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Homework Idea: Tareas semanales

Homework Idea: Tareas semanales
I’m fairly new to teaching language. It’s a sad realization when I find some incredible resource from some incredible language educator that makes me feel utterly mediocre. There’s just so much I want to change about the way that I teach and the way that I assess! I have a main goal in mind, but here’s one of the small steps I took towards reworking my hardly original system of homework and worksheets: tareas semanales. HANDOUT: Tarea Semanal (Word format) This semester, I swapped my daily homework/worksheet routine with my Spanish I students for a weekly “tarea semanal,” an assignment similar to a choice board. Select an activity from a list (such as changing their Facebook language to Spanish and playing on it for 30 minutes, or watching YouTube videos of Latino artists),Write a brief reflective paragraph afterwards describing what they learned, what they liked/disliked, words they recognized, etc., andChoose a different activity each week. Like this: Like Loading...

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Frases y Textos con ejercicios en español Frases, textos y lecturas en español con ejercicios para practicar y aprender la lengua española. Ejercicios para el aprendizaje del español como segunda lengua. ejercicios - LECTURAS EN ESPAÑOL - comprensión Selecciona tu nivel -> Celebrate Hispanic Heritage! Home Sign in -or- Register PRIVACY POLICY · Terms of Use · TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mix It Up! Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom Do you ever feel stuck in a rut while planning your language classes? Perhaps you spend a lot of time lecturing at the white board, use the same activities with different vocabulary for every unit, or rely on teaching students grammar because that's how you were taught. No matter your "go to" activity, we are all much more engaging when we vary our activities and make them relatable. If the speaker is engaging, a good lecture every now and then is enjoyable. However, when faced with daily lectures, students dread class, and hence, learn less. So why not mix it up?

Free Spanish Powerpoint Presentations to Teach - This page compiles free Spanish Powerpoint Presentations to teach different themes and units. They are ready to download. We offer our own Powerpoints (labeled as such), as well as a collection of Powerpoint from other sources. There are Spanish presentations for every level (lower/middle/high school).

17 Fun Games to Play in Spanish Class! 1. ARROZ CON PAN: Game of elimination played in a circle where the students chant “Arroz con pan (3x) y sal” then a number is called out and counted around the circle. 2. CIERTO - FALSO: A person (often the teacher) stands between the stands of the trees and calls out phrases related to the class's latest vocabulary. Spanish Numbers Home / Grammar / Topic Notes: The written lesson is below.Links to quizzes, tests, etc. are to the left.

Home Home Activities: Adjectives & Nouns Adverbs Articles Command Forms Comparisons Conditional Tense Demonstrative Adjectives Future Tense Gustar Verbs like Gustar Interrogative Words Negative/Affirmative Words Numbers Past Participle Perfect Tenses Por vs Para Prepositions with qtvr movie Present Participle (gerund) Present Progressive Tense Present Tense Preterite Tense Preterites w/ Irregular Meanings Preterite vs Imperfect Pronouns DO Pronouns IO Pronunciation Reflexive Verbs Relative Pronouns Saber vs Conocer Ser vs Estar Sequence of Tenses Si Clauses Subjunctive Mood (present) Subjunctive mood (past) Time-¿Qué hora es? Tener-idiomatic expressions Unplanned events with SE Verb conjugation charts:

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