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The Quran's Verses of Violence. Quran.

The Quran's Verses of Violence

Zinovia Dushkova – award-winning author, poet, philosopher, historian, and traveller. 7 Signs of the Approaching Second Coming by Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D. By Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D.

7 Signs of the Approaching Second Coming by Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D.

According to the stories of the wise monks dwelling in the remote monasteries of Tibet, the Advent of the Greatest Spirit, something expected in all religions but called by different names, is much closer than we think. As we know from the Bible, Jesus Christ told his disciples that His Second Coming would be heralded by signs, which would help them to recognize that “He is near, right at the door.”

Hebrews And Vedic Brahmins. Dr.

Hebrews And Vedic Brahmins

Samar Abbas, Aligarh, India EDITORIAL, Jul 14 (VNN) A Review In 1979 the Oriental Institute at Baroda published a paper entitled "The Hebrews belong to a branch of Vedic Aryans. " This was a follow-up to a previous article on the same topic published by the same author, Prof.


Abramelin 2. Ars Notoria: the Notory Art of Solomon. Lizard Power Animal Symbol Of Dreaming And Conservation – Shamanic Journey. By Ina Woolcott Through myth and legend Lizard is associated with the dream time.

Lizard Power Animal Symbol Of Dreaming And Conservation – Shamanic Journey

When we dream, we imagine different futures and decide which we will materialise. Priory of Sion. ATON — Ananda Bosman Site. “PINEAL POWER” Science ‘SCIENCE & CONSCIOUSNESS’ (Italian Science Journal), Copyright © 2010 by Ananda M.

“PINEAL POWER” Science ‘SCIENCE & CONSCIOUSNESS’ (Italian Science Journal),

J. Boy Remembers His Past As An Extraterrestrial Being & Provides Startling Details. Peter Deunov. Bulgarian Mystic Predicts the Coming Superwave 39 Years Before Superwave Theory Was Proposed. By P.

Bulgarian Mystic Predicts the Coming Superwave 39 Years Before Superwave Theory Was Proposed

LaViolette | Just days before his death on December 27, 1944, well known Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov had a vision which inspired him to relate a prophecy of what was in store for the human race in the century that was to follow. Phoenix Journals. Romanian Prophet Who You Never Heard Of Prophesied 9/11, WW3. Recently one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous, has informed us about something which everyone from anywhere in the world should find interesting.

Romanian Prophet Who You Never Heard Of Prophesied 9/11, WW3

It’s about a man who was in direct contact with God, a real prophet of our final times who only a handful of people even heard about. His name was Arsenie Boca and he was a Christian Orthodox monk who lived in Romania. He was born on September 29th, 1910 in Vata de Sus, Hunedoara County, Romania and among many things, he prophesied his own date of death. Years before the actual revolution against communism which took down the Iron Curtain, Arsenie Boca said that he will die at about 3 weeks before the revolution and that’s exactly what happened.

Star Beings Gods and Sky Spirits. Pawnee Indians - aka Star People The seemingly simplistic astronomical observational tools used to observe and determine the motions of the Moon, stars, and planets would have appeared extremely sophisticated to the Pawnee Indians living on the Great Plains of Nebraska a century ago.

Star Beings Gods and Sky Spirits

They were skillful sky watchers. Proof of their observational activities resides in the Pawnee collection at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. Discovered in one of the Pawnee "Sacred Bundles" groups of ceremonial objects wrapped together was a star chart. The Return of the Elder Race & Opening the Gateway of the Fifth Kingdom. Nefertiti, reportedly ‘a princess from a foreign country’ became married to Akhenaton.

The Return of the Elder Race & Opening the Gateway of the Fifth Kingdom

By VICTORIA LEPAGE René Guénon’s assertion, culled from ancient esoteric sources, that in the remote past humanity’s first civilisation arose in the ice-free Arctic zone is not without geological support. According to the well-known researcher J.S. Sex magic. Paschal Beverly Randolph[edit] The earliest known practical teachings of sex magic in the Western world come from 19th-century American occultist Paschal Beverly Randolph, under the heading of The Mysteries of Eulis: If a man has an intelligent and loving wife, with whom he is in complete accord, he can work out the problems [of how to achieve magical results] by her aid.

Sex magic

They are a radical soul-sexive series of energies...The rite is a prayer in all cases, and the most powerful [that] earthly beings can is best for both man and wife to act together for the attainment of the mysterious objects sought. Success in any case requires the adjuvancy of a superior woman. THIS IS THE LAW! The entire mystery can be given in very few words, and they are: An upper room; absolute personal, mental, and moral cleanliness both of the man and wife. Mythologies. Coyote and Opossum appear in the stories of a number of tribes.

The mythologies of the indigenous peoples of North America comprise many bodies of traditional narratives associated with religion from a mythographical perspective. Indigenous North American belief systems include many sacred narratives. Such spiritual stories are deeply based in Nature and are rich with the symbolism of seasons, weather, plants, animals, earth, water, sky and fire. The principle of an all embracing, universal and omniscient Great Spirit, a connection to the Earth, diverse creation narratives and collective memories of ancient ancestors are common. Traditional worship practices are often a part of tribal gatherings with dance, rhythm, songs and trance (e.g. the sun dance). Algonquian (northeastern US, Great Lakes)[edit] Plains Natives[edit] Blackfoot mythology – A North American tribe who currently live in Montana.

Muskogean (southern US) and Iroquois (Eastern US)[edit] Alaska and Canada[edit] See also[edit] 10 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate. “Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact, like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.” ~ Dr.

Carmen Harra Soul Mates. Soul Reminders. Soul Connections. Soul mates differ from life partners.

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The-sacred-mushroom-and-the-cross-john-allegro. Wayne B. Chandler. Eastern Philosophy. Start Here. ‘Smile, breathe and go slowly.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh By Leo Babauta While some of you have been following Zen Habits since its early days (beginning of 2007), many of you are fairly new readers. To help you through the fairly overwhelming archives, I’ve compiled a beginner’s guide. Kind of a Quick Start guide. First, a note: Please don’t try to go through this all at once. Jon Rasmussen - Shamanic Healing, Ceremony and Travel. The Munay-Ki are the nine great rites of initiation of the medicine way. The word munay means “I love you as you are”. The Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal us and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous, the next step in our evolution. Native American Prayers. TirukkuRaL, English translation, commentary. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home.

Engaging the Imaginal Realm - Carol Frenier & Lois Hogan. Collective Wisdom Initiative. Official Astral Dynamics - Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics. How To Protect Oneself From Demons: (Metaphysics) Cleansing of Demonic Nightmare Images. Psychic Protection from Negative Thought entities; Personal metaphysics cleansing of demonic nightmare images (et al; robert bruce,') All quotes are Bruce's, taken from private communiques: Man Loses Pulse for 45 Minutes, Wakes Up With Incredible Vision of Afterlife. A trucker in Ohio shocked hospital staff after coming back to life nearly an hour after he lost his pulse following a massive heart attack — but it’s what he claims to have seen during those tense moments that has him sure there’s an afterlife.

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