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Learning Materials The Yepes webpage includes an invaluable resource tool for intermediate and advanced learners. The site includes Yepes and... see more The Yepes webpage includes an invaluable resource tool for intermediate and advanced learners. The site includes Yepes and other outstanding websites for tutorial drills, e.g. Nelson and Arana sites. World: 35 Major Cities Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more! You can access the Seterra online quiz site using your computer, phone, or tablet running the latest version of most web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. There’s also a Seterra app that runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets! The Seterra app offers two game modes, plus high score lists to keep track of your progress. Also, with the app, you can play offline!

Authentic Assessment Toolbox Home Page to the Authentic Assessment Toolbox, a how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning. Inside, you will find chapters on A good place to start -- In this chapter I identify the characteristics, strengths and limitations of authentic assessment; compare and contrast it with traditional (test-based) assessment. Why has authentic assessment become more popular in recent years?

European word translator: an interactive map showing "example" in over 30 languages Enter one or two lower-case English words to see translations from Google Translate. This site is a personal side project. I had planned to take it offline by the end of 2017, but have received several encouraging messages asking if it can be kept online—many thanks. My current plan is to keep it going for at least a couple more years. - J Baruch College's Guide to Financial Statements - Online Tutorial Development of written content, media assets, narration, interactive activities, and tutorial technology: Kognito Interactive ( Main content contributor and reviewer: Professor Ping Zhou (Stan Ross Department of Accountancy) Other content contributors and reviewers: Professor Armen Hovakimian (Department of Economics and Finance), Brian Kell (Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity), Louise Klusek (Newman Library), Dennis Slavin (Associate Provost)

Turn Pictures Into Stories With Fotobabble This morning I shared an old post about Fotobabble on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page. In response to that post Stewart Whitney shared his experience of using the Fotobabble iPhone app. Stewart's comment got me to try the Fotobabble iOS app. Educational Technology » eBooks in the Classroom eBooks are books produced and published in a digital format. eBooks can be read on an electronic device such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, or dedicated e-reader. eBooks can be online publications that are accessed through the Internet or can be contained in a downloadable file. Online eBooks offer the formatting options of a traditional book and the added opportunity to add audio and video resources, but require a constant Internet connection. Downloadable eBooks offer the same formatting options as online eBooks, but do not require constant online access, making them ideal for reading on mobile devices. Related Downloads and Resources Tutorials

Mercator: Extreme Controls scrollwheel double-click pinch zoom Programme details - Programme details - Global Master's in Management - Executive programmes - Department of Management The programme will consist of seven classroom modules (one-two weeks each) scheduled over 17 months which take place at LSE and at locations around the world strategically chosen to highlight themes in global management. Five modules will take place in London at LSE's state-of-the art New Academic Building | . The other two modules will take place overseas and focus on topical global business issues and draw on LSE's academic partnerships and alumni network for prominent speakers and experts. View the full-sized programme overview graphic | The programme schedule is specifically designed for working executives as teaching takes place in module format therefore reducing the amount of time out the office to 10 weeks or less. View an example of a more detailed module schedule |

A Diagram Of 21st Century Pedagogy - The modern learner has to sift through a lot of information. That means higher level thinking skills like analysis and evaluation are necessary just to reduce all the noise and establish the credibility of information. There is also the matter of utility. Evaluating information depends as much on context and circumstance as it does the nature of the data itself. The essay full of fluff may distill quite nicely down to a 140 character tweet. A trivial fact about governments may appear useless in a research paper on the 3 branches of government, but could find utility in a project-based learning artifact on the evolution of government systems worldwide. Top 100 Influential Education Blogs | Onalytica Blog UPDATE: You can see an updated list here. Over the last 5 years there was a sharp increase in the number of education blogs in various areas such as art education, technology, creative writing, mathematics, or drama, from primary school level to lifelong learning approaches. Despite this surge in education blogs, there haven't been many attempts at classifying the blogs according to their authority. We will present a ranking of education blogs ordered by their Onalytica Influence Index. The Influence Index we compute at Onalytica shares the same idea with the impact factor that nowadays all academic journals publish on their cover.

Using the E-Portfolio to Validate Student Learning February 12, 2013 By: Ken Scott, EdD in Instructional Design, Teaching with Technology Too often our students consider their work in the classroom as required assignments—not work that has anything to do with what they will be doing in the real world. Oh, maybe they are picking up some skills they might use in their future employment, but that’s about it. As teachers, how do we get students to understand that the work they do in our classes—such as team projects, community service, technical papers, and even research—is relevant to what they will be doing after they graduate?

Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. by David Kelly “Curation is an important skill to develop, especially in an environment in which more and more organizations shift towards self-directed learning for their workers. Now is the time for learning and performance professionals to develop this new skill set.” Curation is a term that is rapidly growing in popularity and is directly impacting the world of workplace learning and performance. In a world where the amount of information available to workers doubles every 18 to 24 months, it is impossible to keep up with the seemingly endless supply of it.