at EA Ghost Crysis 3 (load movies / cinematics) - as part of a team at BLIND LTD Activision, Call of Duty (load movies / cinematics) - as part of a team at SPOV I'm confident with After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop & Illustrator, have basic knowledge of Boujou, PF track. Also happy with designing UI interfaces, and general Design. Have experience with professional photography, both Digital & Film (including medium format). Available to travel and work abroad. Get in touch! External Links. Elias Freiberger's Portfolio. Creative direction for moving image. Laurent. Lalaland.

Ben Hill. Motion graphics portfolio. The Frenchfries's portfiolio art director and cinematographer team. Three-seconds. Bma. Andrew Fowler Portfolio. OSCARMAR. Portfolio. Sébastien Iglesias - Diplomé de Supinfocom Arles. Actuellement chez WIZZ Design Paris en tant qu'animateur 2D // Graduated from SUPINFOCOM school in Arles, France. I'm currently working at WIZZ design Paris has 2D animator. ELSGAARD. Juan Behrens. Portfolio of Adam Blumert. BlackMath. Fusepilot. Design and animation. NICOLAS GIRARD. 2D/3D Concept Designer, Graphic Artist & 3D Modeller. WORK — J-Scott. Motion Designer. Motion Graphics , Video production, Web Design. Richard Renaldi. Oscar Salas Portfolio. Portfolio of Vít Zemčík. Motion Graphics , Video production, Web Design. - Generator + EDDIE SONG. Guilhem Machenaud - Vizoer d'émotion - Réalisateur vidéo : Mode, Clips, Pubs, Sports Extrêmes - Communication visuelle. Alexander Gellner Illustration.

Index. Evan Owen Dennis. Paul Clements – Motion Design / Direction. Navarro Parker. MATTHEW SCOTT. Andreas Bjørn Hansen. Albert Omoss. Portfolio of Jeff Dotson. Paul Clements - Motion Design/Direction. Oliver Sin: Animator. Joshua Catalano. Motion Design, Art Direction. Nando Costa - Director & Graphic Artist. Motion and Interaction Design. Art Director & Motion Designer.