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Research: Spirituality

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Spirituality. Written by Rene K.


Mueller, Copyright (c) 2007, 2008, last updated Sun, July 29, 2012 For now just a few thoughts . . . Note: the included illustrations are a personal perception by the respective artists, and should not taken 1:1 but rather be an inspiration for an opening of yourself. I consider the spiritual journey most precious, and I realized in my life that everybody is on a spiritual journey, everbody without exception, because ... You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience. by Teilhard de Chardin. Body of Bliss, Immortal Body, Rainbow Body.

The Human Aura. Various visions include symbols that, when interpreted, will tell us (1) how "rough" a path the soul has set forth for the person, (2) when major changes in lifestyle or awareness took place - or will take place, (3) the evolutionary status (initiatory level, if applicable) of the person, and (4) how well or poorly they are accepting or synchronizing their lower consciousness with their appointed path.

The Human Aura

THE CAUSAL AURA THE CAUSAL AURA extends about 8" to 12" in all directions beyond the outer edges of the paraconscious aura. The causal aura is very stable, only changing slowly as a person resolves problems (karma) and moves upward on their spiritual path. The causal aura is quite difficult to read, even for an experienced aura reader, for the reader must be in causal consciousness in order to accurately perceive this auric field. Planes of existence by sammy ingram on Prezi. Planes of existence. SINCE 1993 - FIFTEEN YEARS OF FANTASTIC COURSE REPORTS See our Testimonials from MS, HR Director Europe/Asia, Pepsi Co., Philip Chester, Change manager working with CEOs of many fortune 500 companies, and Honey Kalaria, Bollywood film star, Choreographer and owner of Diva Entertainments.

Planes of existence

COURSE REPORTS 2004-5 COURSE REPORTS 2006-7 The Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key Synthesis of Religion. Spectrum of Awareness. There are many people who have attempted to tackle the issue of what life is “all about” in so many words.

Spectrum of Awareness

Communicating this from one person to another involves words and/or models and the selection of these views differ on the basis of the beliefs, experiences, values, conceptual matrices, cultures, perspectives, and perceptions of the person attempting to communicate their understanding. I am no different, so what follows is my way of representing to myself the nature of one aspect of life…which is the environment in which my focal point of awareness operates. If this is helpful to you then I am pleased that it is helpful. Mudras and chakras. Distance healing is possilbe because it goes beyond time and space. What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is possilbe because it goes beyond time and space

Distance healing is any form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner. This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing because in alternative energy healing and holistic medicine therapies, we are working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual by accessing the individual’s energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

Energy Reality: Understanding Time. - in recognition that matter is energy and that many higher levels of energy exist in reality.

Energy Reality: Understanding Time

By changing energy, miracles occur. Understanding Time Much misunderstanding exists today as to the nature of time in higher levels. The following is intended to resolve some of these issues. Time is not a dimension in space. I am presence chart. Flow field. The Ageless Wisdom Content. Spiritual journey, guides, astral projection, lucid dreams and channeling. Spiritual journey, guides, astral projection, lucid dreams and channeling. Spinalbreating. 3 Ways to Make a Psi Ball. The Four Bodies of Existance - Soulmerging Spiritual Healing and Awakening. This article describes the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies of Existance.

The Four Bodies of Existance - Soulmerging Spiritual Healing and Awakening

The Polarity Process: Energy as a Healing Art - Franklyn Sills. Planes of existence. Chakras-God-Chakra-Earth-Chakra-Connection-Antahkarana-Meditation.jpg (656×1843) 31-Planes-of-Existence-Chakras-External-to-Body.jpg (1000×2023) Higher self and astral body. Your Buddha Nature, Spiritual Identity, Divine Nature, I AM THAT I AM. Info about the I AM Presence. Violet Transmuting Flame.

Ascended Master Events. Understanding the Buddha Nature and Divine Solar Presence. A Chart of Divine Knowing Identity Blueprint: The Real You Your Buddha nature is the blueprint of your true identity.

