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Burning Man

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Tarps & Fittings for Portable Garages|Carports|Tents|Canopy Shelters. Traditional & Ceremonial Pagan Costumes of Europe. Carpool and Ride Share Signup Sheet for your Group. No more spreadsheets. Blank Chrome Mask. Our SKU Number : DC39332Compared to retail price: $9.99 Brand new Fantastic quality Robot Robot Silver Face Mask! Great accessory for any Adult Robot Robot costume! This posting includes: Silver mask as featured Please note that only the items listed above are included.

Size information: Standard Size Guaranteed in stock with verified cheapest domestic shipping available! Theme(s): Robots & Cyborgs These chrome face masks are great to create that eerie effect that is reminiscent of everything from iRobot to Vanilla Sky. Viewcontent. Misses Costume Coat, Jacket, Bustle and Ruffled Skirts. Simplicity pattern 2172: Misses' Costume. Victorian-era dress. Simplicity pattern 2207: Misses' Steampunk Costume. Victorian-era dress.

Steampunk Costume. Steampunk Costume. Misses' Steampunk costume includes fitted military-style jacket, Victorian blouse, corset-style belt, skirt with or without hardware pickups, and boot covers. Simplicity sewing pattern by Theresa Laquey. Printable Pattern Terms of Sale Digital patterns are tiled and labeled so you can print and assemble in the comfort of your home. Plus, digital patterns incur no shipping costs! Suggested Retail Price: $18.95 Status: On backorder - Expected in stock 8/1/2015 Ships To: Worldwide How to Select Your Pattern Size: Costumes. Steampunk Costumes. Costume Overdress and Skirt. Riding Faster on One Wheel: Geared Unicycles | Random ASCII. Traditionally there have been just two ways to increase your speed on a unicycle: you could get a bigger wheel, or you could pedal faster. Now there is a third option. For more information on high-speed unicycling read Geared Unicycle Engineering Challenges and Riding Fast on One Wheel–Ignite Talk. Unicycles are like fixies – there is a direct connection between the pedals and the wheel.

The wheel and pedals cannot rotate independently, and being able to slow the wheel by applying back pressure to the pedals is crucial – it’s how you stay balanced. Most unicycles have a one-to-one connection between the pedals and the wheels, and this leads to the rule mentioned above – to go faster you must pedal faster, or buy a bigger wheel. Now, however, there exist multiple designs for geared unicycles, and one of these geared designs allows for switching between two gears on the fly. Size matters You spin me round and round However unicyclists think that Lance pedals slowly. Single chain drive. Why it isn't perpetual motion. From the 8th century to the present time inventors have sought to achieve perpetual motion by use of wheels with shifting weights. None have worked, but that doesn't stop people from using the same idea again and again, altering mechanical details, often with incredibly complex designs.

I call this "reinventing the square wheel". Quite a number of books tell of this futile quest, citing examples with nice pictures of the failed designs. The physicist is tempted to cite conservation laws of energy, momentum, and angular momentum, or do a force and torque analysis, perhaps even mentioning centripetal force. Can these wheels be analyzed using simple, conceptual physics, and simple concepts such as force, mass, velocity, acceleration and work, with appeal to examples from everyday experience that most people understand and accept?

All of these wheels use geometric design or mechanical devices to shift mass to a larger radius from the wheel's axle. Science Time - Pseudo Perpetual Motion Machines. Burning Man To-Do on Pinterest. Vintage Stereo Cameras. Choosing Right Lens Sheet. Similar to most items you purchase today, lenticular lens sheets come in many shapes, sizes, types and designs. Choosing the correct lenticular lens sheet for your application is not rocket science, but is very critical to creating spectacular lenticular images. There are several questions you should ask yourself to determine which lenticular lens sheet is best for your application. 1. What type of lenticular image do you plan to create? 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. Most lenticular images fall into one of four different categories: 3D, flip, animation, and morph. A 3D image is an image that appears to have virtual depth. Lenticular lens sheets are designed to enhance certain image characteristics.

Back to top 2. Lenticular lens sheets are manufactured from a wide variety of plastic resins. Micro Lens Technology standard lenticular lens sheets are usually made of Acrylic or PETG. Also remember printing ink and media should be reviewed for its outdoor durability. 3. 4. FIGURE 1: LPI vs. 5. 6. 7. Holographic Images - Optigraphics Gallery. For just about any printing project you can imagine, OptiGraphics’ smart, experienced staff can guide you from conceptualization through printing and fulfillment. Since 1970, we’ve been at the forefront of printing technology and customer service. Our comprehensive digital printing covers any type of order, size, and medium. And when performed by masters, the lenticular images that result are spectacular.

