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Herbs For Eyes

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Worth Repeating: It’s Official! Cannabinoids Kill All Types of Cancer The US Patent & Trade Office on March 7, 2013 granted GW Pharma a medical patent covering all plant-based phytocannabinoids for use in the treatment and prevention of basically all forms of human cancer. Entitled: PHYTOCANNABINOIDS IN THE TREATMENT OF CANCERUnited States Patent Application # 20130059018 Assignee: GW PharmaPublication Date: 03/07/2013 Filing Date: 03/11/2011 All phytocannabinoids? As in the plural? As in covering every chemical this plant makes and its use in the treatment of human cancer? The back story: On 1/17/2013, the National Cancer Institute updated its Cannabis and Cannabinoids PDQ® webpage with the following new cannabis and cancer information, which just by coincidence supports the new GW Pharma pre-approved patent and lays the groundwork for GW Pharma’s future new breakout marijuana-based cancer drugs. Dr. GW’s grow house operations. Mr.

Healing Cavities (A True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story!) | Healthy News and Information Oh, people. I’m about to reveal something to you that has taken me months to work up the nerve to confess. Are you ready for this? {I’m not sure I am, but here goes…} I haven’t used toothpaste in over a year. Oh my gosh. I guess now I have to explain myself, huh? Exploring alternate tooth care… Over a year ago now I started looking into natural tooth care, as part of my goal to make better, more natural choices in each area of my health and my household. I thought we had been doing good in this area, using a ‘natural’ brand toothpaste. It didn’t take long as I looking into natural, holistic approaches to tooth care to realize that what we eat has so much more of an affect on our teeth than the substance we scrub them with, and maybe my search for a ‘safe’ toothpaste was a waste of energy. So, I just scrubbed with water. What in the world is Oil Pulling? Later, I heard about oil pulling. I posted the above photo on my Facebook page and had a lot of friends ask me to report how it worked. 1.

Home Remedies for Coughs When cold and flu season hits, it’s nice to have an assortment of home remedies for coughs on hand to sooth sore throats. Most of these are suitable for coughs in adults or children. The honey, syrups and milk with butter would be most helpful for dry coughs. We’ve tried just about all of these at one point or another, depending on who’s coughing and what type of cough they have. Home Remedy for Coughs #1 – Honey and Cinnamon Pour some honey in a small container ( I used an 8 ounce mason jar) and mix in some cinnamon to taste. Home Remedy for Coughs #2 – Lemon Lemon helps to loosen and clear phlegm. Mountain Rose Herbs stocks many of the organic herbs listed in this post at affordable prices. If you purchase through my site, I receive a small affiliate payment. Home Remedy for Coughs #3 – Elderberry Syrup I was so relieved when I discovered how to make elderberry syrup, because it was something that my youngest could take that really helped quiet his cough but didn’t make him throw up.

Anticancer Foods Please Share This Page: Top 34 Anti-Cancer Foods image to repin / shareBackground pic © Liddy Hansdottir - Introduction (Note - this list originally appeared as part of the Anticancer Herbs page on this site - but due to the significant size of the page, we decided to divide them into two pages, one for "herbs" and one for "foods". Please note - the purpose of this page is not to attempt to persuade you that "these foods will cure you of cancer". The purpose of this page is simply to present as much information as possible on the subject, in order that the person interested in the possibility of anti-cancer foods may be assisted in "doing their homework". List of claimed Anticancer Foods / active components Avocado Studies have found antiproliferative and apoptosis effects of avocado on oral, prostate and other cancer cells. Anthocyanins (Berries, currants, eggplant, orange, red grapes, red wine, purple corn & more) Coffee Fish Flax Grapeseed Papaya

(2) Facebook How To Make A Herbal "Sleep Like A Rock" Tincture - Herbs Info Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials on herbs and natural health topics! Image – We’ve just found a great recipe for a herbal tincture for sleep. The main ingredient is valerian – which has been used as a sleep remedy since ancient times and is a well known natural sedative. The recipe also includes vegetable glycerin, which is an interesting alternative to alcohol that is typically used for making tinctures. The article also includes a huge list of other other tips on the subject of helping you sleep without use of pharmaceutical drugs. There are several other herbs which people have found beneficial for sleep. Ok, here is the link to the full tutorial for the herbal “sleep like a rock” tincture (web archive):

Homemade Natural Spicy Cider Decongestant and Expectorant When we’re sick, our body ramps things up to protect us. An increase in mucus brings an increase in antiseptic enzymes and antibodies. Our noses run to wash out some of the germs, and make it harder for others to enter. This increase in mucous, coupled with narrowed inflamed nasal passages that accompany some colds and general bugs; can make for some truly uncomfortable days and nights. If you are suffering from an illness such as a cold or sinusitis and not just allergies, chances are your chest is congested with extra mucous as well. Here to save the day (and night) is an all-natural decongestant and expectorant. Ingredients: Cayenne pepper, honey, lemon juice, ginger, apple cider vinegar. Decongestant: Thins out mucous, making it less likely you’ll get a really stuffed up nose/reduces mucous production. Expectorant: It helps “expel” the mucous by loosening it up and making it easier to cough up. Why the ingredients? You will need… Directions Tip: By Claire Goodall

How To Make Your Own Homegrown Medicinals Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials on herbs and natural health topics! Image (with permission) – Here’s a great tutorial we found for those who are just getting into herbalism and looking for a “way in” to begin the process of making things with herbs – starting with the real living plants that grow (for free!) Although store-bought herbal products such as tinctures have benefits such as a certain degree of standardization and quality control, there is much value in learning to prepare herbs yourself. First of all – it is a survival technique and therefore an incredibly useful aspect of learning survival / off-grid skills. Second, one gets to “tune in” to the plant. Working with the plants is also remarkably therapeutic. Ok here is the link:

