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Herbs For Circulation

Herbs For Circulation
Top 10 Herbs For Circulation image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Elena Moiseeva - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit Since blood, flowing throughout your body, provides oxygen, warmth and nutritional support to all cellular activities, it is possible to imagine what conditions may arise as a result of poor blood circulation. While poor circulation may result from conditions such as diabetes, kidney, liver or heart diseases, [1] it is reported that it can just as easily come from simple deficiencies in your diet and lifestyle - where you are not getting the proper nutrients due to unhealthy foods or even habits like smoking. [3] There are some simple herbal remedies that can be found in your kitchen, garden or local store, which have been indicated by various studies to have potential to improve circulatory health. Cayenne Pepper Ginger Hawthorn Garlic Another basic herb for improving circulation. Gingko Biloba Rosemary Cinnamon Onions Yarrow Prickly Ash

Herbs For Skin Top 10 Herbs For Skin image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Elena Moiseeva - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit The skin is not just the largest organ in your body but the most visible one as well. Scrapes, cuts, burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer- just some of the most common skin conditions - which explains why several billion dollars are spent annually on cosmetic and skin care products. [1] Globally, sales exceed over $300 billion every year and in the U.S. alone, expenditures can reach $8 billion yearly. [2] Not only is healthy skin beautiful on the outside, it is also an indication of good health inside. However, you need not spend so much on commercial skin products when there are natural plant extracts and herbs available that trace their origin and use since ancient times. Calendula Also known as pot marigold, calendula has been shown to heal and regenerate skin tissue. Aloe St. Externally applied as a cream, ointment or macerated oil, St.

The Top 10 Herbs for Healthy Heart, Including Heart Tonic Recipe The heart is the most important muscle in our body, so it makes sense that it functions at its best. It pumps blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. Cardiovascular disease (also called heart disease) is a class of diseases that involve the heart, the blood vessels or both, and is the leading cause of deaths worldwide. This article will cover herbs for everyday use that support the heart. They can be taken as tonics to nourish, tone and strengthen the heart. You can use them in tea, capsule or tincture form. The Top 10 Herbs for Healthy Heart: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Hawthorn Berry Tonic Recipe Hawthorn is a great heart tonic, and this recipe will help you to incorporate it into your diet to maintain a healthy heart. Dried seedless hawthorn berries Apple juice Honey Ginger, grated or powdered Cinnamon Place the hawthorn berries in a pan with just enough apple juice to cover them. Herbal treatments are very versatile and effective.

How to Grow Ginger | How To Grow Stuff Ginger is popular in American food, but it’s practically a staple in Asian cuisine. Not only is it easy to grow and delicious in recipes, but studies show that ginger packs powerful health benefits. Although it is a tropical plant, it will adapt easily to indoor and container planting, making it possible for anyone to enjoy fresh ginger throughout much of the year. Here’s what you need to know to bring this favorite into your own kitchen. Before You Plant Choose the Right Type of Ginger: For practical purposes, ginger is most often home-grown from tubers. Find a Suitable Place: Plan to grow ginger indoors unless you live in the extreme southern portions of the U.S. or in one of the desert states. Prepare the soil: Mix organic material or prepared compost into soil to fill the container (or amend garden soil in the same manner).Ginger will grow quite well in commercially prepared potting soil. Planting/Growing Ginger What You Will Need: Ginger rootPrepared soil How to Plant Ginger: Related Posts

Top 4 herbs that lower blood pressure quickly (NaturalNews) High blood pressure is a particularly scary health condition to have. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure often has no symptoms at all, so an individual might not realize just how unhealthy they are until they go for a routine checkup at their physician and discover that they have high blood pressure. To make matters worse, many of the medications that are typically prescribed for this condition can have side effects that are unpleasant or that affect the individual's quality of life. Use the following herbs to add incredible flavor to meals while also reducing blood pressure quickly. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), Ginkgo biloba could be responsible for thinning the blood and dilating the blood vessels, making the blood circulate more easily. Sources: [PDF] About the author:Sandeep is an mountain climber, runner, and fitness coach. Close

At Last! Proven Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction... Here's the latest and best performing home remedies for erectile dysfunction and impotence you'll ever come across. One natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in particular, gives dramatic results in just a few short hours... Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient enough for sexual intercourse. It can occur at any age but is most common in men over the age of 50. The biggest problem with this condition is most men don’t like to talk about it or even admit that they have trouble getting and maintaining an erection, so instead, they usually keep it to themselves and “suffer in silence”. Yes, I’m having a bit of a joke here but that’s really how many of us males (especially the non-SNAG’s) are. The Real Cause of Erectile Dysfunction Revealed… The #1 thing you need to understand about erectile dysfunction is it’s not actually a disease, it’s a symptom of another (and usually worse) problem that’s going on within your body. Dr.

