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Electronic Circuits and Radio Control Gadgets, by VA3AVR

Electronic Circuits and Radio Control Gadgets, by VA3AVR
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CircuitsArchive - Electronic Circuits Schematics Electrical Engineering News, Resources, and Community RF Communication Between Microcontrollers – Part I | eXtreme Electronics RF Communication Between Microcontrollers – Part I Jul 07, 2009 Avinash RF 28 In many situations a communication link between to devices becomes essential. IR Communications Used in IrDA, and Remote controls Short Range Requires two devices to be in line of sight. In this tutorial we will learn how to practically implement a wireless link between two MCUs. What is a RF Module ? A RF Module is a small circuit pre built and tested. As you can see they have very low pin count. TX Antenna Vcc (Positive Supply) DATA (Data Input) GND RX Antenna GND GND Vcc (Positive Supply) Vcc (Positive Supply) DATA DATA GND So you just need to apply power and fit an antenna and its ready to work. Go to Part II By Avinash Gupta inShare0

20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff Are you bored and have a bunch of extra little items hanging around here and there? Well we were in the same boat so we decided to round up 20 different awesome at home projects you can do. You honestly don’t know some of the creative things you can do with what could possible be junk. If you know of any great at home Do It Yourself Projects please leave a comment to include your own and maybe we will add it to our list. And for the upcoming holiday season we want to give all you do-it-yourselfers a head start with these incredible Christmas DIY for 2012 1. More info: here | Buy: here 2. More info: here 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Incoming search terms:

Control real world devices with your PC Parts list: Picaxe 08M chip available from many sources including Rev Ed (UK), PH Anderson (USA) and Microzed (Australia) Protoboard, servo, microswitch, 9V battery, 4xAA batteries and holder, tag strip, 10k resistor, 22k resistor, 33uF 16V capacitor, 0.1uF capacitor, 7805L low power 5V regulator, 10k pot, wires (solid core telephone/data wire eg Cat5/6), 6V lightbulb, D9 female socket and cover, 2 metres of 3 (or 4) core data wire, battery clips The above companies also sell USB to serial devices which are useful for laptops which don't have a serial port.

AVR projects and AVR Butterfly gcc port by Martin THOMAS G.d.W. SS2010 FHFFM You may like to visit my ARM-Projects page too (projects and information for NXP LPC2000, Atmel AT91SAM7, STmicro STR7, STM32, LMI LM3S and other controllers with an ARM-core). Available Projects and Information (Content) "Last updated" may be just additional information not always a new version of a software-package. AVR Butterfly Application code port to avr-gcc Introduction The AVR Butterfly (ATAVRBFLY) made by ATMEL comes with a preloaded application. For german readers: Der Quellcode der auf dem AVR-Butterfly installierten Applikation wird von ATMEL für den IAR C-Compiler zum Download bereitgestellt. Even if you do not own an AVR Butterfly you may find usefull information in the BF application code for general ATMEL AVR development tasks. From the gcc-port of the application code some methodes how to convert IAR-code to avr-gcc/avr-libc-code can be learned. Butterfly gcc-port history Software 2.Oct.2003 - 4. Butterfly resources (local and remote)

Datasheet catalog for integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors, view Getting Started with the TIVA™ C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad Version 1.22 November 2013 Labs are based on CCS 5.5 and TivaWare 1.1 Preface The intent of this workshop is to be a place where a person with a few C skills and some microcontroller experience can familiarize themself with the Tiva C Series parts, Code Composer Studio, TivaWare for C Series and the process of programming these microcontrollers. If you lack C programming skills, there are many courses on the Internet where you can gain them ... that knowledge can form the basis for a rewarding career. If you are migrating from earlier Stellaris devices, please refer to this document for more information. The labs in this workshop (with the exception of Chapter 15's PWM lab) will also work perfectly well on the Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad ... no changes are required. Introduction The Getting Started with the TIVA C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad Workshop is an in-depth, hands-on introduction into Tiva C Series basics including: The workshop labs are constructed using TivaWare™[7]. Video Video Video

Electronic Projects For Beginners I made a guide for those people who are still starting with their electronics hobby. I started connecting wires, batteries, bulbs, buzzers and motors when I was 4 years old . Now that I am 13 years old, I now have a good amount of experience to build complicated electronic circuits. It took me hours to finish making this guide since there is no software editor in the Sibmit>Guide in the "Submit Instructable Section" I had to type every word and picture using HTML codes which I learned from school. These are my all time favorite projects in instructables, I find them simple and easy to make. How To Solder by: noahw Third Hand by: rstraught Making A Customized Circuit Board by: ASCAS How I built a Solar iPhone Charger ($50) by: akbrennan Make a USB iPhone iPod Charger On The Cheap! Build a Simple Circuit from a Pizza Box (No Soldering) by: matt.e.jenkins Solar Cockroach Virbobot by: JoshuaZimmerman Water Powered Calculator (Original) by: ASCAS Munny Speakers by: fungus amungus

Free electronics projects and circuit diagrams (schematics) for hobbyists. Build your own electronic gadgets Hobby projects - Simple electronic circuits Computer microphones Learn how to interface electret and dynamic microphones to the standard computer sound card. Metal detectors Theory of operation and schematics of the most common metal detectors used today: Very Low Frequency (VLF), Pulse Induction (PI) and Beat-Frequency Oscillator (BFO). Wireless microphone The wireless microphone transmitter can be built in an afternoon with simple, affordable and widely available parts.

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