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Rabbit 0. TinyTurkey 0. ReversibleDuckBunny. Knit an Elephant - Skanda Vale Hospice. Do you love knitting?

Knit an Elephant - Skanda Vale Hospice

Fancy a new project? Try your hand at knitting one of these cute little wooly elephants, and help raise funds for our new hospice. Skanda Vale Hospice is run by the monks and nuns of Skanda Vale Monastery – a sanctuary for hundreds of birds and animals. Standing head and shoulders above this menagerie of beasties is our beloved temple elephant Valli. Elephants are close to many people’s hearts. Valli inspired Cath (our Clinical Nurse Manager) to take up her knitting needles once again, and create a whole herd of baby wooly elephants. Using the pattern below (or any other pattern if you prefer) choose your colour yarn and get knitting. Sister Gemma Skanda Vale Hospice Saron Llandysul SA44 5DY Please contact Sister Gemma: if you have any questions.

Good to know 100% of the money raised from your labour of love goes to help equip our brand new 6 bedroom inpatient unit. Body and legs *Cast on 16 sts for front leg. Underbody. Honeybunny. Knit an Elephant - Skanda Vale Hospice. 7706 pattern. Miniature Crochet Animals Dollhouse Amigurumi Toys by SuAmi. Haakpatroon Poes met kitten / Amigurumi pattern Cat with Kitten. Amigurumi patroon Poes met kitten (Sleutelhangerformaat) Gehaakt met haaknaald nr.3 wol-acrylgaren oogjes 3mm kralen, neusje roze borduurzijde. Haakpatroon Poes met kitten / Amigurumi pattern Cat with Kitten

Poes Kop Haak 6 vasten in de ring Haak 2 vasten in elke opening (12) Verander van kleur Haak 2 vasten in elke 2de (18) Haak alle (18) Haak alle (18) Haak alle (18) Haak de 2de en 3de samen (12) Vullen. Lijf. Pattern of crocheted Cat with diagram (Amineko) HOME / back To those who are not familiar with Japanese.

pattern of crocheted Cat with diagram (Amineko)

I drew diagrams next to the worded instructions to make it clearer for everyone to understand. I hope you enjoy it! Stuffing A few plastic pellets in the hands and the feet. Assembling Sew the ears and the mouth part onto the head. You can see a lot of more detailed images. Warranty and Copyright; All patterns on this web page were all designed by me, Nekoyama, and are copyrighted. Feel free to download these patterns to make dolls for yourself, your family or friends as a present. The patterns on this web page and dolls which you make using the patterns should NOT be sold or made into kits.PLEASE DO NOT USE MY AMINEKO PATTERN FOR COMMERCIAL USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. DO NOT use these patterns or images to put on your own web page or blog.

I add a postscript. . - - - * * - - - <a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" border="0"></a><br /><a style="font-size:80%" href=" target="_blank">メルマガ | メールマガジン</a> Ella And Eric Elephants. Free Knitting Pattern - Twirly Decoration. This very easy knit looks beautiful as it moves.

Free Knitting Pattern - Twirly Decoration

Altering the colours and beads will make your decoration unique. A printable version of this pattern is available. You will need: yarn leftovers (double knit) knitting needles (6mm, 4mm and 2.75mm) black sewing thread large bead or beading wire tapestry needle scissors Pattern: Cast on 100 stitches using 6mm knitting needles. Making Up: Sew in the loose ends. Add a loop of black cotton to one end of the cast off stitches. The cast off stitches need to be pulled taught to form the backbone of the decoration. There is a pattern for knitted beads available. Hang the decoration so that it can move freely and arrange the fabric so that it hangs in a spiral.

Notes: Needle/Yarn Size As with most ODDknit patterns the yarn and needle sizes in the "you will need" section are just a guide. Knitted chinchilla repost. Reposting this on my craft blog, as Livejournal doesn't seem to be playing nice these days.

Knitted chinchilla repost

I wrote this pattern in 2006, and I suspect I have got better at pattern writing since then. Any errors are therefore because of History. Materials: Fun fur/eyelash yarn of your choice (uses about 2/3 of a 50g ball)Base colour DK or aran yarn (same as above)Pink DK yarn for ears (not much) 2 soft toy eyes, or buttonsStuffingA jumbo pipecleaner Set of 4 6mm DPNs4mm straight needles Body Knitting with the fun fur and base colour together (this makes the fluffy stuff _a lot_ easier to knit) CO 3sts (I used long tail cast on, but if you use another method just add another knit row after the cast on row).