Ginger destroys cancer more effectively than death-linked cancer drugs Share Ginger, a cousin spice of super anti-cancer substance turmeric, is known for its ability to shrink tumors. Astoundingly, it is even more effective than many cancer drugs, which have been shown to be completely ineffective and actually accelerate the death of cancer patients. The subject of one study based out of Georgia State University, whole ginger extract was revealed to shrink prostate tumor size by a whopping 56% in mice. It turns out that cancer drugs are not only severely ineffective at permanently shrinking tumors, but they actually make tumors larger and kill the patient more quickly. “Whatever manipulations we’re doing to tumors can inadvertently do something to increase the tumor numbers to become more metastatic, which is what kills patients at the end of the day,” said study author Dr. These are the very drugs considered to be the scientifically proven solution by mainstream health officials. Source: Natural Society

Herbs for Energy Please Share This Page: Top 10 Herbs For Energy image to repin / shareHerbs photo © Africa Studio, Athlete photo © Stefan Schurr - Feeling your energy quickly being drained even before the day ends? Kicking your energy with coffee tends to strain your brain's adrenal cortex by causing it to work harder than normal to boost energy - and we all know about the "crash" effect afterwards. [2] A 2010 study has also found caffeine-based energy drinks to be typically loaded with sugar and carbohydrates and are even erroneously marketed as reversing alcohol related impairments such as motor coordination and visual reaction time, providing consumers a false sense of control. [3] [4] Whether to boost your immune system and fight infection or improve mental alertness and cognitive performance or fight signs of ageing and even depression, herbs are reported to be a natural source for restoring your energy. 10 Energy Boosting Herbs Ginseng Ginseng is a well known energy booster. Green tea Cacao

3 Ways to Kill Mold Naturally (Page 2) A proliferation of mold and mildew can be the hallmark of hot and humid summers. I have a friend who has green mold growing on the shoes in her closet! A humidifier might be the best help for her, but there are also three natural materials that can be used as a spray to kill mold and mildew. Learn these three tricks for killing mold and mildew. Over the years I have found three natural ingredients that kill mold: Tea tree oil (an essential oil found in most health food stores), grapefruit seed extract and vinegar. Mold can be dangerous to your health, even if you aren’t allergic. 4 Reasons Why Your Damp House is Wrecking Your Health Tea Tree Treasure Nothing natural works for mold and mildew as well as this spray. 2 teaspoons tea tree oil 2 cups water Combine in a spray bottle, shake to blend, and spray on problem areas. 20 Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil Grapefruit Seed Extract The advantage of using grapefruit seed extract instead of tea tree oil for killing mold is that it is odorless.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat During the colder months I sometimes need a natural way to soothe a sore throat. Tea with honey is my favorite remedy, but when I want a quicker solution grabbing a throat lozenge from my purse or cupboard is hard to beat. The last time I shopped for throat drops I was disgusted with the ingredients - things like artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Those things certainly don’t sound helpful for a sore throat, cough, or any other condition. Making a simple, soothing lozenge There are many herbs that can be used to make your own throat lozenges. Marshmallow root: Useful for its mucilaginous properties and ability to soothe a sore throat. Slippery Elm Bark: This herb is soothing for an irritated throat and is helpful in reducing inflamed membranes. Honey: Honey has been used for centuries for its many healing properties. Homemade Herbal Lozenges (makes approximately 20 drops) Ingredients: Method: Dissolve ½ tsp. To Use: Allow lozenge to slowly dissolve in your mouth.

The many incredible health benefits of coffee enemas (NaturalNews) A common saying in natural health is that "Death begins in the colon." Enemas have been a key tool to cleanse the colon by many cultures all around the world throughout history. Organic coffee beans were originally cultivated and used as a powerful liver cleanser by native American tribes. There are many incredible health benefits of doing coffee enemas. The ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Sumerians have all used colon cleansing techniques such as enemas to improve their health. The ancient dead sea scrolls which are said to have been written during Jesus day detail the importance of regular enemas for good health as well. In the U.S., up until the 20th Century, enemas were known to be one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Life in the 21st century is extremely challenging to our liver and colon. When food sits in the colon it rots and putrefies and releases toxins into the bloodstream that make their way to the liver.

Nutmeg Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit Names of Nutmeg, past and present Chinese: rou dou kou / ron dau kouJapanese: hikayaMalay: pala / buah palaPinyin: Rou Dou KouIndian: jaiphal / jatipari / jatikoshaHindi: Jaayphala / Jayphala / Japhal / Jaephal / Jaiphal Spanish: nuez moscada / nuez moscada y macisGerman: die mustanuß / muskatbuamFrench: muscade / noix muscade / fleur de muscade / macis / muscade et macisEnglish: nutmeg / muscade (adapted) / mace / nutmeg and mace (complete nomenclature) Latin (esoteric): muscada (pronounced: moose-kah-duh) / nox muscada / macis (pronounced: mah-sees; alternately: mah-cheese)Latin (scientific nomenclature): Myristica fragrans / Myristica malabarica / Myristica officinalis Nutmeg - General Info Nutmeg is a popular (and formerly notorious) spice that is derived from the fruit (specifically the seeds) of the nutmeg tree - Myristica fragrans; a large evergreen tree native to the Banda Islands in Indonesia. Nutmeg - History Nutmeg - Esoteric Uses: