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Forest School. Forest School. A Recipe for Turmeric Juice: A Powerful Healing Beverage. When I lived in Bali, I fell in love with the Balinese-style turmeric juice, Jamu Kunyit.

A Recipe for Turmeric Juice: A Powerful Healing Beverage

Turmeric is known to be one of the most powerful healing herbs. It is great for bones and joints as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer. Turmeric's also a natural liver detoxifier and a kidney cleanser, and it speeds metabolism and aids in weight management. Plus it heals and alleviates conditions of depression, psoriasis, damaged skin, arthritis and more. 600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World's Most Important Herb. There is a medicinal spice so timelessly interwoven with the origins of human culture and metabolism, so thoroughly supported by modern scientific inquiry, as to be unparalleled in its proven value to human health and well-being.

600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World's Most Important Herb

Indeed, turmeric turns the entire drug-based medical model on its head. Instead of causing far more side effects than therapeutic ones, as is the case for most patented pharmaceutical medications, turmeric possesses hundreds of potential side benefits, having been empirically demonstrated to positively modulate over 160 different physiological pathways in the mammalian body. While no food or herb is right for everyone, and everything has the potential for unintended, adverse side effects, turmeric is truly unique in its exceptionally high margin of safety vis-à-vis the drugs it has been compared with, e.g. hydrocortisone, ibuprofen, chemotherapy agents.

Willow Bark – Nature’s Painkiller. By John A.

Willow Bark – Nature’s Painkiller

Heatherly, Author of The Survival Template photo by aresauburnâ„¢ For centuries, willow bark has been used as treatment for a myriad of ailments. The bark contains a chemical called salicin that is similar to aspirin, although some studies have identified other compounds that have “antioxidant, fever reducing, antiseptic, and immune boosting properties.”* Some show that willow can reduce pain and inflammation at much lower doses than aspirin. Bildwörterbuch. Camping :) Afforestt- Urban Forests. Delivered. Permaculture Agroforestry. Tropical rain forest.

Aquaponics. Medicinal Herbs. Login. DIY Plant Containers. DIY Plant Containers. Seeds - Saving, Trading, Buying. Gardening and Foraging. Comment se débarrasser et lutter contre les mouches. Le 13/07/09 par cyrill.e Contrairement à d’autres insectes que l’on trouve à l’intérieur de nos maisons, la mouche peut être considérée comme un nuisible car elle est susceptible de véhiculer de nombreux germes pathogènes.

Le mode de vie de la mouche domestique Les mouches apprécient la chaleur, l’humidité et sont attirées par la lumière. Par contre, elles ne supportent pas du tout les conditions ventées. Elles se nourrissent d’une grande variété d’aliments et pondent leurs œufs dans les matières organiques chaudes et humides comme les déchets en décomposition. Comment repousser les mouches ? Repousser les mouches, c’est la première mesure que vous pouvez mettre en place pour limiter la présence de ces insectes dans vos locaux domestiques. Le marc de café. Le café est donc plein de vertus : antioxydants, anti-vieillissants cellulaires, anti-cancérogènes, diminue le risque de développer un diabète de type 2 et les maladies dégénératives.

Le marc de café

10 facons de réutiliser le marc de café. Le marc de café est un produit aux multiples usages et il serait vraiment dommage qu’il finisse à la poubelle.

10 facons de réutiliser le marc de café

Une seconde vie pour la marc de café ? Comment faire évoluer la cosmétologie traditionnelle ?

Une seconde vie pour la marc de café ?

Mr-Plantes - plantes médicinales. Noix de Lavage, comment ça marche ? - Mode d'emploi. Que sont les noix de lavage ?

Noix de Lavage, comment ça marche ? - Mode d'emploi.

Le « Sapindus Mukorossi » est un arbre pouvant mesurer jusqu'à 15 mètres de haut qui pousse au Cachemire, sur les contreforts de l’Himalaya. Comment faire un jardin en permaculture ? Formation gratuite « Premiers pas en permaculture » 35 minutes de vidéos un support PDF de 18 pages richement illustré à télécharger gratuit pour tous !

