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Everything Teachers Need to Know about Evernote (Great Tutorials) March 31, 2015 Evernote is definitely a great utility to have in your EdTech toolkit.

Everything Teachers Need to Know about Evernote (Great Tutorials)

Evernote combines a bastion of powerful features all in one single platform: you can use it to create notes, add reminders to your notes, separate your notes into notebooks, clip web articles, snap photos to add to your notes and many other interesting features. To help you learn more about Evernote and tap into its full educational potential, the video tutorials below are a must-watch.

Allison blackwell sur Twitter : "Just emptied all the paper in my work bag by using the #evernote scanner... Allison blackwell sur Twitter : "Working with the counselors @OneidaCSD on #evernote and #classdojo #oneidatech #moricmsp... 27 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Leadership with @Evernote. Are you a school administrator on the go who wants to increase transparency?

27 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Leadership with @Evernote

Maybe, you have a desperate need to make sense of the world around you clamoring for attention? Or, you seek ways to streamline your work processes? Why not take advantage of, a way to create digital notebooks and notes that you can save pictures, audio, text, MS Office and PDF documents (and make them searchable!)? A quick note:Evernote is free unless you want to tap into some special features, and those may well be worth it. After using Evernote for a few months, I promptly purchased the Premium annual license (about $50) because it was THAT useful since it offered--offline copies of notebooks, revision note history, etc.

Let's Get Started! Here are a few approaches as to how Evernote, and other related services can make a difference. Tip #1 - Organize Your Email "Hundreds of emails flow into my inbox," shared one principal. Or: b) Email content to yourself. And/or. Faceoff: OneNote vs. Evernote. - 6 Must-Have Evernote iPad Apps and Chrome Extensions for Educators and School Leaders. 1 Comment January 8, 2014 By: J.

- 6 Must-Have Evernote iPad Apps and Chrome Extensions for Educators and School Leaders

Robinson Jan 8 Written by: 1/8/2014 4:20 AM ShareThis Evenote, as I've posted many times, is such a versatile application that every educator is bound to find it useful. iOS and Tablet Apps vJournal: vJournal is a simple, free iOS app that allows your to create dated journal entries that are then uploaded to an Evernote notebook called "My Journal. " Penultimate: Penultimate is a free handwritten note-taking app for the iOS device.

Cross posted at J. Alert to All Users of the Disqus commenting system: Because of a recent global security issue, the Disqus website recommends that all users change their Disqus passwords. For Students: The Ultimate Research Tool – Education Series. Whether you’re writing a paper or studying for a test, odds are you spend more time gathering the pieces than actually working.

for Students: The Ultimate Research Tool – Education Series

Getting all of your notes together, hunting for quotes, and tracking down bibliographical information takes at least as long, if not longer, as writing the paper itself. In a group situation, sharing research and collaborating on the production of one document is even more difficult without the proper tools. Enter Evernote. For students, it’s an invaluable way to organize research and streamline the collaboration process.

Here are some examples of how Evernote simplifies the student research process. Organizing in Evernote The first step in any research project is, well, the research. Your Smarticles. Evernote Bookmarklet for iPad — iOS Bookmarklets. Evernote helps you remember everything.

Evernote Bookmarklet for iPad — iOS Bookmarklets

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup the Evernote bookmarklet on your Apple iPad. We will need to create a bookmark and then go back and edit the bookmark to include the JavaScript code for the Evernote bookmarklet. The steps that we will be following are similar to the other tutorials on this website – only we will be inserting the code for Evernote. Install the Evernote bookmarklet on the iPad We will complete the following steps via the iPad. Prepare your iPad & open this tutorial in mobile Safari From your iPad, go to “Settings” and tap on “Safari.” Create a temporary bookmark in mobile Safari Next, tap on the share icon (square with a right arrow) at the top of your Safari page and tap “Add Bookmark.”

Update the temporary bookmark with the code for the bookmarklet Now tap on the bookmark icon (open book) to pull up your bookmarks. Those are all the steps!