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Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities. My kids had lots of LEGOS when they were growing up.

Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

I always thought LEGOS were great for logic, architectural skills, problem-solving skills, and collaborative experiences, although we didn’t use them for focused learning activities. Now there are LOTS of amazing activities online for using LEGOS specifically for hands-on learning activities. I love LEGO learning activities any time, but I really appreciate them in the summer as an interest-led way to prevent “summer brain drain.” Today, I want to share some of those amazing activities. These aren’t all necessarily Montessori-inspired activities, but you can always add an activity to an activity tray or table and color code your activity to fit with traditional Montessori colors if you wish. The Brick Lab. Word Winks and Frame Games. There are at least half a dozen names for the word game that consists of a square with a disguised word or phrase inside.

Word Winks and Frame Games

Here is a simple example: That is a way of expressing the phrase “Deep in a trance” as a frame game, plexer, word wink, wuzzle, word rebus, visual verbal puzzle or wacky wordie, to name some of the phrases used to describe this puzzle form. The person probably most widely known for his creations in this field is Terry Stickels, whose "FRAME GAMES" is seen in USA Weekend magazine, and is read by over 48,000,000 people in 700 newspapers weekly, according to his Amazon author’s blurb. He has card games, daily calendars and books featuring hundreds (perhaps thousands) of examples. Mindware has a series of three soft cover books with 300+ puzzles in each that they call Word Winks, and others can be found by typing in any of the descriptors above. If you are responsible for training staff, it’s also a good way to make your key ideas memorable.

Office & Desk Toys - Buy Online at Fat Brain Toys. LEGO® Chain Reactions from Klutz. LEGO Chain Reactions. LEGO Chain Reactions Launch into a chain reaction of physics-learning action!

LEGO Chain Reactions

Have you ever basked in the excitement that is watching a Rube Goldberg-like contraption unfold? Well, now you can build one of your own while learning all about the physics behind it! Using over thirty LEGO elements, plus a few rolling spheres, you get to build ten brilliant contraptions that all come together to create an amazing chain reaction. Page by page, detailed instructions help you perfectly build each mechanism while learning how and why everything works. Send a tire spinning around a pole to launch a hammer and lift a sign. Build a pulley that launches a ball, a wild spinning vortex, and an amazing zig-zag finish line!

Then, once you've finished building everything, put it all together and watch as it spins, pivots, rolls, lifts, and drops all in one amazing, continuous motion! Lego Sets Rental Canada. Stuccu: Best Deals on Lego Bulk Lbs Buy Exclusive Deals 70 OFF Save Big Lowest Price On Lego Bulk Lbs Best In Stock Fast Free Shipping. Up to 70% off! By the pound Building Blocks Canada - Educational toy blocks for kids and adults. Toys are Tools Educational Toy Reviews: Top Ten Tips: LEGOS on the CHEAP! Really? + LEGO Giveaway. Read This if Your Kid's LEGO Obsession is Bleeding You Dry.....

Toys are Tools Educational Toy Reviews: Top Ten Tips: LEGOS on the CHEAP! Really? + LEGO Giveaway

Once upon a time, I bought a HUGE bin of used LEGOs for just $25 dollars. It must have been over 15 lbs. I was so happy. It was disgustingly dirty though... I had to wash them three times in my tub. But I did it for my kids. Don't get me wrong. However, what really bugs me are these sets. Just Bricks Dammit! I was sorting through our stash this month and I was greatly disappointed in seeing how only a small minority of them are actual bricks. This is one drawback of being the second child. So I decided that I must once again sort the ones we have and buy even more bricks even though I swore I wouldn't buy anymore. 1. If you ever want to feel like you bought a whole bunch of new LEGOs but you have no money, then just start sorting your current stash. I promise to write more organizing tips in another story. Yes, you can get lucky at thrift stores but you can really increase your chances by shopping Goodwill online!

4. 5. 6. Darda Cars. I still remember the day I bought the Darda Audi R8 racer for my son.

Darda Cars

I can not even begin to express my disappointment when I realized what a mess of a present I gave my 4 year old son. This toy is not for 4 year old children… in fact, this toy isn’t for anyone who wishes to play with it. An Open Letter to Hot Wheels - Don't Mind the Mess. Dear Hot Wheels, No one was more surprised than me when my train-loving kid decided he was into “Team Hot Wheels.”

An Open Letter to Hot Wheels - Don't Mind the Mess

(Which he must refer to as all three words together at all times.) I was skeptical, I gave it a few months, but it appears to be sticking. So he got Hot Wheels for his birthday and now it’s a part of my life. At first I was happy. So hey, bring on Hot Wheels. An Open Letter to Hot Wheels - Don't Mind the Mess.