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Permaculture Agroforestry

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(4) Life in Syntropy. Soil and Satellites Are Telling a New Story About Ancient Civilizations in the Amazon. When Francisco de Orellana, a Spanish conquistador, paddled through the Amazon in 1541, he did not find El Dorado, the fabled kingdom of gold he had been looking for.

Soil and Satellites Are Telling a New Story About Ancient Civilizations in the Amazon

But he did report to have found civilization: large villages and farms sprawled along the rivers, and even massive cities in the distance. However, when later explorers and missionaries returned to the same spots centuries later, they found nothing but wild tangles of vegetation. Untitled. Semente. Interface on designing the factory as a forest. Somos Verdes - Quem aí já ouviu falar em circulo de... Pesquisa mostra que recuperação de floresta degradada gera lucro. Um estudo inédito, fruto de parceria pública-privada entre a Embrapa Amazônia Oriental e o grupo madeireiro Arboris, acompanhou um ciclo alternativo completo de plantio e corte de paricá (Schizolobium parahyba var. amazonicum), uma espécie de árvore nativa da Amazônia, no enriquecimento de clareiras em florestas degradadas e com pouca ou baixa produtividade no Pará.

Pesquisa mostra que recuperação de floresta degradada gera lucro

O experimento revela que, com baixo investimento, é possível lucrar com a regeneração da floresta visando ciclos futuros de corte em manejo sustentável madeireiro. Semente. Restoring forest landscapes: A question of community rights. A workshop on this topic will be held in Bonn, Germany, on 3 November, arranged in collaboration by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the German development agency, GIZ.

Restoring forest landscapes: A question of community rights

About 30 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by forests, and around 1.6 billion people depend on them for significant contributions to their environments and livelihoods. Yet, 12 million hectares of intact forests are lost in the tropics every year, either through permanent destruction or degradation. Forest Landscape Restoration, FLR, is one of the newer initiatives to be put forward to help solve the problem. Fertilização da Terra pela Terra. Permaculture: Discovering solutions hidden in nature. Drones sobrevoam e semeiam áreas desmatadas em distância ideal para que brotem novas árvores - The Greenest Post. NOVA: The Hidden Power of Plants. Universo das Plantas - National Geographic. A Vida das Plantas - Documentário dublado.

As Árvores (Documentário Especial) The Forest Unseen by David Haskell - Book Trailer. Êxodo urbano: a saga de uma família que largou a cidade e foi viver no campo – PapodeHomem. O Livro da Natureza (The Book of Nature) Technology. Bamboo: a powerful ally for land restoration. By Hans Friederich, Director General, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).

Bamboo: a powerful ally for land restoration

Bamboo can be a powerful ally for land restoration. This strategic resource thrives on problem soils and steep slopes, helps to conserve soil and water, and improves land quality. Its potential is significant – if its benefits are recognized by decision makers and planners. Top 40 Enlightening Spiritual Films of All Time. Água se planta com agroflorestas – Ecologia dos Saberes. Sistema de riego para jardines -Airdrop. Sistema de riego para jardines -Airdrop.

How tree roots respond to drought. Introduction The ongoing climate change is characterized by increased temperatures and altered precipitation patterns.

How tree roots respond to drought

In addition, the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme climatic events, such as droughts, floods, and storms, has increased in recent decades, and a continuation of this trend is predicted (IPCC, 2007, 2014; Cavin et al., 2013). These changes in environmental conditions are affecting terrestrial ecosystems worldwide and have led to a reduction in the global net primary production (Zhao and Running, 2010). Specifically, negative impacts on forest health associated with water limitation are major contributors to forest declines at a global level (Allen et al., 2010; Smith, 2011; Choat et al., 2012; Anderegg et al., 2013b). Drought is a multidimensional environmental constraint that can provoke tree responses from the molecular to the forest stand level (Hamanishi and Campbell, 2011). Video Gallery – Tarwyn Park. Welcome to the Tarwyn Park Video Gallery.

