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(FMQ) Free Motion Quilting

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Dogwood Quilting — Oh Fransson. Diane Gaudynski "A New Tradition in Quilting": Relaxed Diane-shiko. Sometimes we need a quilting design similar to a grid, but easier and faster.

Diane Gaudynski "A New Tradition in Quilting": Relaxed Diane-shiko

Diane-shiko has filled that need for me and for my students for several years now, and I still love it, the look of it, and quilting it. However, perhaps 2010 calls for a new, "Relaxed" Diane-shiko! In this version, you have all the advantages of Diane-shiko with half the quilting, and less stress. It consists of marking a regular, even design with either a ruler or Grid-Marker stencil (June Tailor) in a 1/2"format, but quilting around the marked lines free motion, not trying to stay on them, aiming for the intersections instead and hitting those precisely. When I began this design, photo above, I was a little slip-shod, and sort of raced along thinking this will be fast and easy.

Going too fast and being lazy about hitting the intersections was a big Mistake! I love my magnifier. Do NOT go back up to the starting point as we did in Diane-shiko. Instead, you travel OVER to the NEXT LINE. Free Motion Quilting, Clam Shells and Quilting. FMQ tip and other uses for foam pipe insulation. For those of you that do FMQ on a short or mid arm machine, this is kind of cool.

FMQ tip and other uses for foam pipe insulation

Go to a DIY store and buy a piece of foam pipe insulation. Its about $3.00 for about 8 feet and comes preslit along its length. Cut two 10" lengths. Save the rest.Put the area you want to FMQ under your machine. The Free Motion Quilting Project: Day 6 - Echo Shell. This design is also featured in the ebook From Daisy to Paisley along with many other free motion designs from this project!

The Free Motion Quilting Project: Day 6 - Echo Shell

Click here to learn more about our Beginner Free Motion Quilting Fillers DVD. Today is day 6 and the free motion design I'd like to share is called Echo Shell. You may have seen a version of this before: This difference between this filler and the typical echo half circle filler is that this is much more random. Notice how all the circles radiate out in different directions with different amounts of rays? Here's an example of a less random Echo Shell: Inspiration - My wonderful hubby gifted me with "Quilts of Provence," a beautiful book on french Provence quilting.

Traditional echo shell has been around for hundreds of years as first a hand quilting stitch, then a machine quilting free motion stitch. Difficulty Level - Beginner. Design Family - Echoing Directional Texture - 3 directions. Back of Echo Shell. The Free Motion Quilting Project: May 2015. Josh here, and it's past time we did our own little Throwback Thursday post!

The Free Motion Quilting Project: May 2015

If you're a member of Facebook, you've likely seen pages and facebook friends sharing old pictures and stories under the tagline "Throwback Thursday. " We've even seen a few funny and memorable Throwback Thursday entries on Leah's facebook group page, which is a great place for quilters from all over the globe to come together and talk about quilting, sewing, crafts, and anything and everything. Have you ever been watching one of Leah's youtube videos and heard a rooster crow in the distance?

Let's rewind back to a few weeks before Easter of 2010. I got two chicks as a gag gift, and that's how it all started. Unfortunately, the gag gift nature of these two played out as both grow into roosters. Make it yourself. Make it your own. r0ssie (fresh modern quilts): learning more about free-motion quilting. While I have been enjoying all the piecing I've been getting done, I've jumped into a bit of quilting this week.

r0ssie (fresh modern quilts): learning more about free-motion quilting

You see, I sold one of my finished quilt tops to a friend, but she of course wants a QUILT, not a quilt top, so I needed to hop to it and actually quilt it. You'll have to excuse me for posting "sneak peek" photos rather than proper photos, but this quilt is going to be given as a gift, so until it's in the intended hands, I'm holding back on the photos. I've said it before and I'll say it again: quilting is my growth area. I'm not horrible, but I'm not awesome. With a new machine in my studio, one that a lot of people buy specifically for its free-motion quilting potential, I figured it was a good time to start again with learning to free motion quilt. How to Free-Motion Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine. Would you like to quilt your own quilts on your regular home sewing machine?

How to Free-Motion Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine

Are you afraid to try because you don’t think you have the right quilting equipment? What if I told you that you can add beautiful texture to your quilts without investing in a specialty machine? Quilters' Corner >> Free motion quilting with OUT a foot?? Date: 1/20/10 5:04 PM I think you're going to like your new machine.

Quilters' Corner >> Free motion quilting with OUT a foot??

And yes the Viking feet cost a bomb but they do work very well. There are different sorts you can buy- open toe metal, or plastic horseshoe (doesn't change the visibility much, as when it is moving it blurrs)...and do look into what generic sorts might work- take your machine to the dealership and fit them if necessary. And, if there doesn't seem to be enough clearance with the generic foot add a rubber hair band looped two or three times around the metal part at the top right near the plastic or metal housing for the spring area- if you do this it will lift the foot up a few millimetres, the more loops you make the higher the foot will go. I've seen people wrap bits of cotton bias tape and tie it up with a small knot and then trim the tails off too.

Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures. The Free Motion Quilting Project. Beginner Free Motion Quilting (Machine Quilting) START HERE! Are you new here?


Hi! Welcome to the Free Motion Quilting Project! Free Motion Quilting ~ Home Machine Features & Tips. We know many of you want to learn more about free motion stitching on your home machine.

Free Motion Quilting ~ Home Machine Features & Tips

Kellie from our board and Don’t Look Now blog does a lot of free motion stitching and does it well! Today she shares some tips so you can feel comfortable jumping in and trying it out on your own machine, plus features to consider when looking for a new machine conducive to free motion stitching! From Kellie: So would you like to try your hand at free motion stitching? Or perhaps you’ve been wondering if your sewing machine can handle it? The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting. Unlock the secrets to free-motion success and flawlessly stitch your quilts with confidence!

The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting

Add exquisite visual interest to your quilts as you uncover the elements behind your favorite free-motion quilting designs. Author Christina Cameli guides you step by step, from identifying the basic structure of seven sophisticated design families to recreating motifs that have always inspired you. From eye-catching pebbles and beads-on-a-string to gorgeous emerging and echo designs, you’ll discover how to sketch and stitch dozens of variations to suit your personal style. Free motion quilting. Section Quilting Style Free Motion Quilting. Section Quilting Style Free Motion Quilting Learn how to quilt multiple quilting designs over your quilts! Do you have a special quilt needing an extra special quilting design? Question Thursday #16. It's time for Question Thursday, the day where your questions get answered and hopefully sets you on the right track for free motion quilting.

First off, reading through everyone's posts about Sharp Stippling, it seems my advice to "not hesitate on the points" has caused you all to feel that you must zoom through this design without stopping. So please go back and ignore my advice! Instead, stitch a wiggly line, then stop with your needle in the down position. THINK about where you want to go next. Then wiggle off in that direction, creating a point in the place you just left. Many quilters experienced a difficulty visualizing the design, and a definite increase in getting lost within the texture. Do the exact same thing with sharp stippling, only this time instead of stitching curves, stitch points at the ends of every wiggly shape like this: Simply stitch rows of the exact same shapes until you feel comfortable forming the flames.

Now let's move on with questions from you! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.