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Heading Out on Your Own: 31 Life Skills in 31 Days — Series Wrap-Up

Heading Out on Your Own: 31 Life Skills in 31 Days — Series Wrap-Up
Happy September first! Yesterday we completed the series we ran every day last month: Heading Out on Your Own: 31 Basic Life Skills in 31 Days. The goal of the series was simple: to help young men heading out on their own for the first time learn some of the very basic life skills they would need to succeed at living independently. To this end, each day last month we published one article on a variety of basic life skills from personal finance to home-ec know-how. While we couldn’t have possibly covered every single skill a young man will need to know to successfully live on his own, I really believe we covered nearly all of the important essentials. If you missed any of the days during the series, or would like to go back and revisit them, here are links to all 31 articles: Day 1: Develop a Self-Reliant Mentality Day 2: How to Do Laundry Day 3: How to Open and Manage a Checking Account Day 4: Keep a Regular Grooming and Hygiene Routine Day 5: Create a Weekly Attack Plan Gone Fishin’! Related:  Being a Human Being, a Person, and a Man

PICTURE JOKES » Just some advice :) First post, 3 years in the lurking. This is me and my Papa (grandpa) He went on a trip last Friday… … and returned on Sunday to find his home of 50 years burnt to the ground. He built that home, but had no insurance (the foundation was on lava rocks). He lived there with Granny until she died. My house burnt down 17 years ago. There was nothing left for me, my mother, sister, and brother. The shirt I had on my back… it’s all I have from my childhood. 0stumbleupon New Manly Honor Part IV — The Gentlemen and the Roughs: The Collision of Two Honor Codes in the American North Welcome back to our series on manly honor. In our last post, I said that Northern and Southern honor would be covered in one article, and that future posts would be shorter. Neither turned out to be true. An exploration of honor in the American North during the 19th century offers a fascinating framework from which to build on and expand many of the concepts we discussed in our post on Victorian England’s Stoic-Christian honor code, while also digging into the tensions that emerged as a result of its creation – tensions that are still with us today. The Stoic-Christian Honor Code in the American North The Middle and Upper Classes: The Honor of Gentlemen The North experienced many of the same economic, geographic, and social changes – the rise of industrialization, increased mobility and urbanization, the spread of evangelical Christianity (which took the form of the Second Great Awakening in the US) — that had shaped Victorian England. The Working Class: The Honor of Roughs Conclusion

Making Your Own Laundry Detergent: A Detailed Visual Guide About a year ago, I posted a general description of how to make your own laundry detergent that proved quite popular. That article basically described in a general sense how one could make laundry detergent at home very cheaply, but it left out a lot of key issues: does it work well? What does it look like as you are making it? What are the real-world costs and time investment? What equipment do you need? This past weekend, I made a fresh batch of homemade laundry detergent and I took a ton of notes and pictures. Making the Laundry Detergent The only ingredients you actually need for homemade laundry detergent are as follows: 1 cup washing soda (I use Arm & Hammer) 1/2 cup borax (I use 20 Mule Team) 1 bar soap (I use whatever’s cheap, in this case Pure & Natural) Approximately 3 gallons water First thing, put about four cups of water into the pan and put it on the stove on high until it’s at boiling, then lower the heat until it’s simmering. My batch wound up being rather slimy. Mustard.

Be the CEO of Your Life: Using Resource Allocation To Become the Man You Want to Be In the business world, managers spend a lot of time juggling resource allocation. Every company has a finite amount of resources — whether it be financial capital or human capital — to use and spend in order to achieve the company’s strategic goals. Effective allocation generates growth and success, while ineffective allocation results in loss and failure. This delegation can become overwhelmingly complex and difficult because there are often several departments within an organization competing for a limited pool of resources. Stock market analysts often look to a company’s resource allocation to determine the health and direction of that business. How Do You Allocate Your Resources as a Man? In his book How Will You Measure Your Life? Imagine that an independent analyst opened the ledger book of your life and looked over reports detailing the way you spend your time and money. Time Spent in Given Week: Become the Boss of Your Life: How to Effectively Manage Your Personal Resources Mint.

My Collection of Funny Emails. Send funny emails to your friends! Reynolds Wrap has lock in taps to hold the roll in place The color on the bread tab indicates how fresh the bread is And those colors are in alphabetical order: b, g, r, w, y. You can divide and store ground meat in a zip loc bag. If you place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water, it won't boil over. Marshmallows can cure a soar throat. Stuffing a dryer sheet in your back pocket will repel mosquitoes. You can freeze cupcake batter for later use. You can paint upholstery You can make your own laundry soap. . You can dye plastic buttons. You can run a paper bag through your printer. You can print directly onto fabric. A dry erase marker can be used on most desk tops. You can mail anything that will take a stamp and weighs less than 13ounces without a box? If you break your blender jar you can replace it with a mason jar. Cereal canisters make the perfect trashcan for your car. Medicine cabinets are NOT the safest place for medicine

