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In a restaurant - Spanish

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Webquest: Ordering Food at a Spanish Restaurant. * Food Dictionary should be created in Microsoft Word. * Title of Dictionary is "Diccionario visual de comida en inglés/ español" (Visual Food Dictionary in English/Spanish). * Dictionary will be an English-Spanish version with 3 columns: Column 1-food term in English; Column 2 - Spanish translation of food term; Column 3 - image of food item (go to, click on "Images", type in name of food item and select image) * The following must be included in the dictionary: 10 verduras/legumbres 10 frutas 10 bebidas 5 carnes 5 mariscos 5 sopas 5 ensaladas 5 postres * The food terms must be classified with the categories mentioned above (see previous asterisk) and the English translation of those categories. 6.

Webquest: Ordering Food at a Spanish Restaurant

Are you ready to apply what you have learned by viewing online menus of real Spanish restaurants? Your next task is to select a menu from a Spanish restaurant and translate it to English. 7. Word Order Quiz: restaurant 1. Spelling Quiz: restaurant 1. Talking about Food. Search results 1 - 40 of about 300 for conversation about food. (0.364020744 seconds) Spanish Word for telephone-conversation.

Talking about Food

How to say telephone-conversation in Spanish. Spanish word for conversation, including example sentences in both English and Spanish.

Useful Vocabulary

Flashcards. Videos. Spanish Sentence Quiz: Food 1. Word Order Quiz: food 1. Image Sentence Match: food_1. Spelling Quiz: food 1. Drag-n-Match: food_1.