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How to use Evernote to enhance your productivity and improve your understanding of medicine

How to use Evernote to enhance your productivity and improve your understanding of medicine
Readers of the iMedicalApps forums will have seen that Evernote was rated particularly highly by a number of commenters when asked ‘How do you use mobile technology to help with your studies’. As a result of this, I was encouraged to try Evernote out for an extended period and see what impact it could make upon my learning. I am pleased to say that I have now had enough time to explore Evernote and can now highly recommend it as one of the best note taking apps for medical purposes. So without further ado… What is Evernote? Evernote is an app available on a wide range of devices including Desktop, Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows 7 that allows you to ‘Capture anything’. There is an excellent search function whereby you can search by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images. With all these options available to create notes, you should be able to find a method that works for you. Tags are one of the more powerful features of Evernote. Video Demonstration

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Evernote Tutorial for ipad To share a note, do the following: On the Home Screen, tap the All notes view, or tap any notebook in the Notebooks view to open the Note List Tap a note from the Note List to open it. The Note Editor will be displayed Tap the Share icon and choose from any of the following: Message: Tap to send a Public URL via the Message app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 4 Time-Saving Productivity Tips for Working With Evernote for iOS We are super excited that you had a hand in helping make us a 2015 Webby Award winner today! Our Evernote for iOS team works very hard to build the workspace that helps bring you maximum efficiency, no matter where you go. Around the same time we won this year’s Webby for Best Productivity app, Phil Libin appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Alley to talk about how we are redefining how you work each and every day. “We want to be the new definition for what workplace productivity is,” Phil said. Photo Credit: Jenn Davis

How To Get Organized And Increase Your Productivity With Evernote If your not using Evernote yet, you are missing out. If you really want to get your life organized and increase your productivity in a dramatic way, this is the program to consider. I use it on my MacBook Laptop and my wife uses it on her iPad. I’ve been using it as an aid in creating websites for a while now and as a journal for my stock trades, but have more recently expanded its powers to other areas of my life as well, such as with confirmation receipts, bills, etc.

Getting Organized with Evernote I heart Evernote. I’ve mentioned that more than once, and because of my unnatural affection for an application, I presume that everyone has discovered its wonderful-ness. But not so, it seems, because a tweet last week uncovered lots of folks who either don’t know about it, or have kicked the tires a bit and never quite figured out why it’s helpful. I think of Evernote as one comprehensive virtual organizer, idea bank, and file system for pretty much everything I do. Darren I’ve been searching for a few days for a simple way to integrate the features of Evernote with my GTD system. I stress simple because I don’twant a lot of clicks or shortcuts to make it work. I want to be able to empty my head in seconds and not lose my thought trying to figure out how to place it in my inbox. In the vein of “keep it as simple as possible, but no simpler”, this is what I’ve come up with:

Make The Best Use of Evernote with Automated Note Reviews Evernote is most useful when it’s not used as a junk filing drawer, but as a resource for collecting, managing, processing, and reviewing notes and documents. A new online resource called Reflectapp may help you get more out of Evernote and remind you of what you collect and save. Evernote and other third-party apps make it pretty easy to import documents and notes into the digital file drawer, but it doesn’t have a useful process for reviewing your content, which means lots of valuable information can be forgotten. So, let’s check out a few possible solutions to this problem. Recall, Review, and Rethink Reflectapp connects with your Evernote account and allows you to set up a schedule to review all of your content, or filter selected notebooks and/or tags.

Productivity 101 Evernote and GTD: Setting up Evernote I have been thinking about writing about my setup for quite some time now. Now that our building project in our home is almost finished I have time to get started with a series on how to make the best use of Evernote when you are using the Getting Things Done method for organizing your work. This first post deals with setting up Evernote for best use. Use Note Links to Connect Essential Content in Evernote Posted by Taylor Pipes on 16 Jan 2015 Comment What will you accomplish in 2015? How to Get Your Stuff into Evernote It is no secret that I am a big fan of Evernote. It is one of those amazing tools that can radically boost your productivity. I use it probably more than any other program other than Mac Mail. It has enabled me to realize my dream of a paperless office. But Evernote can also be initially intimidating. The program is so deep and feature-rich that new users hardly know where to start.