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Guitar Effects Pedals, Schematics, Stompboxes & Electronic Projects

Guitar Effects Pedals, Schematics, Stompboxes & Electronic Projects

ATTiny based Electronic Candle Our friend Pete Mills developed this great ATTiny based Electronic Candle, we have seen electronic candles before but what makes this one shine is how the flickering was done. Pete actually sampled the actual flicker patterns of a real candle flame so that this reproduced flame would look as close to the real thing as possible. You can see some other electronic candle designs here for inspiration. “The ATTiny Candle is an LED candle. I figured the hardest part of this project would be making the flicker look realistic, so I decided to let nature do that part for me.

Corporation - Analog Synths, Theremins, Preamps, and More EngBlaze | Arduino, AVR, and hardware hacks, oh my. Shop Small Hobby Tools & Miniature Tools from Micro Mark Electronics DIY - Electronic Schematics FM Transmitters TV Transmitters Stereo Transmitters Main Menu undefined Guitar Amp and Effect Projects This page is a directory of projects available on this site. All projects have been constructed and tested. Most of the schematics on this site are Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Guitar Amp Circuits and Mods Alternate BF Fender Preamp This is a alternate design for a BF preamp that eliminates some of the noise created in the reverb section. An Ultralinear Guitar Amp This is a guitar amp design that utilizes an ultralinear output stage with no negative feedback. Guitar Effects The Tube-O-Vibe, Auxiliary Information This page is additional information pertaining to the article I wrote that was published in Vacuum Tube Valley, Issue 17. The Super Tron This is a design for an envelope filter that starts with the classic mutron circuit, removes some of the compromises in the original, adds some useful new features, and utilizes easy to find Vactrol VTL5C3 LDRs instead of the mystery "0805" component. The Octave Screamer The RangeMOSter Copyright Notice to this page.

555 Timer Business Cards | Cody Shaw Hello! So I thought up this cool little project during my last few weeks during my co-op term at Echologics Engineering. I saw everyone had nice, professional looking business cards, and I needed something to springboard myself into PCB design and manufacture. One and one came together, and this idea came about. There were quite a few idea revisions in my mind before I actually got around to spinning the PCB. First idea: a photoresistor of course! Current in parallel with a normal resistor, of course! Then came the digitization! The idea behind the circuit is that you lay a 9 volt battery on the terminals, and the circuit then operates as expected (see video). The card features my personal info, as well as one of my favourite Tesla quotes on the backside. And there it is! Here’s the card in action! Best, Cody Like this: Like Loading...

\\\ Original Analog Bass/Guitar Effects and DIY /// Custom/Original Designs JC Maillet (c) 1996-2010 High Precision Rectifying Octaver JCM(c)2010 Stereo Guitar/Bass Fuzz with Presence and Blend Updated Sampler with Effective Clock Nulling my original Aliaser circuit centered around the typical "switched-gate jFET pass-transistor into a cap" idea, where a sharp pulse drives the gate voltage well above and well below the mean Drain-Source channel voltage ... this typically introduces a "pulse noise" on the channel voltage whenever the sampler takes a snapshot ... the interesting thing about the Nyquist Aliaser is that this switchign noise could be minimized by varying the channel DC voltage - but unfortunately not cancel it out by a long shot ... a recent conceptual discovery has lead me to a circuit which gives near-total clock nulling ... ok, perfect clock fundamental nulling with very slight feedthgrough of clock harmonics ... good enough ! Super Wide-Range Univibe re-Design JCM(c)2009 OptoVibe JCM(c)2008 JCM(c)2008 "StereoVibe" mp3 JCM(c)2007 | Automate ALL the things! Guitar Circuits and Schematics: Fuzzi, Amps and other Effects Note: I designed the unique-sounding KOVIAK tube effect for a friend, but here's lots more schematics! The date of this collection is 1995. The schematics seem very readable, but some of the text in the GIfs is not so hot. Who needs text anyway? 3btone.gif (3 Band Tone Circuit) Simple tone control from Graff`s Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits. angrybd3.gif (Angry Beard 3) I won't claim this is the best fuzz out there. bassman.gif (Fender Bassman - Tweed) Great old tube amp that uses 12AX7s and 5881s. bclipper.gif (Blue Clipper) The circuit of the plug-in-the-guitar distorter from Dan Armstrong. bigmufpi.gif (Big Muff Pi) For that smooth Hendrix sound. bosssg1.gif (Slow Gear Atack Delay) As the name implies it is an attack modifier to simulate backwards playing. brighten.gif (Signal Brighteners) One circuit brightens the signal across the entire audio spectrum, has two controls for treble and bass brightening. cln9powr.gif (Ultra Clean +9v DC Power Supply) The name says it all. controfz.gif

MCU LaunchPad Evaluation Platform | Microcontroller Kit from Texas Instruments for MSP430™ , C2000™ real-time and Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™ microcontrollers BoosterPacks are modular plug-in boards that fit on top of the LaunchPad baseboards. These modules introduce new functionality to the LaunchPad evaluation kits including wireless, capacitive touch, LED lighting and more! BoosterPacks include everything you need to create compelling new applications based on the LaunchPad evaluation kits, including a plugin module, software and documentation. Build Your OwnSee BoosterPacks Main - open-plc - OpenPLC - an open hardware alternative for automation OpenPLC is an open hardware alternative for industrial and home automation. It uses the well known ATmega chips as main processor, the same used on Arduino. This means that OpenPLC is code-compatible with all arduino sketches. The main features of the OpenPLC are: ● Protected 24V Digital Inputs (8 inputs for each module) ● Protected 24V Digital Outputs (8 inputs for each module) ● USB Communication (used for programming) ● RS-485 bus for communication between modules ● Open Source IDE with c++ programming ● Open Source IDE with Ladder programming ● Integrated Ethernet ● 16MHz ATmega2560 as main processor November 29, 2013 Finally the boards are done! We made a benchmark with a Siemens S7-200 PLC. September 9, 2013 I'm very happy to announce here that the OpenPLC Ladder is finally ready for it's first public beta! If you want to download the binary files, just click HERE. NOTE: You can upload the openplc ladder code to a standard Arduino Mega as it has the same processor of the OpenPLC May 25, 2013