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Maths. Just stuff. Hopscotch Helps Kids Learn to Program On Their iPads. 5 Good Lesson Plans for Teaching Copyright. Timelapse Imagery of How the World Has Changed. Fakebook Gallery - A Gallery of Fake Facebook Profiles for Historical Characters. A Short Guide to Copyright for Educators. Copyright and Creative Commons can be confusing topics.

A Short Guide to Copyright for Educators

There are many variables that apply to every situation so it is hard to layout hard and fast rules that apply to every scenario. To help educators understand and navigate the landscape of Copyright and Creative Commons, I've put together a short list of helpful resources. Dr. Wesley Fryer's presentation Copyright for Educators is the absolute best presentation I've seen on the topic. The Slideshare presentation is available with audio from his presentation.

For my Canadian friends the rules of copyright are different than they are for me in the United States. Collaborative Code Creation. EduCam Classroom - Share Your Document Camera Images. A Handy Attribution Helper for Flickr Images. Correctly formatting Creative Commons image attributions can be a little tricky.

A Handy Attribution Helper for Flickr Images

Alan Levine (Cog Dog Blog) has developed a Chrome extension that takes the guess work out of formatting image citations for Creative Commons works that you find on Flickr. The Flickr CC Attribution Helper generates text and HTML that you can use in webpages, presentations, and any other place that you use someone's Creative Commons works. Applications for Education This extension only works in Chrome for Flickr images, but Flickr is one of the largest if not the largest collections of Creative Commons licensed images. If you or your students are using Creative Commons images in presentations and blog posts, give the Flickr CC Attribution Helper a try. MIT + K12 = Educational Videos for K-12 Students. Activities for Learning 60 Languages.

Digital Dialects has a large selection of educational games and activities for learning sixty different languages.

Activities for Learning 60 Languages

Most of the games are designed to learn and practice the basics of each of the sixty languages listed on the Digital Dialects homepage. The more commonly spoken languages have more activities than the less commonly spoken languages. Audio files have recently been added to some of the languages too. Applications for EducationThe educational games and activities found on Digital Dialects could be useful to students just beginning to learn a new language. Some of the games provide instant feedback to students so that they can monitor their progress and choose the appropriate skills or vocabulary sets to practice. Two Hands-on Economics Lessons for Students. Yesterday I had a conversation with a teacher who had developed his own stock market game for his middle school social studies course.

Two Hands-on Economics Lessons for Students

As we were talking I was reminded of a couple of hands-on economics lessons that I have used in the past with high school social studies students. Captains of Industry is an economics simulation activity. The original version of this activity was developed by my colleague Jason Long. A Very Successful Writing Activity. To start with, I didn't come up with the idea for this writing activity and I regretfully admit I don't remember who on Twitter told me about it.

A Very Successful Writing Activity

I really hope they read this and leave me a comment so I can fix that. Today my class tried out a new writing activity. It might as well be called speed writing because I can't think of another name. We started with a topic and I gave them three minutes to write. when the time was up I added another story piece. Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/13/2012. DIY Prezi. After I completed a round of teaching Evernote to Fiske’s class, I strolled down the hallway to say hello to Mrs.

DIY Prezi

T is for teaching – The Age reports on twitter. CAMPBELL Walsh was sick of waiting for his NAPLAN test results. ”I wanted to know how I’d done.

T is for teaching – The Age reports on twitter

It had already been about four months and I still hadn’t got the results,” says the year 5 student from Aitken Creek Primary in the outer Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn. In another era, Campbell might have been told to sit down and be quiet. Instead, his teacher, Bec Spink, suggested he post the question on social networking site Twitter. Campbell had an even better idea: why not tweet to the Prime Minister? Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: The Flipped Classroom. Part 4 of my Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012 series “Flipping the classroom” is hardly new.

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: The Flipped Classroom

But with all the hype surrounding both Khan Academy and MOOCs, it’s hardly surprising that the practice became incredibly popular this year. Indeed, in his 2011 TED Talk (which has been watched over 2 million times on YouTube), Salman Khan talked about the ways in which his videos are used by teachers to “flip the classroom.” That is, in lieu of teachers lecturing in the classroom, the Khan Academy video lectures are assigned as homework; then students work on exercises in class where the teacher can more easily assist and remediate. “Flipping the classroom” has become a crucial part of the story that Khan repeats in his frequent talks and media appearances. Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: Learning to Code. Part 3 of my Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012 series Code Year.

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: Learning to Code

Presentations ETC License. Corbis: photography, rights, motion. Presentations ETC Homepage. Use these free backgrounds, templates, letters, frames, and buttons for school presentations, websites, class newsletters, digital scrapbooking, and student portfolios.

Presentations ETC Homepage

Thousands of presentation elements and millions of combinations allow you to customize your school projects, electronic scrapbook, or eportfolio. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission. Corbis Images – Premium Quality Stock Photography and Illustrations. All In Learning. New Touch Features In Office 2013 [Video] Logitech’s Windows 8 Touchpad Loves Gestures, Hates Wires. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Logitech has given its Wireless Touchpad a much needed facelift that makes it look almost identical to Apple’s Magic Trackpad — save for a sleek dark grey finish and the lack of any wires. You will have to top off its built-in rechargeable battery sometimes with a USB cable, but for the most part it won’t have to stay tethered to your PC. A smooth glass surface accepts multi-finger gestures, up to 13 of them from Window 8′s repertoire, including a shortcut to the start screen for quickly firing up your apps.

