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Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht
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Di Mainstone Home #OktoberfestOfThings Testing at the Hacker tent, once again! #OktoberfestOfThings Hackday 2017 We’ll meet today Sept 27 at (map) to build some stuff. We got some LoRaWAN nodes, a TTN gateway and various sensors. Andy’s space has soldering irons, 3D printers and an Othermill. See you there from noon… #OktoberfestOfThings Hackday 2016 Andy Kopp made a small event at Testing at the Hacker tent - where else? Hackday 2015 at Fablab Munich #OktoberfestOfThings Hackday 2015 Testing at the Hofbräukeller Biergarten LittleBits CloudBit Version Hackday at FabLab Munich After the pre-work talk we went to FabLab Munich for an entire day of building stuff. SparkCore, Alcohol sensor LittleBits version and last year’s Arduino / BLE version. Florin’s Flaschen-mod. SparkCore, Masskrug adapter, Tilt sensor, LiPo (A rare moment of structure) We’ve also been visited by the organisers of Make Munich, an independent faire that you should definitely check out if you’re in Munich Nov 1st/2nd.

Diana Eng | Fashion engineered from daydreams Alex Dodge OpenBTS | Open Source Cellular Infrastructure Fashioning Technology How the Internet Travels Across Oceans The internet consists of tiny bits of code that move around the world, traveling along wires as thin as a strand of hair strung across the ocean floor. The data zips from New York to Sydney, from Hong Kong to London, in the time it takes you to read this word. Nearly 750,000 miles of cable already connect the continents to support our insatiable demand for communication and entertainment. Companies have typically pooled their resources to collaborate on undersea cable projects, like a freeway for them all to share. But now Google is going its own way, in a first-of-its-kind project connecting the United States to Chile, home to the company’s largest data center in Latin America. “People think that data is in the cloud, but it’s not,” said Jayne Stowell, who oversees construction of Google’s undersea cable projects. Getting it there is an exacting and time-intensive process. The cables begin as a cluster of strands of tiny threads of glass fibers. Share of used international

electricfoxy Aux yeux de tous Vos caméras vous espionnent Alarmes connectées, détection d'intrusion, et caméras de vidéosurveillance ont envahi notre quotidien. Problème : c'est vous, qui les avez installées, qui êtes surveillés. Les systèmes de sécurité pullulent : alarmes connectées, détection d'intrusion, et caméras de vidéosurveillance ont envahi notre quotidien. Les solutions proposées permettent une mise en place rapide, l'accès direct depuis un smartphone et des fonctionnalités avancées : pilotage de l'appareil, détection de mouvement, alarmes diverses, etc. Sauf que pas du tout. La plupart de ces matériels sont livrés avec des identifiants et mots de passe par défaut, et ceux-ci sont rarement changés. Plongée dans le monde du PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), et des flux RTSP, RTMP ou MJPEG librement accessibles. Un problème ancien... et ignoré Le site « Insecam » a été parmi les premiers à donner l'alerte.