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How to Get Google Search Results That Are Actually Useful. How to Live Without Google: Alternatives That Protect Your Privacy. Remove Google from your life?

How to Live Without Google: Alternatives That Protect Your Privacy

Yes, it can be done! Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites. This means they are not only tracking what you search for, they're also tracking which websites you visit, and using all your data for ads that follow you around the Internet. Your personal data can also be subpoenaed by lawyers, including for civil cases like divorce. Google answered over 150,000 such data requests in 2019 alone! More and more people are also realizing the risk of relying on one company for so many personal services.

Google Groups

Ngram Viewer. Google Docs. Google Maps. Google Sites. Google Tips, Tricks & Hacks. Ställ in en påminnelse om att det är dags att åka - Maps Hjälp. See and control your search activity - Computer - Google Search Help. Digital Dementia – Are Google Search and the Web Getting Alzheimer’s? According to the Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer’s disease – one of the most common forms of dementia – memory lapses tend to be one of the first symptoms sufferers become aware of along with “difficulty recalling recent events and learning new information”.

Digital Dementia – Are Google Search and the Web Getting Alzheimer’s?

One of the things I have been aware of for some time but only started trying to pay more attention to recently, is how Google search increasingly responds to many of my tech related web queries with results that are dated 2013 and 2014. In addition, the majority of traffic to my blog is directed to a few posts that are themselves several years old, and that were shared – through blog links and links from other public websites at the time they were posted. (I also note that Google web search is increasingly paranoid. If I run search limited queries, for example using the site: or inurl: or filetype: search limits, it often interrupts the search with a dialog asking if I am a robot.) Displaying Events from Multiple Google Calendars in a Single Embedded Calendar View.

Of all the things Google Calendar is good for, producing a single embedded calendar from a set of Google Calendars has not been one of them… [Cue sideaways glance] Or so I thought… In a flurry of activity earlier today, the Reverend posted this: while I was admiring the new link to UMW Blogs on the UMW homepage, I clicked on the Events link, and to my surprise it was a Google calendar.

Displaying Events from Multiple Google Calendars in a Single Embedded Calendar View

Wow! Who knew? Jim went on: “I did a search for the term “UMW” through Google’s public calendars and found over 40” and the describes subscribing to the calendars, looking at them in the single aggregated view within Google Calendar itself, before hitting a problem: “Google won’t given me an embed code for the aggregation of all of the public calendars I subscribed to around UMW” Err… rewind one moment… “When looking at the source code, I released it was actually an aggregation of 10 different Google Calendars“…?

This is what Jim saw but didn’t see: Got it yet? #WeSpeakTranslate, do you? How to Get Around Sites That Block Your Right-Clicks. Though not quite annoying as pop-up browser ads, sites that block you from right-clicking are still found on the Web.

How to Get Around Sites That Block Your Right-Clicks

These sites typically contain original images or perhaps some text that the site owner doesn’t want you to copy for whatever reason. Let's Put A Stop To Pop-Up Browser Ads Once And For All! Let's Put A Stop To Pop-Up Browser Ads Once And For All! Pop-ups can catch you off guard, and if you're not careful they can create problems. Learn how to avoid them and how to handle them if they do come up. However, they’re not really protecting any content on their site by doing this, as Stack Overflow users have explained. If you don’t immediately leave the next time you encounter a site like this, here’s a way for you to combat it!

The JavaScript code to re-enable right clicking is as follows: What is JavaScript, And Can the Internet Exist Without It? Javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null); Google I/O 2009 - Google Wave: Under the hood. Ara. Google ATAP. Sign in - Google Accounts. Streetview Stereographic. Google Timelapse lets you see how any location on Earth has changed in 32 years. It might not seem like such a long time, but in past three decades, Earth has changed in immeasurable ways, with cities rising, glaciers falling, and unprecedented disasters reshaping the landscape forever.

Google Timelapse lets you see how any location on Earth has changed in 32 years

With 5 million satellite images taken from 1984 to 2016, Google Earth’s new Timelapse update allows you to go anywhere on the planet, and see a perfect timelapse of the shifting landscape, whether you want to see how your home has fared, or what the hell happened to the Aral Sea. "Using Google Earth Engine, we sifted through about 3 quadrillion pixels - that's 3 followed by 15 zeroes - from more than 5,000,000 satellite images," Chris Herwig, program manager for the Google Earth Engine, writes in a blog post. "For this latest update, we had access to more images from the past, thanks to the Landsat Global Archive Consolidation Program, and fresh images from two new satellites, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2. " Here's Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada: 9 best hidden Google Chrome tips and tricks. If you're a Chrome user, you're in good company.

9 best hidden Google Chrome tips and tricks

Google's beta release of Chrome 50 last month comes as the world's most popular Web browser is nearing its eighth anniversary. At 1 billion monthly active users, it's no surprise that Chrome is the browser of choice for snake people, Donald Drumpf supporters, and people who prefer poop emoji to actual news. But even Chrome die-hards may not know about some of its many hidden features. Here are some things you didn't know Chrome could do. 1) Translate virtually anything on the Internet Chrome Upon stumbling on a non-English website, Chrome will automatically ask if you want to translate it into English.

To change your browser's translate settings, click on "Menu" (the three horizontal bars on the upper right hand of the browser). To change your browser's language, click on "Menu. " 2) Download Flash video. 101 Google tips, tricks and hacks: 71.

101 Google tips, tricks and hacks:

Click "Trends" to see the sites you visit most, the terms you enter most often and links you've clicked on! 72. Personalised Search also includes a bookmark facility – which enables you to save bookmarks online and access them from anywhere. 73. You can add bookmarks or access your bookmarks using the iGoogle Bookmarks gadget. 74. 75. 76. Google for Educators - Resources for using Google in school. I am a huge proponent and user of Google tools, both for myself and in my classroom.

Google for Educators - Resources for using Google in school

Here are some great resources for educators who want to learn more about using Google's many tools in their classroom. Search Education – Google. Voice and video chat. Call phones from Gmail. Ngram Viewer. Use Google Forms to create a survey. Google Forms provide a fast way to create an online survey, with responses collected in an online spreadsheet.

Use Google Forms to create a survey

Create your survey and invite respondents by email. People answer your questions from almost any web browser - including mobile smartphone and tablet browsers. You view each response in a single row of a spreadsheet, with each question shown in a column. Google+ Statistics on Google Tools for the College Student - Tips and Tricks for University Student.

Write your papers, keep in touch with your family, and find the local pizza joints, all for free.

Google Tools for the College Student - Tips and Tricks for University Student

Here are the best tools from Google to help you with your college life. Whether you have your own computer or you're stuck using the computer labs, Google has a lot of tools that will help you get the most out of college, academically and socially. 1. 100+ Google Tricks for Teachers. It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google has to offer?

Google Books. Google + Google Drive. Google Maps. Scribble Maps - Draw on google maps with scribblings and more! Google Earth. Gmail. Google vidéos. LIFE photo archive hosted by Google. Get More Out of Google (print-friendly) Google images. Charts Gallery - Google Chart Tools. YouTube.