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Giant Middle Finger Mask. Taco Holder Butt Plug. Monthly Knife Club. Monthly Knife Club is for sportsmen and women, lovers of the outdoors, budding knife collectors, and all of us who already have enough cured meat, Japanese candy, and adult toys from our other subscription box services.

Monthly Knife Club

Just look at this 3D printable "banana knight" Investigating nozzle-wear in 3D printers (with excellent cross-sections!)

Just look at this 3D printable "banana knight"

CNC Kitchen's 18-minute video on nozzle wear in 3D printing involves sending abrasive filaments (the abrasiveness comes from pigments and additives like carbon fiber, etc) through a variety of nozzles (mostly cheap ones from China), then measuring the results with a micrometer and by taking castings of their interiors -- but the best part is […] Rosetta Stone is still the fastest way to learn a new language Every language has its quirks. The gendered pronouns in French and Spanish can raise an eyebrow for some, and the verb placement in Japanese can confound English speakers.

But when learning any new language, the brain pretty much works the same way: It needs total immersion. Personalized Face Stickers. Thisiswhyimbroke. Feisty Pets. 19 Things You Didn't Know You Needed Until Right Now. Micro BB Crossbow. Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter. 25 Just Really Cool Inventions. Toy Filled Pokeball Soap. World’s Smallest Arcade Gaming System. I wish I had friends so I could have a sushi party. SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller. A can of warm beer, a cooler filled with ice, and a SpinChill.

SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller

Put them together and you'll be 60 seconds away from an ice. Cold. Party. Prefer bottles of beer? Bottles of wine? The handheld SpinChill attaches to the top of any standard-sized can or beer/wine bottle. Unlike standard container cooling, which operates according to the principle of conduction and cools liquids layer by layer from the outside to the inside, SpinChill introduces convection to the heat (cold) transfer process. Twerking Butt. Monthly Snacks From Around The World. Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat. You Can Now Anonymously Ship Your Enemies A Bag Of Dicks To Eat. Mieux Que Des Fleurs. Power Rangers Helmet. Pyro - Open Palm Fireball Shooter. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Pyro - Open Palm Fireball Shooter

I know because only Santa could make a hidden wristband that allows me to launch fireballs from my open palm, and only Santa could make it available for my mama to purchase for me right before Christmas. Well, Santa and Adam Wilber. Naomi Spring Nutcracker. Naomi is like one of those girls who is incredibly hot and arousing, but also kind of stony and completely unapproachable.

Naomi Spring Nutcracker

Dare speak to her, or even look at her for one beat too long, and she'll crush your nuts like a...conical stainless steel spring stretched to capacity, and then released for immediate, devastating impact. With minimal effort and nary a second thought. Wherever Naomi goes she leaves piles of cracked, torn, gutted nuts in her wake. Pretty cool, huh? Edible And Functional Chocolate LEGO Bricks By Akihiro Mizuuchi.

Usually, LEGOs are simply a choking hazard as far as eating them is concerned.

Edible And Functional Chocolate LEGO Bricks By Akihiro Mizuuchi

But Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has solved that problem by making everybody’s childhood dreams come true – he has created edible chocolate LEGOs. The bricks, which are made of white, milk, dark and pink chocolate, are totally functional. Alcoholic Ice Cream. Loot Crate - Monthly Geek and Gamer Subscription Box. Chocolate Chip Cookie Serving Bowl. 1 in 7 of the chips is incredibly spicy... I don't really like Doritos but the marketing was so good I bought them. The 17 Weirdest Things Ever For Sale On The Internet. Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat. RPG-7 Water Rocket. Pocket Artillery: Mini Cannon. The Nerf Nuke. Rubber Band Machine Gun. Turn a Super Nintendo into an Arcade Machine. Transformers Pen. BBQ Briefcase. Fancy it Fancy it Add to list Share Loading...

BBQ Briefcase

Use @ to mention someone More from yellowbird Follow Other things you might Fancy Added to these lists Recently Fancy’d by Keyboard Shortcuts Timeline SShuffle JNext KPrevious FFancy AAdd to List CComment HShare EnterView Thing Slideshow JNext KPrevious FFancy CComment PPlay / Pause LLoop Share This Thing Share This Comment Share This List Share This Gift Campaign Share {{name}}'s Profile Preview Widget size px x px Contents Add this to your website by copying the code below. About Fancy Anywhere Fancy Anywhere enables your visitors to buy things on Fancy directly from your own blogs and websites. To + Add email addresses or user names Note Your browser is out of date To get the best possible experience using Fancy we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or other web browser. Security Update. Drink Siphon Toy. Light Up Goo. Spin Chill Beer Cooler Tool. Fancy it.

Spin Chill Beer Cooler Tool

There's A Cocktail Dice Game To Help You Discover New Drinks. Boca Java Roast to Order, Maple Bacon Morning, Ground, Flavored Direct Trade Coffee, 8 oz. bags (Pack of 2): Grocery & Gourmet Food. Death Wish Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade, Organic, Whole Bean, 16 Ounce Bag: Grocery & Gourmet Food. Soundwave bracelets. This is such a cool idea.

Soundwave bracelets

It’s a custom bracelet of a soundwave rendered in 3D. The bracelet is “designed” by the waveform of the message it encodes.