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Search Results. H5Yjj3C.jpg (JPEG Image, 2611 × 1958 pixels) - Scaled (39%) Cities: Introduction. The Problem The industrialized nations made a terrible mistake when they turned to the automobile as an instrument of improved urban mobility.

Cities: Introduction

The car brought with it major unanticipated consequences for urban life and has become a serious cause of environmental, social, and aesthetic problems in cities. The urban automobile: Kills street life Damages the social fabric of communities Isolates people Fosters suburban sprawl Endangers other street users Blots the city's beauty Disturbs people with its noise Causes air pollution Slaughters thousands every year Exacerbates global warming Wastes energy and natural resources Impoverishes nations The challenge is to remove cars and trucks from cities while at the same time improving mobility and reducing its total costs. The Solution The urban automobile can only be supplanted if a better alternative is available. Public transport is typically a disagreeable and slow substitute for the car. We should build more carfree cities. Design Goals. Tacking Left: A Radical Critique of Grutter.

hNMKT1r.png (PNG Image, 1374 × 972 pixels) - Scaled (64%) Here's How Dangerous the Koch Brothers Really Are, By the Numbers. By now, you've probably heard about Charles G. and David H.

Here's How Dangerous the Koch Brothers Really Are, By the Numbers

Koch, the incredibly wealthy libertarians at the helm of Koch Industries. Their combined net worth recently soared beyond $100 billion. And using that wealth, they've built a massive network of political donors designed to push a libertarian agenda that has become a flashpoint in the buildup to the 2014 midterm elections, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) even making the brothers a major Democratic talking point. But just how far does the Koch Brothers' web of spending go? Unfortunately, much of their spending does not have to be federally disclosed, so it's difficult to know where the money comes from or to track its ultimate destination. This funding network is confusing by design. And grown this monster has. Image Credit: Think Progress.

World's 25 richest people and the source of their income. Economix Comix. Now with five more facts that everyone should know. Electoral college reform (fifty states with equal population) / fake is the new real. The electoral college is a time-honored, logical system for picking the chief executive of the United States.

Electoral college reform (fifty states with equal population) / fake is the new real

However, the American body politic has also grown accustomed to paying close attention to the popular vote. This is only rarely a problem, since the electoral college and the popular vote have only disagreed three times in 200 years. However, it's obvious that reforms are needed. 12-Year-Old Discovers All U.S. Presidents Are Direct Descendants of King John Of England. k0pv0.jpg (JPEG Image, 2400 × 1507 pixels) - Scaled (42.

The American Open Currency Standard — The American Open Currency Standard. The world’s top 50 billionaires: A demographic breakdown. Top 50 Billionaire Breakdown If you asked anyone to picture the wealthiest person in the world at any given time, you could bet on some common denominators: probably a man; probably somehow attached to the words “multinational” or “conglomerate”; probably on a yacht off a private island.

The world’s top 50 billionaires: A demographic breakdown.

With Slate’s Top 50 Billionaire Breakdown, we attempt to visualize the richest of the rich by paring them into demographic categories: age, location, industry, source of wealth, education, and religious affiliation. Some of the sortings are heartening: There are more self-made men than born-rich kids in the top 50, and the self-made billionaires’ total wealth is bigger. Anarchism or Marxism? — What are the political differences between anarchism and marxism, and do they still matter in the new international situation?

Anarchism or Marxism? —

Vincent Kolo, There are areas of common ground between anarchism and marxism – in opposing bureaucracy, for example, and in seeking the destruction of the capitalist state, in contradistinction to reformists who want gradual change within the existing state. But there are also important differences between marxism and anarchism on questions of theory, programme and methods. Marxists and socialists cooperate with anarchist groupings in many day-to-day struggles, for example against fascist parties, or within the broader international movement against capitalist globalisation (such as the anti-G8 or the coming anti-APEC protests in Australia). Target Corporation's power network. The separatist map of Africa: interactive.

Theyrule. Who Owns the Media? Broadcasters make billions in profits while using the public airwaves for free.

Who Owns the Media?

In return, they are supposed to provide programming that fulfills community needs. Instead, lobbyists have successfully fought to make it easier for broadcast companies to gobble up even more free airspace while doing less to serve the public. Take Action to end the big broadcast swindle. 2011 Revenue: $6.2 billion Company Overview: These private equity firms own Clear Channel, the largest radio station owner in the country.

Radio: 866 radio stations and Premiere Radio Networks (a national radio network that produces, distributes or represents approximately 90 syndicated radio programs, serves nearly 5,800 radio station affiliates and has over 213 million weekly listeners. Other: Katz Media (radio advertising broker); American Outdoor Advertising 2011 Revenue: $14.2 billion.