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Canada Based largest distributor of industrial and pharmaceutical absorbents and desiccants to provide cost effective solutions for moisture related environmental challenges.

Adsorbents/Desiccants for column chromatography. Chromatography- An Overview Chromatography is a separation process mainly used to segregate different components of any given mixture.

Adsorbents/Desiccants for column chromatography

The various components are separated so that they can be taken for further analysis. This is not possible if they are still part of the mixture, so it can only be done only after separation. This is where the role of chromatography becomes important. Chromatography is much in demand for separating mixtures for two reasons.1) it gives best results in minimum time possible and 2) it is very cost effective as components can be separated with less expenditure. Chromatography can be divided into many categories, depending on the components, which need to be separated. Silica Gel provides Moisture-Free Packaging Solutions. Silica Gel Desiccants- An Understanding Silica Gel desiccant is one of the most commonly used industrial and pharmaceutical desiccant.

Silica Gel provides Moisture-Free Packaging Solutions

Silica Gel is world famous for its absorption qualities and is widely utilized as absorbents and desiccants. When it is used as industrial desiccant, it removes all the excess moisture present in industrial machinery and lines so that they can function to their full potential. If there are traces of moisture present, then the machines will not work properly and it will lead to loss of time as well as money. Higher levels of humidity in industrial streams can lead to corrosion, ice formation, which is very harmful for the machines. As pharmace. Silica Gel For Chromatography Desiccants. Pharmaceutical Desiccants. Desiccants that are specially characterized for the absorption process in pharmaceutical as well as the naturaceuticals packaging.

Pharmaceutical Desiccants

There are a number of pharmaceutical desiccants doing the rounds in the market presently. Some of these popular desiccants are- silica gel, activated carbon, molecular sieves and also the clay desiccants. Some of the many desiccant products that can be used in pharma products packaging, without causing any harm to the pharmaceutics products include- humidity indicating cards, desiccant canisters, active vials and tablet form of desiccants, small sized desiccant sachets, etc. Desiccant activated alumina. Activated Alumina Balls- An Introduction Activated Alumina is a widely used desiccant.

Desiccant activated alumina

It mainly finds use in removing excess vapour molecules from packages containing goods. These can be a wide variety of products like electronic items, leather products, perishable food products and medicines. The presence of moisture is very harmful for these products for two reasons – 1) it can cause irreverisble damages to the product and 2) it can bring about physical as well as chemical changes in items like medicines. This will render the medicines useless as their physical/chemical composition has completely changed. Desiccant Activated Alumina is basically aluminium hydroxide with numerous pores and high surface area. Industrial and pharmaceutical desiccants. Quality Silica Gel supplier. Silica Gel - An Introduction We all are familiar with Silica Gel in our day-to-day lives.

Quality Silica Gel supplier

They can mostly be seen in the packets containing our various purchases like electronic goods, leather items and food products. Cargo dry pack product suppliers. Shipping container desiccants. Desiccant Canisters are cylinder like bottles that are used for keeping the moisture away when it is filled with active agents.

Shipping container desiccants

There are a number of active agents that can be filled in the cylinder for such reasons and the cylinder bottle becomes active when it is full of these agents such as clay, silica gel, molecular sieves and activated carbon desiccants. The canisters may range of the sizes in between ½ gram till 3 grams and all the desiccant canisters are USFDA approved. The canisters are an effective way of keeping moisture away for pharmaceutical tablets or capsules in which it is kept. It works as an absorbent that absorbs the moisture and oxygen from the air so that the air inside the packaging container is always dry. Buy Desiccant pillow pak. Desiccant Pillow Pak – an ideal method to keep packaged food and medalt="icines dry.

Buy Desiccant pillow pak

Pharmaceutical Desiccants. Desican Inc, is the authorized distributor for Carolina absorbent cotton-distributor of high quality vertically integrated cotton coil, rayon and polyester coils.

Pharmaceutical Desiccants

Committed to excellence of product and service at their FDA approved facility – Carolina absorbent cotton coils meet or exceed US and EP pharmacopoeia standards. Types of Coils : Puritan Cotton Coil - Composed of 100 % bleached natural uniform fibers absorbent cotton. Easy to cut and absorbs 22 %its weight in moisture. Rayon Coil - Man made cellulose fiber, uniform fibers, easy to cut on tearing equipment, absorbs 22 % times its weight in moisture. Polyester Coil - Made from petroleum, uniform fiber length, non-absorbent fiber used most commonly for soft gel capsules Features: Available in 9, 12, 16 and 20 grams coil thickness.

Aluminium Oxide Desiccant Supplier. Activated Alumina Balls. Desican by Anita Raj. Desicaninc by Desican Inc. Protect Goods Using Shipping Container Desiccants by Anita Raj. Articles by Anita Raj Moisture Absorbing Solution What is Container Rain?

Protect Goods Using Shipping Container Desiccants by Anita Raj

Container Rain is a common problem faced by companies while transporting goods in shipping containers across long distances. This phenomenon is named “container rain” because of the condensation of moisture like rain in the shipping containers. This phenomenon is harmful for the products as the exposure to excess moisture can damage the packed goods and make them unusable. So how does container rain occur? How Container Rain Takes Place? The phenomenon of container rain is explained as follows- When the shipping containers move from warm climate to cooler areas, then the warm, humid air in the containers condenses and “container rain” takes place. Desiccants & Adsorbents: Preserving Your Foods with Oxygen Absorbers. What are Oxygen Absorbers?

Desiccants & Adsorbents: Preserving Your Foods with Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers are small sachets containing iron powder or ferrous oxide. They find great use across many industries, mainly food and beverages. The oxygen absorbers are manufactured in such a manner that it can absorb oxygen and moisture simultaneously but will not allow the iron powder or ferrous oxide to leak outside. The oxygen absorbers take in all the excess oxygen present in the packages containing food items, thus ensuring that proper oxygen levels are maintained.

Why Use Cargo Dry Paks? by Anita Raj. By Anita Raj Moisture Absorbing Solution Many goods are transported across countries with the help of shipments and airlines. This mode of transportation requires quite a few numbers of days and it is very important to ensure that during this time period, the packed goods, especially food items, remain fresh and unspoiled. Oxygen And Moisture Protection Solution #desiccants. Molecular Sieve For Drying Cracked Gas. The molecular sieve is one of the effective materials and this material has small holes at the same time this also have the uniform size. In general the holes are very small but it varies properties at first it is the enough components to block molecules. Every time it will allow the small molecules to pass during the process, it stops the large molecules. The molecular sieve 3a highly used for drying cracked gas. 12 Amazing Cool Uses of Silica Gel Little Packets.

Absorbents and Desiccants

Pharmaceutical Desiccants & Silica Gel Suppliers. Pharmaceutical Desiccants & Silica Gel Suppliers.