A Primer on Greek Mythology: Part II — The Mortal World and Its Heroes Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Tony Valdes. Welcome back to our series on Greek mythology. In the last post we defined what a myth is and examined the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. Today we will leave the lofty heights of Olympus and come down to the mortal world. Don’t forget, we’re headed towards some ideas for application at the end of the series. That being said, remember that the goal here is not to delve into every detail and variation, but rather to paint with broad strokes to get the big picture. The Creation of Man Now that the Olympians were enthroned atop Mount Olympus, the human race could make its debut. Version #1 – Metal Men In this version, the Olympians themselves created men out of metal, starting with gold. Version #2 – The Gift of Prometheus In the more common Greek creation myth, Zeus put Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus in charge of creating men and animals. The First Woman The previous myths pertain only to the creation of man. Theseus Perseus

The Chip Bag Fold Learn this chip bag fold and you will never need a clamp ever again! Have you ever had a bag of unfinished potato chips which you want to keep fresh? These simple steps will allow you to close the potato chip bag without using a clip or clamp. An example of a silly (but undeniably useful) origami fold. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. How to Be an Awesome Uncle Psychologists tell us that one of the most, if not the most important factor in our happiness is the number of quality relationships in our lives. Decades ago, such relationships were easy to come by. You were very likely to be surrounded by extended family who all got together often for loud and boisterous celebrations. As you grew up, you got to know your cousins, and your aunts and uncles as well. These days, many families live far apart, and family reunions are few and far between — often non-existent, it seems. But everybody still wants to feel part of a clan, and family ties are just as important as they ever were. In the role of uncle, you have a chance to forge those ties in positive ways with your nieces and nephews. Uncles have a unique and important role to play in families. The uncle role is especially important for men who are unmarried and don’t have kids of their own. How to Be an Awesome Uncle Interact with them. Offer to babysit if you live nearby. Be a good example.

What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast Mornings are a great time for getting things done. You’re less likely to be interrupted than you are later in the day. Your supply of willpower is fresh after a good night’s sleep. But if you’ve got big goals—and a chaotic a.m. schedule—how can you make over your mornings to make these goals happen? Because I write about time management frequently, I’ve gotten to see hundreds of calendars and schedules over the years. 1. Part of spending your time better is knowing how you’re spending it now. While measuring your mornings, try tracking your whole week. As for the mornings themselves, you can be organized but still not be spending them well. 2. After you know how you’re spending your time, ask yourself what a great morning would look like. For personal growth: Read through a religious text: Sacred texts can teach us about human nature and history, even if they’re not from a religion you subscribe to. For professional growth: 3. How could this vision mesh with the life you have? 4. 5.

How to Network & Socialize Effectively: A Comprehensive Guide Now, despite the fact I write about style and own a custom clothier, I rarely go out and socialize. Being a father of three young children and living in a small Wisconsin town…well, it just doesn’t happen. To put it bluntly – I really had to prepare for this! This article is based off my experience and lays out the steps I took to ensure my time spent out on the town was worthwhile. Here’s the scenario: You’re in a large city, heading to an upscale evening social event. This is my advice on how to prepare for a night of networking and socializing, and how to make the most of this opportunity. Before You Go: Basic Logistics Any Boy Scout knows you should always be prepared. With that in mind, here are some basic steps to review before you depart: 1. This one should be fairly obvious, but know where you’re meeting people. The address is the starting point, and here are a few other details you may need to know depending on what sort of event you’re attending: 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2.

Preserve Your Budget by Freezing Foods -- Savings Experiment Experts show you how to properly store and freeze food for extra savings. When you want to preserve leftovers, freezing is a great option. However, the key to stretching your savings is knowing how to properly store your food. Here are some tips on how to stretch your dollars. First, forget the plastic wrap. Instead, invest in plastic containers. For liquids, Ziploc plastic bags are key. With these tips, your leftovers will stay fresh longer, and you can keep saving your money, instead of spending it. A Man’s Primer on Greek Mythology: Part IV – The Odyssey and Applying What We’ve Learned Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Tony Valdes. Welcome back to our series on Greek mythology. In the previous posts we established mythology’s core elements by examining the gods of Olympus, the creation of mankind, the mortal heroes, and the ten-year conflict of the Trojan War. In this final post, we will take the knowledge we have acquired and suggest a few practical applications that will help us achieve our goal of becoming better men. Homer’s The Odyssey As you will recall from the last post, Odysseus is the king of Ithaca and one of the heroes of the Trojan War. You also might recall that Odysseus never wanted to join the war; he only leaves his wife Penelope and infant son Telemachus because he is forced to honor an oath. You may have read The Odyssey before, perhaps in grade school or for a classics course in college. I’ve taught The Odyssey to high school students for five years, so I know the obstacles you’ll encounter while (re)reading Homer’s epic. Greek Hospitality