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MOTION CAPTURE bvh, bip, c3d

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Resources. Animation Buffet. Kiel Figgins - Animator. Rig Set 9 Rig by Steven Kalinowski, Facial setup by Dan Neufeldt model by CGNetworks (Maya 5-6, 2.5mb) WinRar Required Updated: 8/29/06 - Finger and Toe Controls hooked up.

Kiel Figgins - Animator

Thanks Stev. Synapse for Kinect. SYNAPSE for Kinect Update: There’s some newer Kinect hardware out there, “Kinect for Windows”.

Synapse for Kinect

This hardware is slightly different, and doesn’t work with Synapse. Be careful when purchasing, Synapse only supports “Kinect for Xbox”. Update to the update: There appears to also be newer “Kinect for Xbox” hardware out there. Model 1414 Kinects work with Synapse, but I’m getting reports that the newer 1473 models do not work. Carnegie Mellon University - CMU Graphics Lab - motion capture library. Rocketbox Libraries. Mocap Files - Library. StockMoves ® A database of blendable & non blendable motion capture sequences. ShapeWrap III Motion Capture System. Truebones Motions Free BVH files and Character Animation Software. FREE MOTION CAPTURE .bip and .bvh FILES. Motion capture data BVH tools and files. For everybody who is interest in using motion capture data, here is a list of services which could be useful to you.

Motion capture data BVH tools and files

Most of them are free or are very affordable. Free Motion Capture Data Files: