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Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech
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These Hair Clips Call The Cops If You Are Attacked - nexpected The humble hair clip has now transformed into a crime-fighting gadget for women that can detect an attack and record evidence — all while contacting the emergency services. A US-based couple has designed hair clips with built in crime-fighting technology. Rachel Emanuele, graduate student at the University of Arizona, and her husband Arthur are developing the hair clip which has sensors and works with a mobile app, '' reported. The hair clip, which has an accelerometer, detects strikes to the head and uses Bluetooth to send signals to call for help and collect data for evidence to aid in prosecution. "It would know your location, know which emergency responders to reach out to," Rachel told "We want the evidence there so we can identify them, deter attackers and prosecute them in the end. "The more evidence we have to do so, we can help more women feel safe knowing their attacker will have consequences," said Rachel.

Wearable Tech World Tecnología ponible La tecnología vestible o ponible son los términos que describen a aquellas prendas de vestir, y complementos, que incorporan elementos tecnológicos, electrónicos, etc.[1] [2] Por otro lado, un dispositivo vestible (del inglés wearable device), dispositivo corporal, dispositivo ponible[3] , llevable o complemento inteligente, dentro del sector tecnológico, y más concretamente de la electrónica de consumo, es aquel dispositivo que se lleva sobre, debajo o incluido en la ropa y que está siempre encendido, no necesita encenderse ni apagarse. Otras de sus características es que permite la multitarea por lo que no requiere dejar de hacer otra cosa para ser usado y puede actuar como extensión del cuerpo o mente del usuario.[4] [5] [6] [7] En la actualidad los dispositivos más importantes dentro de este sector según su categoría son los relojes inteligentes, pulseras de actividad, gafas inteligentes o ropa inteligente entre otros. SaludDeporte y BienestarEntretenimientoIndustrialMilitar

wearable computer londo1 Don't miss Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology 2014! Wearable technology Wearable technology, fashionable technology, wearable devices, tech togs, or fashion electronics are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often incorporate practical functions and features, but may also have a purely critical or aesthetic agenda.[1] History[edit] Wearable technology is related to both the field of ubiquitous computing and the history and development of wearable computers. The calculator watch, introduced in the 1980s, was one original piece of widespread worn electronics. Ilya Fridman designed a Bluetooth headset into a pair of earrings with a hidden microphone.[3][4] The Spy TIE includes a color video camera and USB Heating Gloves keep hands warm when plugged in.[3] Wearable technology has applications in monitoring and realtime feedback for athletes as well.[7] The decreasing cost of processing power and other components is encouraging widespread adoption and availability.[7] Prototypes[edit] See also[edit]

How Wearable Technology Can (And Will) Change Your Business In recent years, wearable technology has become a hot topic in the tech industry. With its tight relationship with the Internet of Things, many insiders have designated wearables for business as the next big thing. But while the most talked-about new wearable technologies—such as the Apple iWatch and Google Glass—are either not yet widely available, or are only just beginning to make their way into customers’ hands, there are many other wearable products that have already established themselves in the market. To many users, these new devices are often categorized as fun novelties and interesting gadgets, but others see them for what they really are: a game-changing influence with the potential to utterly disrupt the modern business world. As such, we've recently launched Salesforce Wear, a development platform that can be used for creating business apps for Android Wear, ARM, Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, and Samsung, as well as other devices. Higher Productivity, Better Bottom Line

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