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Bone broth bigwig's love of clean ingredients. Good Food | January 27, 2016 Chef Marco Canora is more than the guy who got New Yorkers (and tourists galore) to wait in line for takeout bone broth, or its hot chocolate-flavored cousin, at Brodo.

Bone broth bigwig's love of clean ingredients

From milling his own grains in-house to favoring wild fish, natural sweeteners, and grass-fed butter, he’s now bringing a healthy delicious mindset to dining at his East Village Italian restaurant, Hearth. “You never had a restaurant in NYC ten years ago and said the word ‘healthy.’ It was the death knell,” Canora says. By doing so he’s leading the way among high-caliber Manhattan restaurants by positioning quality, nutrient-dense, and, admittedly, more costly ingredients as a key criteria for delicious cuisine. What’s driving him instead, he says, is “making wholesome, real food that’s nutrient dense ridiculously tasty and satisfying.”

And “as a guy who cooks for people,” Canora loves that New Yorkers dine out a lot. So you decided to mill all of your own grains in house? 10 healthy New York City restaurants opening this fall. Bidding adieu to summer can be painful, but here's one reason to get excited for fall: really good food.

10 healthy New York City restaurants opening this fall

Among the most anticipated restaurants opening in New York City this season...are a slew of healthy ones. We're talking places that will satisfy your foodie standards and palate while keeping you healthy and energized (instead of prepping you for winter hibernation). From an Upper West Side vegan favorite to grass-fed meats made for downtown Paleos and gluten-free fare on Park Avenue. (And no, we didn't forget about Jean-Georges' ABC Vegetable, it just seems unlikely to make its debut by fall opening...) Here are 10 good-for-you new dining destinations (in no particular order) to look for this fall.

(Photos: The Little Beet, Dirt Candy) Crossroads Kitchen. Asheville Vegan Restaurant. Natural Selection / 3033 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR. Menus : VEDGE. Talronnen. Elizabeth's Gone Raw. Greens Restuarant. Greens Restaurant opened in 1979 as part of San Francisco Zen Center, which includes Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara Zen Mountain center.

Greens Restuarant

Located at historic Fort Mason Center, in a former cavernous machine shop, Greens overlooks the San Francisco Marina with views of the Golden Gate and Marin Headlands. Green Gulch Farm, in Marin County, less than an hour north of the city, is a residential Zen community and bountiful organic farm. Year-round it provides the restaurant with seasonal produce ranging from chard, leeks and winter squash to flowering herbs - a myriad of fresh garden edibles tended with care. In addition to Green Gulch Farm, Greens draws on an extended family of local growers and organic farmers' markets for its ingredients.

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Sky Planter. Nevada. The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products.


Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products: Wright kitchen. Daniel Benhaim. Personal chefs. Crafting the Future of Food. Fall stew with fresh shelling beans - Amy Chaplin. Fall stew with fresh shelling beans POSTED ON October 4, 2014 There is always an exciting busyness in the air at the farmer’s market when the cool of autumn begins to seep into the days and nights.

Fall stew with fresh shelling beans - Amy Chaplin

And, its crisp air is the perfect catalyst to refresh our minds and perspectives. Although I’m inspired to create new dishes, I also want to revisit favorite flavors —like combining the last of the tomatoes with the sweetness of winter squash as you’ll find in this delicious stew. The general flurry of activity at this time of year can make anyone dizzy, but for a cook who visits the farmer’s market, it may be down right overwhelming! You’re also faced with cauliflower, watermelon radish, Japanese turnips, the juiciest kohlrabi and perhaps some root vegetables that you may have forgotten.

My intention with this stew was to capture the flavors of the vegetables available during this “crossover” period. Photos by Stephen Johnson Fall stew with fresh shelling beans Serves 4 to 6 Broth 3 bay leaves. How to Create a Restaurant Concept. When an author sets out to pen a new novel, they must first think of a plot.

How to Create a Restaurant Concept

Much like an author, when an entrepreneur decides to open a new restaurant, they must first think of a concept. This is the most common term that describes what your establishment will be like in terms of service style, cuisine and atmosphere, to name a few. Whether you are taking over an existing building or starting from scratch, you need to think about what your restaurant concept will be once contained within four walls. Your concept frames the way the public perceives your entire establishment, giving patrons an idea of what to expect when dining there. Your concept choice will act as a stepping stone to future decisions and investments, such as location, equipment purchases, number of employees and the kind of marketing strategy you will need. Decide on Cuisine At its most basic level, a restaurant is usually recognized for the food served there. A strong example of this is P.F. Fine dining. Investors.