Understanding the Buddha Nature and Divine Solar Presence

The upper figure in the chart is your Divine Presence or Solar Presence¹, known as the I AM THAT I AM. Surrounding it is your causal body—glorious rainbow-colored spheres composed of the original gift of light energy to your soul. Each vibratory color represents a specific virtue which you have developed through lifetimes by your positive thoughts, words and actions. Understanding Your Buddha Nature, Sweden 2008. Image012.jpg (509×504) The Four Bodies of Existance - Soulmerging Spiritual Healing and Awakening. Spirit world realms. The various realms of spirit © 2002 by Mark Macy Radio and TV signals fill the room we are in right now, and if our eyes and ears were built a little differently, we would actually be able to see and hear them, just the way we can see sunbeams streaming through the window onto the furniture and hear the cat purring on our lap.

Spirit world realms

If we could "see" the radio and TV signals all around us, we would be overwhelmed by the many songs, the personalities, and the comedies, dramas, news programs, and action movies all competing for our attention. As it is, the radio and TV signals vary in vibration or frequency, so that each signal remains distinct even though they’re all jumbled together in the same space. That way, the electronic circuits within a TV or radio can tune-in to a single signal, allowing us to hear only one program sent by only one station. Spirit Guides, Angels, ETs ... Multidimensional Beings !

All beings are multi-dimensional including humans.

Spirit Guides, Angels, ETs ... Multidimensional Beings !

Our problem is that we have forgotten our multi-dimensional nature and have been disconnected from much of ourselves. The variety of beings out there which you will become aware of through awakening your third eye and spiritual transformation is truly amazing. From nature spirits to angels to Extraterrestrials to huge beings maintaining the dimensions to the tiny beings in particles, there are beings everywhere. An explanation of the infinite variety of beings in existence is beyond the scope of any book as it is truly infinite. By awakening your spiritual senses you will inevitably become aware of many different beings and you will be able to communicate directly with them.

The communication used is telepathic although sometimes you may actually hear words. When communicating with beings in other dimensions it is sometimes a good idea to save the translation for later. Verna Maruata’s Ascended Masters Diary. 17th April, 2014 Nearly ready with the new diary format. Presencia yo soy. Ascended Master Teachings. Isis explains about chakras, kundalini and source, with pictures. You have many chakras, a lot more than many of you think. There are seven main chakras within the physical body, but there are also chakras within the hands, knees, ankles, feet and many other places and there are many higher chakras all the way to source.

The smaller chakras in the physical body become more active as all main chakras are completely open and activated.At this point I would like to focus on the main chakras and their connection to the kundalini flow and source core.As you look at the pictures that our channel has made, under my guidance, you will see in picture one the seven main chakras. Tumblr_m7jkdmlenw1qd5w28o1_500.jpg (500×663) Tumblr_m7jkdmlenw1qd5w28o1_500.jpg (500×663) Diagram+of+the+Spirit+World.JPG (733×722) Galactic-alignment-with-Source.jpg (690×541) Image401. Fso9aa.gif (390×524) gFile0001-1.jpg (1600×2250) Egoic lotus. Plane (esotericism) Img00122.gif (751×952) Secret rays causal body. Fig2-2.gif (648×474) 171. Bssimage.jpg (515×555) Antahkarana.jpg (372×620) Polls_Antahkarana_SOL_Soul_Meditation_SolChakra1_2650_981064_answer_3_xlarge.jpeg (219×350) What is Consciousness? Aurara.jpg (280×355) Sök på Google. Sök på Google. Energy Reality: Understanding Spacial Dimensions.

- in recognition that matter is energy and that many higher levels of energy exist in reality. By changing energy, miracles occur. Understanding Spatial Dimensions Much misunderstanding exists today as to the nature of spatial dimensions. Dimensions and Densities. Spiritual Science Research Foundation. Angelic Retreats of the Etheric Planes. The Trap of the Fourth Dimension. Nature of Vibration in the Spiritual Dimension. Best Website In The World Mind Reality Facebook The Mind Reality Facebook Page is Online! I created it so that I can connect with everyone who knows about Mind Reality. LIKE this page if you want to learn MORE Secrets of the Universe Revealed! Mind Reality Facebook! Reality Creation Secrets! Great Genius Website! Conscious Christianity! Mind Power World! Ishaq3-fig1.jpg (564×441)