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How to Get the Most out of Your Reading - The Art of Charm. Author George R.R.

How to Get the Most out of Your Reading - The Art of Charm

Martin once wrote that “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” while “the man who never reads lives only one.” Other luminaries who have lived a thousand lives include SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who believes that reading is the fastest way to learn. The members of Chromeo spend most of their time in the library, while business magnates Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger frequently spend entire days reading. Reading alone doesn’t guarantee success, but most successful people share a love for words. What’s more interesting, however, is how they read. If you’re like most of the population, your retention is probably far lower than you’d like to admit. So here’s a process to ensure you learn from what you read, retain that information, and apply it to your life — just like the world’s best readers. Fifty Shades of Red. “Knowledge is indivisible.

Fifty Shades of Red

When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well. On the other hand, when they split up knowledge, concentrate on their own field, and scorn and ignore other fields, they grow less wise — even in their own field.” – Isaac Asimov Contents: 1.) The Best Date Spots in Seoul. If you’re dating or at least attempting to date in South Korea it can be difficult to figure out some good dating spots.

The Best Date Spots in Seoul

A typical Korean BBQ date can get boring after the third or fourth time, so here is a list of some of the best dating spots in Seoul! Dialogue in the Dark Dialogue in the Dark is often refereed to as the “blind museum,” but is a great place to have an adventure and unique memory. You’ll explore through a maze of darkness accompanied by a blind leader, while you and your date will have a lot of fun solving puzzles and learning to trust each other. Dialogue in the Dark provides a lot of originality to a date and Seoul’s exhibition offers guides in the darkness with either Korean or English tour guides depending on the day. Directions: Anguk Station (Line 3), Exit 2. Lotte World (롯데월드 아이스링크) Lotte has a lot to offer in terms of the date scene. Directions: Jamsil Station (Line 2 and Line 8), Exit 4. Ssamziegil (쌈지길) Directions: Anguk Station (Line 3), Exit 6. Coex Aquarium. The Power of Checklists.

The Art of Manliness. How to Build Unscaleable Relationships. Hair by Lynx - How to Style a Quiff. Masculinity Unplugged. Dedicate 30 Minutes a Day to Learn Something New. Dedicate 30 Minutes a Day to Learn Something New : TheRedPill. 5 Red Pill Truths From My GF : TheRedPill. 12 Irresistible Bad Boy Traits Women Crave : TheRedPill. How To Dominate Your City In 10 Easy Steps.


How To Dominate Your City In 10 Easy Steps

Make friends with at least one bartender at each of your top 3 favorite bars. This will make you feel cooler. Feeling cooler helps you make friends. Enjoy the rush of being popular. 2. This has two benefits: 1) Great Service. 2) If you need to get out of a bad date, you can signal your restaurant agent to come over and say “Excuse me. 3. Examples: Dollar Taco Night at the local Mexican joint that also serves $5 marg pitchers to make those dollar tacos taste awesome. 4. If a person’s dog likes you, they will remember you. 5. It will make you feel like a worthwhile human being and it can mean the world to the people you meet. 6.

Don’t be lazy with communication. 7. Visit monuments, museums, landmarks, etc. 8. You can learn the roads, find new bars/clubs and hole-in-the-wall brunch places to try, and jam out to boss Pandora playlists like “Summer Hits of the 90’s.” 9. Do your research on the candidates for both local and big elections. Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language. Share this infographic on your site!

Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language

<a href=” src=” alt=”Body Language” width=”500″ border=”0″ /></a><br />Source: <a href=” Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language At work, at home, at play, famous, or infamous, your body language tells the world all about you. How We Communicate: 93% of what we communicate is non-verbal Gestures 55% Voice 38% Words 7% A majority of what we communicate is through gestures and how we physically position our bodies. The Face: 7 Universal Expressions: Happiness Sadness Anger Fear Surprise Contempt Disgust There are over 3000 emotional expressions that we react to… And over 10,000 that we register.