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World population - uneven development. Health care spending Up to now all of the maps have been based on data from the United Nations.

World population - uneven development

This map shows data from the OECD on healthcare spending and while it does not cover as much of the world as the UN data, it tells an interesting story. The map pop-ups show the spend per head of population and the theoretical cost of one year's life in that country, given its life expectancy and the amount of money spent on healthcare. So, in the UK for example, healthcare spending is calculated as being U$3,971 and that works about at U$49 per year of life expectancy.

StoryMap JS - Telling stories with maps. Radio Garden – Phuket island Radio. Use Google Maps to Tell a Story Within a Story. Google's My Maps platform lets anyone who has a Google Account create their own multimedia maps.

Use Google Maps to Tell a Story Within a Story

One of my favorite features within the My Maps platform is the option to create a slideshow of images and videos within a placemark. By using that feature you can tell a story within a story. In My Maps you can create maps that contain placemarks to identify landmarks, to indicate the locations of a series of events, and to show the start and end points of journey. Within all of those placemarks you can include text descriptions, images, and videos. Students can include pictures they've taken and videos they have made. I'll be covering this idea and many others in more detail during To Geography and Beyond With Google Maps. Literature Map - The Tourist Map of Literature. A Geography quiz for Key Stage 3. Where is...? A geolocation game.

Google Maps. An Interactive Experience - World Population. Create Narrated Map Tours on a Chromebook. Amazing Maps (Amazing_Maps) AuthaGraph オーサグラフ 世界地図. AuthaGraph World Map Antarctica was found in 1820 and the first man reaches the North Pole in 1909.

AuthaGraph オーサグラフ 世界地図 

In the 20th century the world tended to be framed by the East-West relations and the North-South problem. Our interest has been mainly on land since it has been our living environment. Meanwhile from the late 20th century the resources and environment problems have spread our interests over the polar regions and oceans such as, (1) Sea ice around the North pole representing the global warming, (2) Territorial sea claims for marine resources, (3) An ozone hole above the South Pole, (4) Melting glaciers in Greenland, a cause that may submerge Tuvalu, (5) El Nino in the ocean, a cause of an unusual weather that eventually influence to the economy on land.

About Maps for the Web, made easy - CartoDB — CartoDB. METRO MAP CREATOR. If you have the code for a map please paste it into the box below, then click "LOAD"LOAD CODE Alternatively you can chose a sample route.DefaultPoo Land Here is the code for your map.


Copy this code to a text file on your computer if you want to carry on with your map at a latter date. Word Map. The treasure map of your life. Google Maps. Geotagging of Youtube videos. 3d reality maps. The ArcGIS Book. Animaps-create and view. Panoramio - Photos of the World. Intersection Explorer. Design and publish beautiful maps. Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before. Newsmap. Watch the world's ships sail Earth's oceans in REAL TIME: Interactive map reveals crowded routes taken by planet's vessels. Marine Traffic map lets anyone trace a vessel that has a position ‘transponder’ similar to those used by aircraftTransponder broadcasts the ships’ position, name, course and speed allowing other vessels to avoid collisionsVessel tracks are coloured according to type and users can zoom in to see which ships are moving in that areaClicking on a placemark allows users to find picture of the ship as well as its speed, vessel type and destination By Ellie Zolfagharifard Published: 11:16 GMT, 22 May 2014 | Updated: 14:29 GMT, 22 May 2014 All over the world, majestic shipping vessels are navigating through vast oceans as they bring their valuable cargoes to port.

Watch the world's ships sail Earth's oceans in REAL TIME: Interactive map reveals crowded routes taken by planet's vessels

While their routes may seem far-flung, anyone can track their progress in real-time from the comfort of their desk using this addictive interactive map. Developed by a group of global academics, the Marine Traffic map lets users trace a shipping vessel with a position ‘transponder’ similar to those used by aircraft. Strange Maps. 118 – Online Communities Map (Not For Navigation) The Internet map. Map of the Internet. This Beautiful Map of the Internet Is Insanely Detailed. Interactive. The World of Seven Billion The map shows population density; the brightest points are the highest densities.


Each country is colored according to its average annual gross national income per capita, using categories established by the World Bank (see key below). Some nations— like economic powerhouses China and India—have an especially wide range of incomes. But as the two most populous countries, both are lower middle class when income is averaged per capita. Map Projection Transitions. List of map projections. This list/table provides an overview of the most significant map projections, including those listed on Wikipedia.

List of map projections

It is sortable by the main fields. Inclusion in the table is subjective, as there is no definitive list of map projections. Table of projections[edit] Key[edit] The designation "deployed" means popularisers/users rather than necessarily creators. Welcome to the buckymap puzzle! Dymaxion Map. Also know as the "Dymaxion Map," the Fuller Projection Map is the only flat map of the entire surface of the Earth which reveals our planet as one island in one ocean, without any visually obvious distortion of the relative shapes and sizes of the land areas, and without splitting any continents.

Dymaxion Map

It was developed by R. Buckminster Fuller who "By 1954, after working on the map for several decades," finally realized a "satisfactory deck plan of the six and one half sextillion tons Spaceship Earth. " Traditional world maps reinforce the elements that separate humanity and fail to highlight the patterns and relationships emerging from the ever evolving and accelerating process of globalization. All flat world map representations of the spherical globe contain some amount of distortion either in shape, area, distance or direction measurements. Mercator Puzzle! All about Portolans : Previous items of the month : Item of the month : Archive & Library : Collections by type : Our collections : Researchers.