Herbs for Energy Please Share This Page: Top 10 Herbs For Energy image to repin / shareHerbs photo © Africa Studio, Athlete photo © Stefan Schurr - Feeling your energy quickly being drained even before the day ends? Perhaps you, like many others, need energy boosting solutions. But rather than resorting to energy drinks or even drugs, you can resort to healthier solutions like herbal remedies. Besides, most of the energy boosters sold in the market today are based on existing botanical remedies. [1] Kicking your energy with coffee tends to strain your brain's adrenal cortex by causing it to work harder than normal to boost energy - and we all know about the "crash" effect afterwards. [2] A 2010 study has also found caffeine-based energy drinks to be typically loaded with sugar and carbohydrates and are even erroneously marketed as reversing alcohol related impairments such as motor coordination and visual reaction time, providing consumers a false sense of control. [3] [4] Ginseng Green tea Cacao

How To Make A Herbal Aches and Pains Balm Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials on herbs and natural health topics! Image – We have just discovered a unique ache and pain balm recipe which uses all natural ingredients and an awesome blend of herbs! This balm should create a wonderful soothing effect that relieves the pains and aches in the body. But I suggest that you don’t take out ginger root, arnica, lavender, chamomile and comfrey from the list. Research studies have indicated that several of these herbs may be benficial in relieving pain, swelling and aches. On the other hand, arnica which comes from the family of sunflower, is a perennial plant that is known for its ability to reduce pain and swelling significantly. Ginger root is highly regarded as a wonderful treatment for pains and many types of inflammatory conditions.

Korean Ginseng – The Root of Immortality By James Hartley Guest Writer for Wake Up World Korean (Panax) Ginseng is one of Nature’s true Super Herbs, otherwise known as the root of immortality or Asian/Oriental Ginseng. This herb has a very positive effect in making the whole body healthy. If you take it daily, it can balance all of the systems in the body and make you healthier in almost every way. Korean ginseng is considered an energizer, stress reducer. It is considered to be an “adaptogen”. The root must be at least six years old to be effective. Korean ginseng has been used to lower cholesterol, reduce stress, decrease stress and boost energy, treat diabetes, treat depression and sharpen the mind and memory. History Of Korean Ginseng Panax ginseng was discovered and first used around five thousand years ago in the Manchuria, China mountains. According to Chinese legend, emperor Shen Nung discovered ginseng around 2700 BC. It’s considered an “Ultimate Tonic”. Nutritional Composition Precautions and Side Effects Article Sources:

Tachycardia: Treatments and Complications (Continued from page 2...) Treatments for tachycardia Treatment options vary, depending on what caused the condition, the patient's age and general health, and some other factors. The aim is to slow down an accelerated heartbeat when it occurs, prevent subsequent episodes of tachycardia and reduce risk complications. Ways to slow down a fast heartbeat Vagal maneuvers Tthis is a maneuver which affects the vagal nerve. Medication An anti-arrhythmic injection is administered to restore a normal heartbeat. Controlling tachycardia can be approached in two ways: The normal heart rhythm can be restored. Available drugs can do one of three things: Restore normal heart rhythm. Which anti-rhythmic medication to use depends on: The type of tachycardia. Sometimes a patient will need to take more than one anti-arrhythmic drug. Cardioversion Paddles or patches are used to deliver an electric shock to the heart. Prevention of episodes of tachycardia Medications ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) Surgery

5 Natural Cough And Sore Throat Potions You Need This Winter Photo credit: We have yet to get tons of snow, but there have still been plenty of cold temperatures to go around. And if it hasn’t hit your area yet, there is a nasty cold and cough that is already making the rounds. Studies show that most cough syrups are not that effective and when it comes to kids, a placebo works just as well as commercially made cough syrups. We have put together some of the best natural potions that help to stop the scratchy throat and nagging cough that is keeping people up at night. By the way, we call these “potions” and not recipes because these work so well, they are almost like a magic potion! 1. Ingredients: ¾ cup of raw, organic honey¼ cup of water1 teaspoon of lemon juice1 tablespoon of fresh sage leaves, finely chopped Instructions: Add all ingredients into a pan and stir over medium heat until almost boiling. Continue to Page 2 2. Add everything together in a jar with a tight fitting lid. 3. Continue to Page 3 4. 5. References:

Turmeric What's New and Beneficial About Turmeric Despite its use in cooking for several thousand years, turmeric continues to surprise researchers in terms of its wide-ranging health benefits. While once focused on anti-inflammatory benefits, decreased cancer risk, and support of detoxification, studies on turmeric intake now include its potential for improving cognitive function, blood sugar balance, and kidney function, as well as lessening the degree of severity associated with certain forms of arthritis and certain digestive disorders. Use of turmeric in recipes can help retain the beta-carotene in certain foods. Turmeric, ground2.00 tsp(4.40 grams) NutrientDRI/DV This chart graphically details the %DV that a serving of Turmeric provides for each of the nutrients of which it is a good, very good, or excellent source according to our Food Rating System. Health Benefits Overall Decreased Cancer Risk The vast majority of studies on turmeric and cancer risk have been conducted on rats and mice.