Comment faire un jardin en permaculture ?

Envie de tout savoir sur la permaculture ? Formez vous sur une ferme expérimentale, et retrouvez notre catalogue de formations en cliquant ici !!! Promoting the Study, Enjoyment and Conservation of Lichens. 10 Plants That Repel Garden Insect Pests. Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr.

10 Plants That Repel Garden Insect Pests

Permaculture Association. Learn2Grow. GardenWeb - The Internet's Garden Community. Tree Leaf Silhouette - Identify a Tree by Leaf Silhouette. Education Forestry Share this page on: Send to a Friend via Email Your suggestion is on its way!

Tree Leaf Silhouette - Identify a Tree by Leaf Silhouette

An email with a link to: was emailed to: EXPLORE TREES. Plant Search By US State. Use this page to find a complete list of plants that grow in each state or province as per the USDA database. If a plant does not appear it does not mean it doesn't grow in that state or province, it just means it isn't in the USDA database as such. If you select to show known edibles only, it doesn't mean that a plant that doesn't show up is inedible, it just means the database doesn't know whether it is edible or not. Tree Identification Guide at arborday.

Genetic resources of agroforestry trees. Full Key for Plant Identification: Go Botany. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Home page. Greenpeace UK. I-Tree - Tools for Assessing and Managing Community Forests. List of national trees. Redwood. The world's 10 oldest living trees. European tree of the year. Wildlife Webcams - Live from the Rainforest. Enjoying this page? Welcome. Rainforest Portal. The Brazilian Government: Save the Awa tribe and the Amazon from illegal logging industry. Teak Growth. Additional Photo Gallery pages. Amazon Watch. Home — The Amazon Conservation Team.

Rainforest - Tropical rain forest. International Society of Arboriculture. Society of American Foresters. Forestry. Why are we a nation of tree-huggers? 3 February 2011Last updated at 15:44 By Jon Kelly BBC News Magazine Plans to transfer ownership of many public forests in England have provoked a huge row.

But why are we so protective of our woodlands? It's about the rustling of the leaves and the crunch of twigs underfoot. It's the sensation of the rough bark on your hands and the light dappling into a clearing. Above all, it's a place where nature takes priority over humans. For the vast majority of us, living in towns and cities, visiting a forest is the easiest way to escape our mechanised, wipe-clean, ring-roaded civilisation and properly get back to nature. As the government is finding out, a forest unleashes something deeply primordial in otherwise domesticated, suburban Britons. (TreeHugger) Global Justice Ecology Project: , Hinesburg, VT. Israeli biotech firm says its modified eucalyptus trees can displace the fossil fuel industry by John Vidal, environment editor, The Guardian, Thursday 15 November 2012 GM eucalyptus trees at five-and-a-half years old, grown in a field trial.

FutureGene claims GM species grow thicker and faster than the natural plant, making it possible to be grown for energy generation.It's a timber company's dream but a horrific industrial vision for others: massive plantations of densely planted GM eucalyptus trees stretching across Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and China, engineered to grow 40% faster for use as paper, as pellets for power stations and as fuel for cars.

The prospect is close, says Stanley Hirsch, chief executive of the Israeli biotech company FuturaGene. Temperate Forest Farming & Permaculture Strategies. Mastic - Chios Travel Guide. Tree Disease identification, symptoms, treatment options for tree diseases. There are many different diseases that affect landscape trees and shrubs. Control of tree and shrub diseases cannot be properly accomplished until the disease pest is identified. Identification of tree and shrub diseases is crucial because, although most diseases can be controlled, there are some diseases that cannot be controlled.

Dutch Study Says Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick. A recent study by Dutch scientists found that Wi-Fi radiation could be responsible for sickness in urban-populated trees. Image: baltimoresun What would life be like without Wi-Fi, bringer of high speed internet access? Probably pretty inconvenient considering that millions of computer users around the world use it at home, at work and other public places to get online. Having access to wireless networks makes our lives easier, but according to a Dutch study from Wageningen University, this access may be compromising the health of trees. Plant Database. Trees. Seedlings. Seeds at Risk in AgroBusiness.

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