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Catalogo policarbonato. Catalogo policarbonato. Catalogo 2015 productos novacero by AACONSULTING CIA LTDA. FDLA: CHP Energy Plant and Sport Facilities - Raplamaa, Estonia 2009. FDLA. Ecuador - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times - Gaisma. Solar Tower Doha. Design Statement The use of building structure or shading devices to provide protection from the sun has been a feature of Middle Eastern cultures for centuries.

Solar Tower Doha

In building design, the use of the traditional "mashrabiya" provided shade while allowing daylight into the building while controlling heat gains, it also provided visual privacy for the occupants. The traditional tent which is perhaps one of the greatest symbols of Arab culture, provided protection from the sun and wind. It is also a clever and economic design solution, which provides great benefits in an extreme climate. In the Middle East where summer temperatures can soar past 48C accompanied by weeklong dust storms, keeping homes and offices cool and well lit can consume up to 70 percent of the total power use for a building. We have estimated that if you mounted the sunshade system on a 40,000 m2 tower, 40 floors high, the shade could reduce CO2 production by 600 tones and generate 1,000 Megawatt hours of power a year.

Building Science: Solar Performance. Shadoglass Solar Shading System - Colt Australia. Features and benefits A wide range of louvres – Shadoglass louvres are available in various colours, surface finishes and coatings to meet specific design requirements.

Shadoglass Solar Shading System - Colt Australia

Depending on the chosen type of glass, frit or film, the desired transmission of light and/or heat radiation can be accurately achieved for every specific application. The louvre spans depends on structural considerations and the kind of louvre blade selected. Click the options tab above to find out more. A wide range of carrier systems - The various Shadoglass carrier systems are suited for use with glass, metal, fabric, wood and translucent acrylic louvres, as well as photovoltaic cells (see our Shadovoltaic page for further information).

Flexible controls - Shadoglass shading systems can be operated by linear actuators that have the capability to operate complete facades. This Invention Will Change The World,... - Pakistan Science Club. Projects > UK > One Hyde Park - London. SHADING DEVICES. "The windows account for the greatest amounts of heat entering the building and therefore shading them, offers the greatest protections" [Olgay, 1963, p72].Thus, it is crucial to shade the windows of our buildings when the outdoor temprature, is above the shading line.


The window should be well protected from the sun to reduce radiation in summer and should be able to get maximum radiation in winter. These shading devices can be inside the building in the form of blinds, rollers and curtains or outside shading devices such as fins and overhangs. The former are placed behind the glass and can only reflect part of the radiation, while the most of the part is absorbed , convected and reradiated into the room. Outside shading devices actually shade the window from direct radiation, therefore preventing a large part of th eheat from getting in.

Hence, the location of these outside shading devices, is crucial. Colt Solar Shading Systems. Introduction to Solar Shading. The movement toward sustainable building designs is being driven largely by environmentally-sensitive building owners and/or their prospective tenants.

Introduction to Solar Shading

As these owners and their consultants weigh their design objectives and alternatives, they often find that exterior sun controls are an ideal part of the "green" solution for their buildings. Exterior solar shading controls can dramatically reduce the air conditioning loads caused by the sun’s radiation penetrating the building’s windows. Indeed, some form of exterior solar shading controls is now part of the UK's prescriptive design requirements.

In addition to energy savings through reduced cooling loads exterior sun controls can enhance a building’s appearance, as well as provide filtered day lighting and reduced glare. Shading systems block a certain amount of the solar radiation from entering the building. Solar Geometry. Performative Envelope Lab. “It’s a systemic approach—they presented different strategies for different envelope and shading propositions,” juror William Massie says, explaining why Performative Envelope Lab research by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) stood out from the pack.

Performative Envelope Lab

SOM based its research on nine buildings, designed by different teams within the firm, each illustrative of forward-thinking building-envelope design. Projects covered techniques from frit patterns to parametric design to environmental shading. Kindsofthingsiliketoread… Cambridge, Massachusetts Legible and Luminous: William Rawn’s pristine glass box for the Cambridge Public Library quadruples the size of the original historic building.


By Joann Gonchar, AIA Anyone who doubts the relevance of libraries in the age of e-readers,, and the iPad should visit the new central branch of the Cambridge Public Library (CPL), in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They will find patrons borrowing the latest James Patterson thriller, parents reading to small children, people taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi, and community groups using the building’s meeting spaces. The goals of the CPL project, which has had between 1,600 and 2,000 visitors each day since opening in October 2009, included creating a building that would be a “town common,” one that was open and inviting to the city’s diverse population, according to its lead architects, Boston-based William Rawn Associates.

The teen room occupies what had been the original library’s stacks. Filt3rs. Electrical operated louvers in 1956, SEAT dinning room [143] Sliding louvered shutters in Barcelona [394] Exterior louvered shutters near Lesseps square, Bcn [190] Louvered shutter. Big louvers as light reflector in Wiesbaden, by Herzog [047] Glass Window/glass Wall Panel Louvers - Buy Glass Louvers Window For Doors,Aluminum Panel Louver,Large Glass Windows Product on Alibaba. 1.Aluminum Panel Shutter 2.Slats:50/101/104/125mm 3.Appication: Indoor & Outdoor 4.No MOQ Limited 5.CE,ISO9001:2000 Readymade Glass Wall Used Aluminum Alloy Window Panel Louver.

Glass Window/glass Wall Panel Louvers - Buy Glass Louvers Window For Doors,Aluminum Panel Louver,Large Glass Windows Product on Alibaba

Down Under Highly Sustainable HighRise. Double-wall façade is first for an Australian high-rise, providing optimum daylight and solar control, and is twice as efficient as standard best practice facades.

Down Under Highly Sustainable HighRise

Photo courtesy of H.H. Esch, Hennef. Guia diseno bioclimatico 19may08.

Control térmico Double skin facade: solar shadings - All architecture and design manufacturers in this category. EN ARQITECTURA.pdf. Teak Shutters, custom wood shutter. Custom made wood shutters for interior and exterior.

Teak Shutters, custom wood shutter

We use CNC robot to cut and drill and 3D shape the wood shutter. From CAD drawing to perfect wood shutter. Wood Shutters For a Natural Look Any Color Any Stain Any Size Any Shape Any Wood Wood Shutters are made from Teak, Mahagony, Maple, Cypress, Bass & Poplar wood and optional other wood species.

For exterior application we offer marine grade TEAK shutters. Wood shutters are an economical way to get great look shutters in your home. We motorized our shutters. Window Plantation Shutters have been used as an adjustable window covering for centuries. Looks: Window Plantation Shutters are compatible with any type of interior design you are trying to create. Double skin facade: solar shadings - All architecture and design manufacturers in this category.