Persia: Bound in an atlas of twenty-four cartographic items titled: 'Seekarten von Battista Agnese Anno MDLIV.d.IV.May.

All about Portolans : Previous items of the month : Item of the month : Archive & Library : Collections by type : Our collections : Researchers

Shop — ST&G's Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names. Dual Maps: Google Maps, Street View and Bing Maps in an embeddable control - - Earth Imagery Updates - November 2013. Atlas of the Biosphere. Google Expands Underwater Street View To New Locations. Google today added a couple of new locations to its underwater Street View imagery collection, including a number spots around Monaco, Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Google Expands Underwater Street View To New Locations

Google unveiled underwater Street View back in 2012 and has been expanding it (very) slowly ever since. The company has partnered with the Catalin Seaview Survey on this project and uses a number of special underwater cameras to capture the panoramic images its uses for this project. By last summer, the collection featured six locations, including reefs around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Philippines and Hawaii. It also now features locations off the coast of Bermuda, though one of the more ambitious projects for Street View was surely the addition of the Galapagos Islands last May.

During a presentation at its I/O developer conference last year, Google explained that the divers typically cover about 2 kilometers and take between 3,000 and 4,000 images per dive during their expeditions. World History Timeline The FREE atlas of world history combining timelines and maps to navigate history. Explorers Maps, Activities, Biographies and More for Kids « Maphub - Historic Map Annotation Portal. Historical - Maps and Atlases - ResearchGuides at Humboldt State University. Searching the HSU Library Catalog For historical maps and atlases in the HSU Atlas and Map Collection check the HSU Library Catalog under the subjects geography-ancient-maps or historical geography-maps for world maps and atlases and [name of country, state, or region]-historical geography-maps for specific areas.

Internet Guides and Directories Historic Map Index (Broer Map Library) Index to over 60,000 online historical maps available from 25 major map collections.Historic Maps ( Guide to Geography) Historical Map Web Sites (Perry-Castaneda Map Library) Links to historical maps on servers around the world. Links to Historical Maps on Other Sites ...and other less related sites that might be of interest (White) Organized by time and place.

Collections and Individual Atlases 1895 U.S. Statsilk Interactive maps and visualizations. Sourcemap: where things come from. Real-time local Twitter trends - Trendsmap. Sickweather. The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. Coordinates and map reading - worksheets to develop map reading and coordinate skills. Mapskills mod3fl5. Map Reading Activities. Advertisement. is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. (Already a member?

Click here.) National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers. Map Skills - Worksheets. STW Filing Cabinet Logged in members can use the Super Teacher Worksheets filing cabinet to save their favorite worksheets. Quickly access your most commonly used files AND your custom generated worksheets! Please login to your account or become a member today to utilize this helpful new feature. :) [x] close This document has been saved in your Super Teacher Worksheets filing cabinet.

Here you can quickly access all of your favorite worksheets and custom generated files in one place! Click on My Filing Cabinet in the menu at the upper left to access it anytime! Grade Level Estimation Title: How to use a Compass - Compass alone. Kjetil Kjernsmo's illustrated guide on Using the compass alone This is a very easy lesson, and I would say, not sufficient for those who would like to travel safely in unfamiliar terrain.

The first thing you need to learn, are the directions. World Atlas World Map Atlas of the World including Geography Facts and Flags - Find Any Address on a map Find Any City on a map. Atlapedia. World Map, Online Maps, Satellite Maps - National Geographic. Skip to this page's content. Maps: Interactive Atlases, Continent and Country Maps, Print Maps, Resources. Google Earth Antarctica - 3D Antarctica Google Earth Map - Antarctica in Google Earth. Earthquakes. Printable World Maps - Free World Maps to Print. iMap Online, make your own interactive map, image map, google map maker cloud based. Maps for the masses.

Online Atlas - maps of all the countries of every continent and region. Political World Atlas - World Sites Atlas. How Many Countries Are There? — CGP Grey. Notes & Corrections: There are more places of possible countryhood that weren't mentioned in the video due to time.Sealand is on an abandonden sea fort not an oil rig. Special Thanks: K. Repking & Max Loutzenheiser OilyRaven, Chris Hokanson, Will, the Rith King, Kyle Whitehouse, Bjoern Schumacher c/o bscon, Daniel O'Connell, Caleb Hiddleson, Americanwolf10, dimitry, @CNG ,Hamish Mackinnon :) (with one leg), Bernadette Sisk, Steve Dutfield (@SteveDuts), His Royal Highness King Samy II Son of Hamed I of the Original Greek City of Philadelphia, @awesomenerdMD, Patrick W. Credits: Images: Jmb, Nicole Kasper, ctbto, epsos, N i c o l a, joopdorresteijn, viajor, Mark Kao, spadgy, pchidell & Larom Lancaster. Language distribution interactive world map (official or first language)

Atlas of the World's Languages in danger. World Atlas - Home Page. World Atlas with Maps, Geography & Facts of Every Country in the World. World Time Clock & Map - Check Current Local Time Around the World. Maps Gallery. In Charted Waters - Evolution of the World Map as it was Explored.

Maps are among the most accessible assets we can use accurately, whether it’s an old print or the newest mobile app. Still, it took centuries for people to truly understand the geography of the world. Here, we show how our knowledge has grown and developed over time… Maps That Help You Understand The World. 1. This map shows the world divided into 7 sections (each with a distinct color) with each section containing 1 billion people. Best Countries For Backpacking Map. Literature-Map - The tourist map of literature.