However, before opting for a new printer or one that offers much lower rates, remember that these hologram jobs are far more challenging than most standard print runs. Call us today for a free consultation. And we can create holographic images on a large scale. SEE ALSO: 3D Posters Be Sociable, Share! Lenticular Lens at VueThru. Why Buy Lenticular Lens from Us? We buy Large Quantities of Lenticular Lens directly from the manufactures. We apply Optically Clear Adhesive and cut the lenses to final size using commercial equipment which gives us better control over cost, allowing us to pass on the savings!

Sure you can do it yourself, but why would you? LENTICULAR LENS BLANKS - Lens • Recommended for Perfect Flips and 3D• Thicker .033", Great Stability• Wider Viewing Angle 49°, easy to use.• Perfect for Photographers making 8x10's• Gives the illusion of 3D on Vertical Flips • Recommended Amazing 3D and Small Flip Cards• Viewing Angle 27°, easy to use.• Thicker, lays flat, stable.• Thousands sold in US and Mexico.• Great for Flips under 5" and all sizes 3D. • Recommended for Do It Yourselfer.• Full Size Sheets without Opti• Optically Clear Adhesive Rolls 3D & Flip Lenticular SERVICES:Artwork ConversionsTraining. Lenstar Lenticular.

Lenticular Printing -Donsense 3D Technology(Hong Kong) Co.,Limited-lenticular printing leader. Lenticular Imaging Page. Here is the official RSS feed address for my podcast: Please send your comments, or report any web-related problems by selecting the link below. Due to my current projects and special events, I will not have the chance to respond to my email messages on a regular basis. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For immediate response to your issues and questions, check out the Adobe Forum. Also be sure to visit the Adobe TV site for a great collection of information and tutorials: Sincerely, Russell Brown Intellectual property; limited license to users The Materials and Services on this Site, as well as their selection and arrangement, are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, and/or other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized use of the Materials or Services at this Site may violate such laws and the Terms of Use. Lenticular Printing by - Specializing in lenticular 3D/ animated graphics from postcards to billboards.

View-Master Camera. STEREO slide services. Make a 3-D Stereoscope Slide and Video Shooter. Meanwhile, if you just want to have a little fun, this project might be appealing. See, my family has always enjoyed getting out our ancient Victorian Stereopticon Viewer and we have an amusing pile of old slides from the era. I believe ours dates back to my Grandparent's youth around 1900. I did see a set of slides on Antiques Roadshow from the civil war, and these were worth thousands. But these antique viewers and sets of common slides are often available on ebay for around $100, and I also saw some very cute wooden "Holmes Stereoscope Kits" for sale there recently for $39.95.

At one time in the late '70s I made a rig using two Polaroid cameras mounted side by side that could more-or-less fire the two cameras simultaneously. Using a 35mm camera to make personal reels. Nimslo. Nimslo film chamber Features[edit] Nimslo film strip, scanned as a positive to show it as is, note how the red L.E.D. reverses to a green dot on the negative strip Nimslo film strip, scanned as a negative Nimslo Optilite flash Nimslo with Optilite flash The Nimslo had fixed focus and automatic exposure. The Nimslo was the first consumer level three-dimensional lenticular camera of the 1980s.

The camera used a red LED to put a green dot on the negative. The Nimslo was originally built in a Timex factory in Dundee, Scotland. Nimslo and its lenticular printer were invented by Jerry Curtis Nims and Allen Kwok Wah Lo, both from Georgia, USA.[2] Lenticular prints would be ordered from special print shops using dedicated printers. US patents[edit] The technology was protected by US patents. 3,960,563 - Methods and apparatus for taking and composing stereoscopic pictures4,037,950 - Camera for taking stereoscopic pictures4,063,265 - Apparatus for taking stereoscopic pictures Market failure[edit] Print 3D photos from Your 3d Camera with Snapily. Lenticular Printing - North San Jose - San Jose, CA.

