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Roberts Space Industries

Roberts Space Industries
The First-Person Universe Live your own deep space adventure. Star Citizen places you in the middle of a living, breathing science fiction universe populated with friends, enemies and the unknown. You decide how to make your way in the galaxy, whether you’re a simple merchant trader, a fearsome pirate or a badass mercenary… and anything in-between. In Star Citizen, you control your destiny as you inhabit a world more immersive than ever before. Your Choices Matter Choose your ship, choose your profession and choose your allies. Play the character you’ve always dreamed of being and build YOUR place in the galaxy. Plant Your Flag It’s your world: reserve your own corner of Star Citizen by backing to support the game during development. Real Risk, Real Reward Star Citizen features a fully realized death mechanic, giving exceptional weight to your choices. What You See is What You Play Every Star Citizen trailer features 100% in-engine content using actual game assets. Related:  Flight SimulationVideoGames

GEFS Online - Free Flight Simulator SSega | Play Sega Genesis | Mega drive | Games Online | Sega Games ZergNet - Discover Interesting Articles FSX/P3D Software and Hardware Guide | Kosta's Flight Simulation World Hello everyone. This guide has two sections: the Software Guide and the Hardware Guide. Please scroll down for the Hardware Guide. Version updated 25. *P3D – has not been extensively tested, but has been confirmed that some tweaks work, and most of the document can be applied over P3D (ONLY APPLICABLE to version 1.x, NOT v2.x). “*” after each tweak explain what it does/doesn’t do for P3D. I’ve been a member at many forums in past 10 years, helping users in their FSX setups and the questions that pop up are usually often very similar. Many wonder why I have no problems with performance, so I also wanted to share my settings and also explained a bit why I set it like I set it. And before you ask: no, I am not getting 30fps in every situation, I also fly heavies, and I have sometimes FPS below 30s and I then do have stutters occasionally. The numbers you are seeing in each of the tweaks are my own settings. 1.x has no reflections: 2.x adds a 2nd pass to get reflections and this can be a killer:

Humble Bundle Valve n'ira pas en bourse Une nouvelle fois, les rumeurs d'une éventuelle entrée en bourse de Valve, éditeur de Steam, ont refait surface. Des rumeurs qui, devenant de plus en plus insistantes, ont obligé le designer en chef Erik Johnson à éclaircir les choses auprès de PC Gamer, expliquant que si Valve n'irait pas en bourse, c'est avant tout pour ne pas avoir à faire de compromis créatifs sous l'influence des actionnaires. "Toutes les mauvaises décisions que je vois autour de moi sont prises à cause de mauvaises raisons, parce que quelqu'un a mis en forme son idée différemment pour faire plaisir à ceux qui le finance (...) le produit ne va plus dans le sens du client, mais dans celui du marché. Rappelons que la plus grosse rumeur de rachat de Valve date d'il y a quelques années, lorsqu'il se murmurait que Google pourrait mettre la main sur l'éditeur.

Flight Deck Solutions 5 Insanely Successful Video Games That Were Total Ripoffs No video game is completely original; Mortal Kombat was inspired by Street Fighter II, Halo was inspired by Half-Life and the Super Mario franchise was inspired by massive amounts of hallucinogens. But then there are some beloved games that weren't so much "inspired by" other games as they were "the exact game, with a minor paint job." Those knockoffs then went on to make millions of dollars. #5. Via Wired Chances are that everyone reading this has by now played or seen someone else play Angry Birds at least once, or most likely several dozens of times. It's the video game version of Flavor Flav. On the other hand, you probably haven't heard of Crush the Castle, an online Flash game that was released a mere eight months before Angry Birds and bears more than a few ... similarities. Via"It was hardcore back in the day. So what sort of projectiles do you launch? Big deal, lots of games have ball-shaped characters. Then there's the jumbo version of the standard sphere ...

FSX Speedbird Concorde BA002, KJFK-EGLL, Complete Vatsim Flight with ATC including All Checklists.