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Website Awards - Sites of the Month

Website Awards - Sites of the Month
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Hansen Portfolio | Iron Man's Mark VII HUD | Jayse Hansen Portfolio In addition to designing a few new elements for the existing Mark VI HUD (previously designed by Cantina’s Stephen Lawes for Iron Man II), I had the challenge of designing an entirely new, upgraded HUD for Tony Stark’s most advanced suit to date – the Mark VII. For research I basically taught myself how to fly using whatever I could find: books, videos and flight simulators. I filled over three notebooks for the HUD alone with ideas. I designed each element in Illustrator, exported to a PSD and imported into After Effects for Animation. Some elements were designed in Cinema 4D and also brought into After Effects for final color correction to Robert Downy Jr.’s face, interactive facial highlights and eye reflections. This was the first time the HUD was done in Stereo. Since working in stereo (3d) meant that everything was in focus and clearly readable, it was important that each part had a function – rather than just being random graphics thrown in without specific purpose.

PSFK - Inspiring Creative Business Ian James Cox (Above - Mockup of how my first web site looked) May 1999 and the Millennium Bug and Marilyn Manson were on the Daily Mail radar of fear, but for me more pressing concerns were whether The Rock would defeat Triple H at the WWF’s Backlash pay-per-view event. It was also approaching the end of the school year and exams were looming. It’s a time I should have spent stocking up on highlighter pens and notepads, but there was something else taking up my time. A new phenomena was giving young people an outlet for expressing themselves; the Internet. If you were a shy 14 year old boy, the Internet was basically a free pass to talk to ANY GIRL ON THE PLANET without showing her how spotty your face was, how uncool your clothes were, and the fact you had no personality to speak of whatsoever. In those pre-MySpace and Facebook days, personal web sites were rare. Homestead was a type of drag-and-drop website creator.

HOME - Panel Menu - Slide Animation - Menus Done Well - Awwwards This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More.GOT IT! Collections / Panel Menu - Slide Animation in Menus Done Well Add to Collections! Panel Menu - Slide Animation Added by Awwwards Team in Menus Done Well Similar resources Mixed Mograph Inspiration Motion graphics (or Mograph) is a way to convey a story with the use of moving images and techniques like animation, CGI and cinematography. Here we’ve put together a new collection of stunning videos from some of the most talented mographers around. Sci-Fi Fest London Titles 2013 Axel Accessories TVC Adrenalina em Dose Dupla CAnimation Viva pl top 10 w drodze Lancet liver fluke Motion sketchbook #01 Good Evening 2012 tailor piece Imaginare Filmes Rockies Weekly Open Mitre Delta V12

Newton Running: Menu Find Your Way to Oz Introduction “Find Your Way to Oz” is a new Google Chrome Experiment brought to the web by Disney. It allows you to take an interactive journey through a Kansas circus, which leads you to the land of Oz after you are swept up by a massive storm. Our goal was to combine the richness of cinema with the technical capabilities of the browser to create a fun, immersive experience that users can form a strong connection with. The job is a bit too big to capture in its whole in this piece so we’ve dived in and pulled out some chapters to the technology story that we think are interesting. Many people worked hard to make this experience possible: too many to be listed here. A Peek Under the Hood Find Your Way to Oz on desktop is a rich immersive world. But the magic of a technological experience like this is how it comes together. Before we share our secret we want to warn you that it might crash, just like if you were to poke around inside a car engine. A Bit Like Matte Painting Where:

Amazon Prime Air : le service de livraison par drones ! Hier soir, Jeff Bezos, le fondateur de Amazon, était l’invité de 60 minutes, un genre de 7 à 8 américain, et y a présenté une innovation qui devrait faire un carton quand elle entrera en service. Amazon Prime Air est un service de livraison de produits en 30 minutes chrono, et ce, grâce à des drones. Si ce projet ressemble une blague, il n’en est rien. Dans une vidéo postée hier sur YouTube, Amazon montre ainsi comment se déroulera cette livraison du futur. Bien entendu, on peut se demander jusqu’à quelle distance les drones pourront livrer et comment Amazon va gérer l’afflux de commande en cas de succès, car en effet, 60 minutes indiquait hier que lors du weekend du black friday, le plus chargé de l’année aux Etats-unis, les commandes s’enchainent à un rythme effréné de 300 par seconde. Mais le distributeur est un habitué des innovations, et prévoit de lancer son service commercialement dès 2015. Vous avez aimé cet article ? Inactif Partager vos lectures sur Facebook Réagir à cet article

Common mental health problems: identification and pathways to care | introduction | Guidance and guidelines Common mental health disorders, such as depression, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder[], may affect up to 15% of the population at any one time. Depression and anxiety disorders can have a lifelong course of relapse and remission. There is considerable variation in the severity of common mental health disorders, but all can be associated with significant long-term disability. For example, depression is estimated to be the second greatest contributor to disability-adjusted life years throughout the developed world. The prevalence of individual common mental health disorders varies considerably. The vast majority (up to 90%) of depressive and anxiety disorders that are diagnosed are treated in primary care. The most common method of treatment for common mental health disorders in primary care is psychotropic medication.

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