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Reasons Why You Should Start Investing For The Long Run. The following is a contribution from Mark at Think Rich Be Free.

Reasons Why You Should Start Investing For The Long Run

If you’re interested in contributing to Frugal Rules, please consult our guidelines and contact us. Every individual has his or her own long-term goals and I do believe that most of them are related to life after work, which is their retirement. We all want to enjoy our retirement, right? And a good way to accomplish this is through investing. I know that you avid Frugal Rules readers already know a lot about investing, but did you know that investing for the long run has advantages that couldn’t be enjoyed by those investing over short periods? How to Start Your Own Business in Florida. The following is a guest post about how to start your own business in Florida.

How to Start Your Own Business in Florida

If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my guest post policy and then contact me. Politicians would love for us to believe that the reason unemployment rates are finally beginning to fall is their brilliant policies. But the real reason is likely good old American ingenuity, not Washington lawmakers. Over the past decade, more than 10.7 million people have started their own businesses, and these entrepreneurs are competing with all sizes of corporations by offering quality goods and services at competitive prices.

Too broke to save? Lessons from childhood saving. Before I start this post I should say that I’m very aware that times are extremely hard for most people at the moment.

Too broke to save? Lessons from childhood saving

Inflation is eating into wages, energy prices are on the rise and many of us simply have less money to spend than we used too. If we’ve got less to spend then also stands to reason that we’ve got less to save and I’m guessing a lot of people feel that they’re too broke to save anything at all. Taking the Plunge: The Day I Finally Said, ‘ Quit Your Job ’ Please welcome back, after too long away, the lovely Mrs.

Taking the Plunge: The Day I Finally Said, ‘ Quit Your Job ’

Frugal Rules as she shares what it was like for her to watch me go through the decision whether or not to quit my job. Enjoy… During the more than a decade that I’ve been married to Mr. Frugal Rules, I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve seen him enjoy his work. Twelve years is a long time to watch someone suffer in jobs that they are either overqualified, mismatched or unsatisfied in. How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency. Please note: The way I organize Evernote today is completely different than what I wrote here.

How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency

You can find my updated methodology here. I have been using Evernote for months. However, I have not really taken time to explore the depth of this incredible program until just recently. I have mainly just used it for a place to store meeting notes and an occasional web clipping. Photo courtesy of © 10 trucos para aprovechar Evernote al máximo. Evernote es una de esas aplicaciones que, por más que la uses todos los días, siempre tendrá algo nuevo que todavía no descubrimos.

10 trucos para aprovechar Evernote al máximo

Con funcionalidades que parecen ilimitadas, este bloc de notas sirve para todo, pero una de sus utilidades más relevantes es su sincronización multiplataforma que nos permite acceder a nuestras anotaciones desde cualquier dispositivo donde esté instalada. Si la utilizamos correctamente, puede ser una herramienta clave a la hora de incrementar la productividad. Evernote para Android se renueva por completo, ahora es una aplicación Pure Android. La aplicación de Evernote se ha actualizado, y ya nunca será la misma que fue, ahora es Pure Android.

Evernote para Android se renueva por completo, ahora es una aplicación Pure Android

Ahora sigue 100% la guía de estilo Ice Cream Sandwich. La aplicación sigue siendo tan útil como antes, pero adoptando los nuevos patrones se convierte en una deliciosa experiencia. Lo que hace genial este rediseño es lo fácil y rápido que es moverse, solo deslizando el dedo hacía izquierda y derecha o volver a la pantalla principal apretando al elefante característico de Evernote. Las mejoras más significativas son: Mejores notas y lista de libreras Se ha rediseñado todo el estilo, ahora es más visual y fácil de encontrar las notas que buscas. Gestionando con Evernote tu librería de links y contenido web. TermoBlog #FPentumovil: Evernote para #FP. Los alumnos normalmente tienen que realizar en clase los apuntes, las prácticas/trabajos, actividades extracurriculares, y mucho más.

TermoBlog #FPentumovil: Evernote para #FP

Hasta ahora lo solian hacer tomando apuntes y de forma manuscrita. Evernote para Android se actualiza con reconocimiento de voz y nuevos widgets. Evernote es uno de los programas más usados no sólo para tomar notas, sino que su constante evolución y su capacidad para adaptarse a las nuevas necesidades le ha permitido serlo también para muchísimas más cosas como lectura offline, recordatorios o listas.

Evernote para Android se actualiza con reconocimiento de voz y nuevos widgets

Ayer Evernote para Android se actualizó a la versión 3.6 con interesantes mejoras como la posibilidad de escribir mediante reconocimiento de voz y sus nuevos widgets. Al principio era muy raro, y en parte lo sigue siendo, pero hablar con nuestro teléfono para dictarle qué hacer es cada vez algo más común. 10 Tips for Teachers Using Evernote – Education Series. Posted by Michael Cruz on 13 Jan 2011 Comment Michael Cruz is a great example of someone that has fully embraced the benefits of putting technology to use in a classroom setting.

10 Tips for Teachers Using Evernote – Education Series

For five years, he taught courses at San Jose State University’s College of Business ranging from web marketing to entrepreneurship. He now focuses on technology and productivity. Evernote is a great application for educators. For Schools. <div class='message error'><strong>Javascript Disabled Detected</strong><p>You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. </p></div><br /> Welcome! Did You Know: How to Create a Checklist in Evernote. If you’ve been following our user stories, you may have noticed that a lot of people love to make checklists in Evernote. Whether for work, personal stuff, or both, you can find a reason to make a checklist in Evernote.

If you haven’t made one already, we’re here to show you how to do it. What kind of checklist should I make? Evernote- A Teachers Perspective by Rebecca Spink on Prezi. Sitio web Evernote for Schools: Recursos para usar Evernote en educación. How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) « Evernote Blogcast. Evernote- A Teachers Perspective by Rebecca Spink on Prezi. 11 usos de Evernote para el mundo académico. Ayer realizaron un Webinar en con varios consejos especialmente dedicados a los profesores y alumnos. Aprovecha la Barra de Favoritos de Evernote. Evernote for Education. Android App: I use the desktop version at home and the office, the Android app on my HTC One smartphone, my tablets, web version on my Chromebook. The desktop version sync's all of the data to your computer (good for backup) and you can also export your notes in a variety of formats for backup.

You can create new notes via desktop, web, or mobile version. You can also use your camera phone or web cam to take a snapshot and Evernote can even recognize the text in the image. This is very useful for capturing signs, posters, printed memos, and more and then being able to search for text inside the image. Using Evernote for ePortfolios - great idea. I'm a huge fan and user of Evernote for, well, everything. I use it for my lesson plans, lesson resources, lesson schedule, meeting notes, class notes, student notes, research, web clippings, recipes, to do lists, project management, and so much more. I share notes with colleagues and students.