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Personalized Learning

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Beware the Iconography Trap of Personalized Learning: Rigor Matters. This is the first in our series of "Notes From The Field" on personalized learning.

Beware the Iconography Trap of Personalized Learning: Rigor Matters

My colleague and I recently visited a middle school science classroom. Students, outfitted with safety glasses, were organized into groups of three to four. The room was lively but not disorderly as each group worked on its own experiment. Digital badging spreads as more colleges use vendors to create alternative credentials. Digital badges aren’t replacing the bachelor’s degree any time soon.

Digital badging spreads as more colleges use vendors to create alternative credentials

But a growing number of colleges are working with vendors to use badges as an add-on to degrees, to help students display skills and accomplishments that transcripts fail to capture. Illinois State University is an early adopter. Students in the university’s honors program have earned roughly 7,400 digital badges as part of the experiment, which just began at full scale last year. The university brought in Credly, a badging platform provider, for the project. Administrators at Illinois State said the badges serve as a form of verified “three-dimensional transcript,” which augments the traditional degree. “It’s a way for them to organize all of their experiences, all of the skill sets they learn,” said Rocio Rivadeneyra, the honors program’s interim director.

This form of digital badge, Oberts said, is a visual way of displaying both curricular and cocurricular experiences and achievements. Between the Résumé and Google. Personalized Perspective. Delivering the best learning experience to each and every student.

Personalized Perspective

GUEST COLUMN | by Dave Saltmarsh Technology programs in the classroom have opened the door for teachers to offer a more engaging, interactive, and individualized learning experience for students. The Changing Role Of The Teacher In Personalized Learning Environment. Racially diverse 'new majority' set to reshape US public schools. America’s public schools are a snapshot of a changing America: Since 2014, for the first time in the country’s history, a majority of those in public schools have been students of color.

Racially diverse 'new majority' set to reshape US public schools

That’s more than just a statistic. The rise of this “new majority” promises to have sweeping effects on American schools over time. The voices and interests of these students and their parents will need to be better woven into the decisionmaking that affects United States classrooms, many education experts say. What’s their emerging message? 4 Positives From Personalized Learning. We’ve finished the first iteration of trying to move my 10th grade English courses to become more personalized.

4 Positives From Personalized Learning

Students concluded a quarter-long investigation of a social justice issue of their choice. Throughout the quarter, my focus has been to help students move toward mastering skills, while allowing personal choice in content and questions, and customizing feedback and instruction for each student. Students are working on reading informational texts, writing arguments, speaking and listening, and creative writing. Most class periods begin with a 15-20 minute mini-lesson and then students go to a self-selected station to engage in their work. Three to four tasks are due every two weeks. Here are 4 positives I’ve found as I’ve personalized learning: 1.

One disappointment most secondary teachers simply live with (myself included) is knowing that students have a wide variety of interests, experiences, and learning paces (though not learning styles so much). But there’s another way. 2. When Buzzwords Get Muddy: Defining 'Personalized Learning' The Adoption of Personalized Learning Infographic. Other Infographics The Adoption of Personalized Learning Infographic The Adoption of Personalized Learning Infographic Personalized learning is the most effective style of teaching.

The Adoption of Personalized Learning Infographic

That’s according to the majority of the educators who participated in a survey on the topic. The attributes that make it effective include higher student engagement, the ability for students to work at their own pace, and the opportunity to focus on students’ weaker subject areas. The Changing Role Of The Teacher In Personalized Learning Environment. Facebook's Zuckerberg to Bet Big on Personalized Learning. Personalized Learning Playbook. Personalized learning means different things to different people.

Personalized Learning Playbook

Visit different schools with different models, and chances are they will all tell you they are using some form of personalized learning. But what does “personalized learning” mean, and how do schools follow in others' footsteps in order to get in the game? When it comes to sports, players turn to the playbook. Teams start by following a set of strategies that are tried and true, tested over decades of playing the game. (Take the play-action pass, or the pick-and-roll, for example!) Which Personalized Learning Framework is Best For You and Your School?

Early in my teaching career I taught eighth and ninth grade English in a small classroom that had nothing more than a chalkboard, ceiling fan, and about twenty-five attentive pairs of eyes looking up at me for guidance five hours each day.

Which Personalized Learning Framework is Best For You and Your School?

One simple retention technique I used regularly was to “personalize” my examples for vocabulary, grammar, etc. with the names of students from the class and local context. No one cared about Jonny in our grammar workbooks, but they did care about the crazy, unpredictable examples I would come up with using people and things we knew. And if you would have asked me or my students about their experience, everyone would have naively told you, “Yes, Mr.