Video Gallery – Tarwyn Park

These videos have been placed on YouTube, but tend to display randomly. Peter Andrews - Farming Secrets. Peter Andrews, the veteran horseman who stood dual Melbourne Cup winner Rain Lover, starting off at One Tree Hill in South Australia and then at a new breeding operation he and his wife Ann established on the historic Tarwyn Park in the Bylong valley, NSW has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the 2011 Australia Day Honours.

Peter Andrews - Farming Secrets

It is not, however, for his lengthy contribution to breeding and racing, but for revolutionary approaches to land care he developed on Tarwyn Park, a very fertile property over underground waterways which was very run down when the Andrews took it over thirty years ago. In the first half of last century, Tarwyn Park was one of the great studs in Australia in the ownership of Herbert Thompson, a member of the family who were pioneers in nearby Widden valley. He stood seven times champion Australian sire Heroic. Tarwyn Park, now a cattle raising farm owned by his son, was in vast contrast to the country around Broken Hill on which Peter Andrews grew up. Right As Rain Part Two - Journeyman Pictures.

Australia faces an unprecendented crisis in the ongoing process of soil erosion.

Right As Rain Part Two - Journeyman Pictures

"All I see is degradation, eroded gullies, top soil blowing away, bare hills, animals grazing paddocks that are mainly dirt," says Sandy Cornell, who travels through rural areas extensively in her work as a vet. "We're at the tipping point of turning this country into a desert. " Yet a farmer from New South Wales has developed a way of reviving tracts of the Austrlian landscape. Right As Rain Part One - Journeyman Pictures. For over thirty years, farmer and horse breeder, Peter Andrews, has tried to convince scientists, bureaucrats and politicians of the effectiveness of his innovative landscaping methods – what he calls natural sequence farming – which he has developed in an attempt to counteract drought and erosion.

Right As Rain Part One - Journeyman Pictures

Now some very influential and highly placed Australians have rallied to his cause, while scientific evidence and international interest are also mounting. 03:49:00 – Aerial views of Australian wetlands 06:23:00 – Aerial views of Terwyn Park, Australia 06:50:00 – Horses walking through water 07:31:15 – Flood plain 10:35:00 – Large herd of horses running on plain 10:50:00 – Horse foals 24:00:00 – Peter Andrews landscaping of Australian farmland. Right As Rain Part Two - Journeyman Pictures. Natural Sequence Farming. Ideasverdes. Untitled. Untitled. Man Has Night Vision Injected Into His Eyeballs. A group of biohackers say they’ve figured out a way to inject our eyeballs with night vision, or low-light vision anyway.

Man Has Night Vision Injected Into His Eyeballs

The procedure has allowed one superhuman to temporarily see over 50 meters (164 feet) in the dark, Mic reports. The team from California-based Science for the Masses (SfM) utilized a compound called Chlorin e6 (or Ce6), which is found in some deep-sea fish. It’s also occasionally used to treat night blindness and even cancer. Previous studies have injected the chemical as a photosensitizer into animal models. Mark Mawson: Aqueous Fluoreau. Photographer Mark Mawson has published a wonderful series of fourteen new underwater ink photographs entitled Aqueous Fluoreau. The images are stunning not only for their vibrant colors but their almost sculptural appearance. His previous projects from the same family, Aqueous and Aqueous II are also incredible and worth your time. Curso de bioconstruc3a7c3a3o.

Panfletostodos. Fantastic Fungi, a film about mushrooms by Louie Schwartzberg. Associação para o Retorno das Arvores. Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world. Do trees have brains? There's increasing evidence to show that trees are able to communicate with each other. Quando a tecnociência vê um pixel mas ignora a paisagem. A agricultura convencional mata o solo. Entrevista especial com Antonio Donato Nobre. Quando a tecnociência vê um pixel mas ignora a paisagem. Edible Landscaping: Organic Gardening And Landscape Design. O chamado das árvores. If Agroecology is So Great, Why Aren’t All Farmers Doing It? : Food First. This post is also published on the Huffington Post here. After a half century of pioneering work by farmers and scientists, agroecology has finally penetrated mainstream policy circles. This is due to agroecology’s widespread success on the ground and the tireless efforts of food activists and policy advocates determined to break corporate agriculture’s chokehold on the politics and the purse strings of our food system.

