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How to Use Evernote as a Blogger

How to Use Evernote as a Blogger
A few weeks ago, I started using Evernote as my primary “blogging workbench.” It is where I store blog post ideas, collect various post components, and then write the post itself. This has proven to be a robust solution that enables me to be working on several posts simultaneously. I thought I would share my workflow with you. Yours will be different, I’m sure. But, hopefully, this will provide you with a few ideas. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, 4.0. My go through the following six steps in creating a new blog post. Set up a blogging template in Evernote. Schedule the post and review your work. Evernote has enabled me to be more productive in my blogging. or upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Related:  Article Ideas & Inspiration

7 Evernote Resources You May Not Know About When it comes to Evernote, I am a hopeless fanboy. It has become an indispensable part of my productivity tool box. I use it as much as I use email or my calendar. While it is easy enough to get started with Evernote, it is a program that is incredibly deep and rich. Just when I think I have mastered it, I discover a new tip or trick. For example, last week I discovered that I can share a note with others by creating a “shared note URL.” Because I have written a number of posts on Evernote, people assume I know more than I do. Here are seven Evernote resources you may not know about: The Evernote Essentials e-Book. This should get you started. Questions: What else should I cover in my blog posts about Evernote? Want to launch your own blog or upgrade to self-hosted WordPress?

Podcasting | Alex Ragone's Learning Blog Audio Editing 101 In Tech 6 we’re working on a project to create a Story Corp podcast. Students are working in groups of three and have set up interviews with community members, written questions, and interviewed their subjects. This week, we’ll be editing the audio they are listening to in the free program, Audacity. Here’s the process we’ll use. Open Audacity Import MP3 audio that we recorded using our Sony ICD PX820 recorder by selecting Project –> Import Audio Save the file – Name it with the date of the interview and the subject. Audio Editing 101 with Audacity 5. 6. 7. Feel free to post questions below. I’m looking forward to listening to the audio interviews that you create! * Image Source: arvindgrover Social Media – Part II – The Long Tail (Cross Posted at edSocialMedia) The Long Tail became relevant to me as I connected with education technologists around the world through my blog and Bloglines RSS blog reader. So why tell this story? Skype in Global Ed Program? My Response:

Cinderella This week my writing mission is to write Cinderalla story. The prompt says that the Cinderalla story which has an happy ending should be tried to end with a sad ending. The popular Cinderalla story I've heard through my mother, read as a lesson in my school and have seen a movie too. Now I continue the story: Cinderella got into the coach and hurried towards home. The prince was mad. "No we don't have any other girl in this house" - step mother tells the kings group when the glass slipper did not fit into the feet of the step sisters. Cinderella at that juncture comes out of the kitchen on some errand.The cunning step mother very smartly gets hold of the one glass slipper from the soldier and destroys it to pieces.The kings contingent could not find the right feet that would fit into the glass slipper. The blame for the destruction of one glass slipper was put on one soldier and he was punished .

How To Create A Blog: A Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog How to Create a Blog: A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Blog What Is a Blog? You've almost certainly heard the word " blog " before and you might have a rough idea of what a blog is , but as you will see opinions may differ a lot , and some time to better understand and clarify what you are about to embark on, is always a time well spent. The word blog is a contraction of " web log ", a phrase not so commonly used these days. Here is Robin Good's own take on what is a blog: Deborah Ng, former blogging guide over at, explained it like this: " Technically, a blog is a series of posts arranged in chronological order. A ' post ' is just another way of saying an entry, like an entry in a diary, or a column in a newspaper. Posts are actually arranged in reverse chronological order, which means that when you visit a blog on the web, the latest story will appear at the top of the website, and the earlier ones will descend in order beneath it, by how recently they were published to the web.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: How to create your own watermark for FREE! | Feet from Shore Last week I promised I’d post a tutorial on how to make a custom watermark for your photos without the need of using expensive photo-editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom, and here it is! Before I had access to Photoshop, I used PicMonkey as my go-to source for all my basic photo-editing needs and to design my old FeetfromShore button and header. I didn’t want to pay someone to make that for me, so I used this online photo editor to make my blog more personal. It’s very intuitive and easy to use – you’ll be a pro in no time! Ok then, let’s get started. Go to PicMonkey and select “Create a collage” from the main screen. The Collage editing screen opens up. Save the transparent image as a .png file in a location that you can remember easily. Now we are going back to PicMonkey’s main screen, click on the tab “Edit a photo” and upload the transparent image we just saved as a .png file. Now it’s time to test your creativity and design your watermark signature. That’s it! Enjoy!! Related