3D lenticular printing using Photoshop and inkjet printer. Blast from the Past: Vintage Commercial for the Nimslo 35mm 3D Camera. Sure, the 1980s isn’t quite so far in the past as, say, the first photo, but the commercial above is classic nonetheless. It shows off the Nimslo 35mm 3D camera, the first consumer level 3D lenticular camera of the 80s and, if you believe the commercial, “the most important new camera of your lifetime.” Okay, so some people who were around then and are still around now might disagree with that statement, but you have to give it to the ad guys… they weren’t bashful about this one. Admittedly, it was something pretty special at the time. It used normal 35mm film to take 3D shots, something nobody else was doing just yet, and was much smaller than its 3D competition. Those frames could then be developed and turned into 3D photos thanks to lenticular printing.

None of the grand statements before it can beat the tagline of this particular commercial though. (via Reddit) Image credits: Photographs by John Alan Elson. On The Playa: Playa Vehicles: Driving Protocols. Black Rock City is designed for pedestrians and bicycles. Movement of vehicles during Burning Man is limited. This page contains the rules for the movement of vehicles, and the types of vehicles allowed, in Black Rock City. 1. Driving Rules In Black Rock City Anyone driving at Burning Man must adhere to all BRC driving rules. Additional Driving Guidelines for Mutant Vehicles In addition to adhering to the driving rules indicated above, Mutant Vehicles must: Create a clear field of vision for the operator Have ground guides (walkers) if the vehicle is large, has a limited field of vision or can be dangerous to pedestrians Have a safe access area and procedures for loading and unloading passengers Clearly display the Mutant Vehicle license in a location specified by the DMV 2.

Licensed Vehicles for People with Disabilities If you have a physical disability, you should be able to receive a disabled license from the DMV. Vehicles Not Allowed to Enter Black Rock City 3. 4. Monowheel. Hemming's Unicycle, or "Flying Yankee Velocipede", was a hand powered monowheel patented in 1869 by Richard C. Hemming Monowheel by Goventosa A monowheel is a one-wheeled single-track vehicle similar to a unicycle. However, instead of sitting above the wheel, the rider sits either within it or next to it. Hand-cranked[1] and pedal-powered monowheels were built in the late 19th century; most built in the 20th century have been motorized. Today, monowheels are generally built and used for fun and entertainment purposes, though from the 1860s through to the 1930s, they were proposed for use as serious transportation. Steering[edit] In a two-wheel mode of transportation, two systems (wheels) affect motion.

A change in direction can be effected in several ways including: Leaning. Other issues[edit] Limited horizontal stability. Variants and related vehicles[edit] There have been many proposals for variants or uses, such as a horse-drawn monowheel or a monowheel tank. Appearances in media[edit] The RIOT Wheel - Single-Wheeled Vehicle. Week 4&5 <-> The Monowheel I had big dreams for the Make Something Big assignment, and it involved moving parts. I wanted to make a mode of transportation, such as a bicycle, or a diwheel, or... a monowheel!

I remembered seeing one of these in an anime flick called Steamboy. The protagonist had a steam-powered motorcycle in which a big outer wheel was spinnning along an inner frame, and he sat inside of it, turning by shifting his body weight back and forth. I did what any smart engineer would do when creating something new - find out what exists. The Inner Frame The Bearing Block The Drive Train The Tire And so, with two weeks, my good friend SolidWorks, my old buddy the waterjet, and my new acquaintance the ShopBot at my disposal, I set out to work on my very own Monowheel. The Inner Frame The given piece of OSB was too thin to make a sturdy frame, even with it doubled up. The chair was a thatched design of many pieces of OSB and plywood. The Bearing Block The Drive Train The Tire.

Redmax monowheel. A Mono Wheel called......... There's more than just mine! Back ground to the project (or why the hell did I build it!) Basically I built it just to see if I could. The inspiration for it really came after looking at Douglas Self's brilliant site on Monowheels. I was particularly taken with the '1924 Circus monowheel'. I wanted to know what it was like to ride a monowheel so I figured the only way I was going to do that was to make one. Home Initial drawings and ideas The few drawings I did are in included below. The drawings inside my head are much better. update.......... I have finally found a way of letting people see the designs inside my head! And without brain surgery ! Parts used and suppliers The wheel - 5' diameter hoop of 2" steel tube. wall thickness 1/8". made by The Angle Ring company.

The rollers - custom made by AED rollers. The engine - 90cc 'loncin' quad engine, auto with centrifugal clutch. The drive wheel - mini moto wheel with sprocket for larger chain. disc brake. Pictures Movies. Construction - Bicycles, Dicycles Or Otto Type Machines And Tricycles by G. Lacy Hillier | 9781445523149. Diwheel. The SteamRoller Riding Contraption. Dicycles and Diwheels on Water and Land both Fast and Slow.