Unfortunately, because it relies on a 2.4GHz wireless connection instead of Bluetooth, you’ll need to use an included tiny USB dongle. But it can actually connect to six different Logitech peripherals at once, so you shouldn’t have to sacrifice too many USB ports. The teacher is not always right (at least not about this Nobel Prize winner) The teacher is not always right. Take this report card for a troubled science student in 1949. Jailbreak Stats Quickly Checks If You Can Jailbreak Your iPhone. For certain iOS firmwares, the jailbreak process for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can get a little confusing. Jailbreak Stats is a simple web app that aims to clear things up and tell you exactly what you need to know.

All you need to do is select your firmware or device, and Jailbreak Stats gives you a pop-up of how (and if) you can jailbreak your device. Tackk - Quickly Create Simple Webpages. Snapify - Quickly Find Definitions and Explanations. Stack the Countries - A Tetris-Like Geography Game. Three Ring Adds New Features for Sharing Students' Digitized Work With Parents. Remind 101 Launches an Android App. Six Multimedia Timeline Creation Tools for Students. This week I ran a workshop on mind mapping, brainstorming, and timeline creation. These are the timeline creation tools that I included in the workshop. Updated Office Web Apps Available To Everyone. Instantly Select Text With Similar Formatting In Google Docs. Fences 2.0 Improves Desktop Folder Organisation, Adds Multiple Screens. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Windows: Fences is one of the best apps for creating a clean, organised desktop, and it just got better with version 2.0.

Now you can create fences for specific folders anywhere on your computer, as well as swipe between different “pages”. By holding Alt and dragging a folder to your desktop, you can create a new fence with the contents of that folder laid out — perfect for folders you need to access often but don’t want on your desktop. You can also create multiple pages of fences, swiping between them by clicking the edge of the screen and swiping away. Then you can create pages for work, play or any other situation without cluttering up your desktop. The one downside of version 2.0 is that Fences no longer has a free version. Free Online Computing Science Course. Tunlr Is A Free, Unlimited Way To Watch Streaming Content From Outside Of Your Region.

The Best New Apps In The Windows 8 Store. Once you have Windows 8 up and running, the first thing you’ll want to do is start installing apps. Microsoft’s new Windows 8 store has some real treasures worth downloading. These are our top picks. The Windows 8 Store is surprisingly well-populated given the newness of the product. The Best Windows 8 Shortcuts And Tricks.

40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools. Creating a learning portfolio. Two weeks ago I par­tic­i­pated in the Lead­er­ship 2.0 Open Course hosted by George Couros. Google Announces 100 Live Hangouts For Teachers Around The World. Track Hurricane Sandy Using The Google Crisis Map 1.05K Views 0 Likes. ClassDoJo - Easy and Fun Behavior Reports. Create Simple Photo Stories with PicView. MeeGenius for Google Chrome. MeeGenius is a great website, Android app, and iPad app offering ebooks for kids. MeeGenius allows users to turn narration on and off for each book. When narration is turned on each word in the story is highlighted as it's read. As mentioned above, MeeGenius is available for Android and iPad. Use Maps in Your Infographics. Meograph Launches a 4D Election Hub. Digital Homework Reflection. Homework is a right of passage in the education realm.

Storyboard That - A Good Storyboarding Tool. Storyboard That is a nice storyboarding tool that I just learned about from David Kapuler. Chockadoc - A Catalog of Online Documentaries. A Google Guide to Google Apps Accessibility. Dozens of Icebreaker Activities and Team Building Games. A Great Guide For Teachers On Using Google Drive and Documents. Scribble Maps - Draw on google maps with scribblings and more! Flisti - Create free online polls without signing-up. Remind 101 - A Great Way To Improve Communication. Breaking News From The BPS Ed Tech Team! - Google Drive iPad App Update. Screen Leap - Share Your Screen With One Click. Infuse Learning - A Great Student Response Tool.

Page Updated: Web 2.0 Tools to Embed on Your Blog. TOP FIVE TECHNOLOGY TOOLS for ELL TEACHERS! Twitter in the classroom. UPD8. Track your Fiction Book Series - FictFact. 50 Teaching and Lesson Plans that Rock 8/7/2012. I Like Wili the Word Wizard's Math Dictionary. Reading Assignments « Cyberchalky! Alan November’s “Digital Farm” Jen Farr's Vita. Home. Assessment. Gateway to 21st Century Skills. Three Google Drive Updates You Might Have Missed This Week. The Tools On My Desktop and In My Browser. Gallery Walk for Noticing Features of Inverse Functions. Spectacular Rendering Of The Solar System To Scale. ‘Unlocking the Potential’ – DEECD’s digital learning strategy released.

My Favorite Resource I've Ever Made: Christmas Labs. Ntrol your Smartboard from your iPad with Smart Maestro. Property development 101: Part 4. Microsoft Office for iPad is now free to use (ish) Life Science Anchor Charts. Google Drive Can Now Open Files Directly In Your Desktop Apps. How Ebola Attacks The Cells In The Human Body Explained Step By Step. Coolcatteacher. SEI Math: Gathering the Supplies {Freebie!} Math is Real Life- November. MasteryConnect's State Core Apps Make It Easy to Identify Standards. iVisualiser Lets You Use your iPad as a Wireless Visualiser. A Map of Staple Food Crops of the World. The Internet Arcade Has 900 Classic Arcade Games You Can Play For Free. Cooking Oils To Eat And Avoid.