Last month, Friends of the Earth (FoE) published Farming for the Future: Organic and Agroecological Solutions to Feed the World – which was released on the heels of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems’ (IPES) report, From Uniformity to Diversity: A paradigm shift from industrial agriculture to diversified agroecological systems. What we’re left wondering is, if agroecology is so great, why aren’t more farmers doing it? Manejo de Pastagem Ecológica e a produção de água. BioCarbon Engineering: Industrial-scale reforestation. “Minhas previsões não são cor-de-rosa” “Minhas previsões não são cor-de-rosa” Alceo Magnanini participou do grupo que elaborou o Código Florestal que agora o Congresso está tentando mudar.

Ele questiona principalmente a falta de estudos técnicos na nova proposta Sua formação é de engenheiro agrônomo, mas Alceo Magnanini já atuou como geógrafo e como botânico. Using Agroforestry to Save the Planet. Agroforestry—the use of trees in farming—benefits both farmers and the environment. According to a recent report by Biodiversity International, the Center for International Forestry Research, the World Agroforestry Centre, and Charles Sturt University, forests contribute to the livelihoods of more than 1.6 billion people.

Yet, 30 percent of the world’s forests are used primarily for the production of wood products. Agroforestry is defined as the integration of trees and shrubs into crop and animal farming systems. These practices can help landowners diversify products and create social, economic, and environmental benefits. Trees and forests provide more than just food—they can enhance soils, protect biodiversity, preserve precious water supplies, and even help reduce the impacts of climate change. Teoria da Trofobiose. Teoria da Trofobiose. Trophobiosis. Trophobiosis is a symbiotic association between organisms where food is obtained or provided. The provider of food in the association is referred to as a trophobiont.

The name is derived from the Greek τροφή trophē, meaning "nourishment" and -βίωσις -biosis which is short for the English symbiosis.[1] In mutualistic relationships, the production of honeydew by trophobionts is rewarded by removal of dead hemipterans and protection from a variety of predators by the attendant ants. Francis Chaboussou: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle. Teoría de la trofobiosis (Francis Chaboussou) by on Prezi. Plantas doentes pelo uso de agrotóxicos. Teoria da Trofobiose. Instituto Árvores Vivas. Sementesflorestais guiaparagerminaode100espciesnativas 130806124231 phpapp01. A aventura das sementes e de sua germinação - Conexão Planeta.

Scientific proof

Ernst Götsch. Agroecology. Forest farming. Designing a Sustainable Aquaponics System: An Inventor's Touch. Só a agroecologia nos salva. Forest gardening. Soils, Compost, Terra Preta and Biochar. Introdução à Permacultura. Permaculture. Permaculture. Masanobu-fukuoka-agricultura-natural. Symphony of the Soil documentary. INSTITUTO TERRA - WELCOME - Official Website. Do trees communicate. A Comunicação Entre As Árvores. THE LANGUAGE OF THE FORESTS. Globo Ecologia - Fragmentos florestais - parte 1. Globo Ecologia - Sistemas agroflorestais (íntegra) The Future of Food. Projeto recruta detentos para reflorestar a Mata Atlântica - Água Brasil. Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere. Indiano ensina como plantar 300 árvores no espaço ocupado por 6 carros.

Regenerative analog agroforestry in Brazil. Agroecology in Latin America. Index of forestry articles. Seed Bombs. Dra. Ana Primavesi vai receber o principal prêmio internacional da agricultura orgânica, da Ifoam. Agroecologia ganha núcleo de pesquisa na Embrapa Amazônia Oriental. Buenas noticias: están creciendo aceleradamente los cultivos ecológicos en el mundo. Conheça o “tempero” mais usado por brasileiros que pode matar a sua família. Amazing Bridges that Save Wildlife. Preparo do solo - Preparing the soil. Exoticas. Transformative Learning through Sustainable Living. Escola Schumacher Brasil. Escola Schumacher Brasil: educação holística. Ex-engenheiro da NASA planeja plantar 1 bilhão de árvores por ano usando drones.