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How to Skyrocket Your Income with Legal Transcription. Most people are familiar with the basic idea of transcription, but for many, the concept of legal transcription can be a little confusing.

How to Skyrocket Your Income with Legal Transcription

Simply put, legal transcription is what happens when an individual takes any spoken legal transaction like testimony in court, a deposition or even dictation of legal professionals like attorneys or judges and converts them into printed words and digital files. While legal transcription was routinely done by services that specialized in it, more companies are hiring tech-savvy individuals who can do legal transcription on their own time. This saves the company and the client money, and you can make a living or earn some extra cash from legal transcription. GMR Transcription sur Twitter : "#Legaltranscription offers great opportunity to increase your #income! #GMRTranscription.

How to Skyrocket Your Income with Legal Transcription. GMR Transcription sur Twitter : "#GMRTranscription shares a blog that offers an insight into the field of #legaltranscription. 7 Reasons Why Media Is Obsessed With Transcription Services. Media outlets from news services to magazine publishers need to outsource transcription services so that their writers and producers can concentrate more on the craft of news gathering.

7 Reasons Why Media Is Obsessed With Transcription Services

While TV stations and newspapers operate with large enough staffs to consolidate the work among in-house employees, it’s more practical for them to outsource to experienced experts who can help meet deadlines. Here are 7 reasons why media is obsessed with transcription services. A wide range of industries beyond health care and legal practices are turning to transcription services in an order to keep accurate documentation in an order in a timely manner. Why Choose Us? Visit GMR Transcription to learn more about how transcription services can meet deadlines and reduce stress on meeting deadlines with accurate documentation. 60 total views, 1 views today Summary Article Name.

Start-ups & Entrepreneurship. Legal Marketing. 2011 – The year that law firm websites become “publishing platforms” In my last post, I predicted that we’re heading towards a major shift in the way that law firms think about their websites.

2011 – The year that law firm websites become “publishing platforms”

Here’s what it boils down to: Old thinking: Law firm websites = online brochureNew thinking: Law firm websites = publishing platform for attorney-generated content Why a publishing platform? Why now? As I mentioned in my last post, there are several trends in the legal marketplace that are converging to make “content marketing” more effective than ever. The Challenge The growth of “content marketing” beckons some interesting questions, such as: Where do we put all of this content?

Right now, it’s not uncommon for a firm’s attorney-generated content to be scattered far and wide. Even the content on the firm’s website is often scattered throughout sections like “Multimedia,” “Experience” and “Publications.” The Solution: A Publishing Platform What’s a publishing platform? Why is this important? Legal/Privacy/Terms of Service/Etc.

Transcription Services. Trial transcription is a highly sensitive transcription service which requires an extremely high level of precision.

Transcription Services

The sometimes chaotic nature of court trials and the necessity of delivering transcriptions which accurately reflect trial dialogue require experienced transcriptionists with exceptional attention to detail. Complications encountered during a trial can include complex legal terminology, multiple of trial participants speaking at the same time, and heated arguments between attorneys, judges, and witnesses. The transcription of trial dialogue is an extremely important facet of court proceedings, serving as a written record of all conversations held during the course of the hearing.

High accuracy representations of witness testimonies, questioning and arguments from attorneys, as well as rulings from the bench must be captured with precision in the subsequent transcription. To submit your wiretap audio files for transcription, click here. Transcription Services. Wiretapping refers to the clandestine monitoring of telephonic, mobile, or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) conversations by a third party.

Transcription Services

Also known as lawful interception, wiretaps are authorized by the Wiretap Act which enables the government to record telephone and VOIP conversations to gather evidence related to an extensive list of crimes specifically identified in the statute. Crimes which fit under the auspices of the Wiretap Act include money laundering, mail/wire fraud, and a wide variety of terrorism related activities. Wiretaps are usually authorized only after other ways of detecting or collecting evidence of criminal activity have been exhausted. The recorded conversations are then transcribed for the purpose of becoming legally authorized documents which can be produced in court during a trial. Due to the sensitive nature of the recordings, transcriptions of wiretaps must be rendered perfectly to ensure that nothing is missed or mis-stated. Correspondence Transcription.

While it may not deliver the kind of material that movies are made of, legal correspondence serves as one of the cornerstones of the legal work executed in law firms around the country.

Correspondence Transcription

In fact, a large part of legal transcriptions involves the transcription of legal correspondence. These transcriptions include: Correspondence drafted on the behalf of clients Communications sent to clients, judges, agencies, and institutions Letters of undertaking Advisory letters. Transcription Services. Verbatim transcription is the most detailed type of transcription service.

Transcription Services

A verbatim transcription includes everything that is said on the recording as well as grunts, sniffles, coughs, and utterances such as “uh huh”. Court Tapes Transcription. Dispositions Transcription. Deposition Transcription is an extremely sensitive form of transcription due to the use of depositions as proxies for spoken testimony in court.

Dispositions Transcription

These out of court testimonies, conducted under oath and subject to the same rules and laws as those given in court, play a vital role in legal matters. In many cases, the amount of testimonies given in depositions is greater than that of the witnesses in court. The exact rendering of statements, information, and nuance, which form the foundation of all depositions, plays a critical role in both their review and their presentation to the court, if necessary. Memorandum Transcription. Memorandums, to do lists, and other internal communications are part of every life at law offices around the country.

Memorandum Transcription

Whether dictated or recorded, these communications are eventually transcribed, often a voluminous and labor-intensive transcription task for in-house staff such as legal secretaries and paralegals. To say the least, this type of work has always detracted from the core competencies and revenue generating activities of law firms. Now, an increasing number of law firms are finding that outsourcing memorandum and other legal transcription tasks provides a cost effective solution. Outsourcing tasks such as memorandum transcription in a convenient, timely, and cost effective manner allows personnel to focus on work which advances the objectives of the firm. Legal Transcription at Affordable rates by GMR Transcription Services.

Transcription Services Focused On Legal Profession The importance of impeccable transcription of legal matters cannot be understated.

Legal Transcription at Affordable rates by GMR Transcription Services

Whether the situation involves a deposition, trial tapes, wire taps or court proceedings, transcriptions must be executed to the highest degree of accuracy due to the possibility that a decision in court can turn on a single word or phrase. Regardless of the format, legal transcriptions demand comprehensive attention to detail and a level of experience in legal proceedings that many transcription services cannot provide. GMR Legal Transcription guarantees a 98%+ accuracy on good quality audio. To ensure that your legal transcriptions meet the highest standards in the industry, GMR Legal Transcription tests each one with our four step quality assurance process.