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Audio Transcription Services: MP3s, Video and more... CastingWords

Audio Transcription Services: MP3s, Video and more... CastingWords
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Goodbye Typing, Hello Recording: Rev Finally Makes Transcription Painless | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Typing is still the chief tool of the digital age. You can ask your iPhone little questions, or dictate emails to your tablet, if you speak like a nervous, semi-sedated translator. But getting your spoken thoughts, interviews, and meetings into text still requires transcription work. Now, however, the web has made affordable, fast, and easy to use transcription a rather convenient thing to obtain. Rev, an audio transcription and translation service founded by early employees of online work marketplace oDesk, hits all those qualifying marks, and provides some assurances about its workforce, too. Getting your voice files to Rev is easy through its website, and nearly effortless if you use their recently launched iPhone/iPad recording app. I know this because I interviewed Rev CEO Jason Chicola, recorded the two-way conversation through Google Voice, and uploaded the 28-minute MP3 to Rev's own servers shortly before 3:06 p.m. on a Tuesday. The real challenge is expanding the market.

Designs Anywhere.FM View offers » The face of the VPN industry is ever-changing, but one constant that has remained over this considerable period of evolution is that of the Golden Frog-owned Vypr VPN. This veritable behemoth of the world of private internet is powered by veteran minds that have been involved in the field since the first breakthrough of public internet back in 1994, and boasts over 700 servers and an IP address count that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Those statistics alone should be capable of properly conveying the true scale of the Vypr VPN operation, and the fact that it has endured twenty years of service in its various iterations speaks volumes about the quality of service on offer here. Vypr VPN operates its own servers in Europe, North America, and Asia, but the company itself is based in Switzerland – the benefits of which will become more apparent later on. Goldenfrog runs its own large server network across the globe. Pricing Privacy and Security How it Works Conclusion

Cogi Transcription Service – How to Transcribe Your Audio and Video Files $1.00 per minute Fast and accurate Highly secure and private Target 72-hour turnaround Easy copy and paste Questions?Click here to email us Click to play video Simple. Storytelling Stuff Smartphone basics: record a call and transcribe it later - The Science Writers' Handbook I do most of my interviews with Skype on my computer and record many of them directly to my hard drive with Audio Hijack Pro. It works well, except when my source doesn’t pick up the phone–and returns my call on my smartphone. Up until now, I’ve just tried to type a lot faster. But a few weeks ago, a freelancer on a journalism listserv said she swore by TapeACall for her iPhone-based interviews. I figured it was worth a test drive. Unlike other call recorders, which charge you on a per minute basis or require you to sign up for a monthly subscription, TapeACall is a flat $9.99, for both iOS and Android. TapeACall works on a simple principle: It creates a three-way (conference call) among you, your source, and their servers. When you sign up, you provide your mobile number, allowing the TapeACall service to connect you with a local number. The instructions are simple enough: Make your call.Open the TapeACall app.Press the giant red button.Merge the calls. My first call didn’t go so well.

Live Write Thrive | Insights, inspiration, and practical advice for writers Call Recording by on the App Store Writing Stuff Recorder Photo Stuff RecordiaPro; Easy Cell Phone Recording Record Incoming Calls to Your Existing Number: RecordiaPro is proud to announce our Brand New Incoming Call Recording Feature: Selective Inbound Call Recording! YOU CHOOSE, which incoming calls to record to your existing cell phone number. No need to lug around extra recording equipment, another cell phone, SIM cards or anything. Digital recordings may be accessed any 24/7 through your secure RecordiaPro Account Manager. PLUS all the RecordiaPro Bronze and Silver extras: Record Outgoing Calls! Register up to 5 originating phone numbers for RecordiaPro to recognize you by, saving you the step of entering your PIN prior to each call: Just access our toll free number by either direct dial or even better saving it to speed dial on your phone and make your recorded call at the dial tone. Digital call recordings and all call records can be accessed any time, 24/7, through your secure RecordiaPro Account Manager. Record All Incoming Calls with your Dedicated Recorded Number! Caller ID Included!

Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau Audio & Video Transcription Services | $1/min, Fast, Accurate Rev is one of fastest growing transcription service providers in the world. We provide accurate and affordable audio and video transcription at a reasonable price. We take audio or video files (or links online) and transcribe them quickly and accurately. Our easy-to-use order process enables our clients to quickly place orders online in just a few minutes time. Accuracy Our transcriptions are 99% accurate or better, among the highest precision rates in the industry. Second, only one transcriptionist works on a project at a time, ensuring consistency as well as quality of work. Finally, we employ a system of quality checks, ensuring our clients receive exactly what they come to expect from us - accurate, reliable, professional transcription service. Honest Pricing Rev is committed to maximum transparency with our transcription clients. Security We aim to create long-term relationships with our clients. Fast Turnaround