Is Your Data Safe in Evernote? In the last few months, Evernote has become my digital filing cabinet. It has enabled me to go completely paperless. Once I scan the paper into Evernote, I toss it into the recycling bin. Simple. Clean. Efficient. Photo courtesy of © However, as I have shared my enthusiasm for Evernote, several readers have expressed their concern for the safety of their data. What happens to my data if Evernote goes under? If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition. I have researched Evernote pretty thoroughly, and I have concluded that my data is safe for the following six reasons: Evernote is a successful, financially-solid company. There are no absolute guarantees in the world of digital media and cloud storage, but this is compelling enough to me. If you are on a PC, you might check this guide. Thanks to Atle Iversen, who works for the company that makes Dropbox.

Heutagogy and lifelong learning: A review of heutagogical practice and self-determined learning | Blaschke Lisa Marie Blaschke Oldenburg University and University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Abstract Heutagogy, a form of self-determined learning with practices and principles rooted in andragogy, has recently resurfaced as a learning approach after a decade of limited attention. In a heutagogical approach to teaching and learning, learners are highly autonomous and self-determined and emphasis is placed on development of learner capacity and capability with the goal of producing learners who are well-prepared for the complexities of today’s workplace. The approach has been proposed as a theory for applying to emerging technologies in distance education and for guiding distance education practice and the ways in which distance educators develop and deliver instruction using newer technologies such as social media. Keywords: Lifelong learning; heutagogy; self-determined learning; andragogy; self-directed learning; social media; capability; competency; double-loop learning; reflection

How to Make Your Syllabi More Engaging Paper syllabi are officially outdated. Many professors make their course syllabi available online as a downloadable file, but an increasing few are actually turning their syllabi into interactive blogs, which we refer to as syllablogs. The benefits to students are remarkable. Tools for Turning a Syllabus into a Blog There are a number of ways free hosting platforms allow noncoders the chance to build a robust website or blog: WordPress. What Content to Include on Your Syllablog Since you have plenty of space and the ability to organize your site, add any content that might be helpful to your students. Course descriptionScheduleExpectationsObjectivesTextbooksEmergency proceduresGrading policyLinks to supplemental resources (articles, videos and relevant social media sites)Opportunities for extra creditLocal eventsSurveys Inherent in the name “blog” is the expectation of fresh content on the site. Getting Students Involved The days of the static syllabus are fading.

Curating Content: Tips and Best Practices January 28, 2015 by Tricia Goss In a recent post, Copyblogger shared an infographic with a recipe of sorts, explaining all the parts you need to craft an outstanding blog post. Following this list of 11 points is definitely beneficial. For instance, adding your own captivating headline to a curated piece, opening with a tantalizing hook and writing well will all boost the appeal of your curation efforts. In addition, the following are great ways to take your curated content from okay to outstanding. Utilize bullet points (see what I did there?) How do you get the most out of curating content? Like this infographic? Related Tips For Customizing Your Curation Strategy By Social Network Consistent curation can help you engage your current social media followers and attract new ones as well. December 29, 2014 In "Social Media" 11 Creative Ideas to Fill Your Editorial Calendar Is an editorial calendar part of your content marketing strategy? December 7, 2014 In "Content Marketing" May 7, 2015 In "Blog"

How to Get Your Stuff into Evernote It is no secret that I am a big fan of Evernote. It is one of those amazing tools that can radically boost your productivity. I use it probably more than any other program other than Mac Mail. It has enabled me to realize my dream of a paperless office. But Evernote can also be initially intimidating. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition. Now, after several months of really exploring the program, I have discovered ten different tools for getting my content into Evernote: Type It. Record it. You don’t have to use all of these techniques, of course. Question: Which of these tools do you find yourself using the most? Want to launch your own blog or upgrade to self-hosted WordPress?