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Ridesharing, carpooling and buses - Zimride

Ridesharing, carpooling and buses - Zimride

The Me-TV Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi] As we all begin to look forward to the interactive section of South By South West in March, PSFK has identified five key trends that readers should be monitoring during the festival. One of these trends, we have coined ‘Me-TV.’ With the amount of content available through broadcast and online channels, there is a growing need for services that help curate people’s entertainment libraries. By identifying and analyzing the preferences pulled from an individual’s interest graph, the topics trending within their social networks and direct recommendations from peers, new platforms are creating personalized entertainment channels that streamline the process of managing existing content, while aiding in the discovery of new music, videos, books and other media.

Attraction & Love for Women Seriously… Why Do Men Really Love Blowjobs? This article is not meant to be rude or offensive in any way. My aim is to help women have close, committed, deep and passionate relationships. Smartphone Apps Crowdsource Music For Gap Store Based On Facebook Likes, Profiles & Votes Roqbot‘s apps for iPhone and Android devices let users choose what music is playing in various venues (clubs, bars, gyms, etc) from its catalog of six million songs. By checking in to the location, their musical preferences (such as their Facebook likes, profile listings, Pandora bookmarks and the music on their smartphone) affect the soundtrack. They can also use the apps to vote for tunes and add them to the queue. The Gap store on Chestnut Street, San Francisco has become the first retail partner for Roqbot, allowing its customers to decide what they listen to while they shop. Customizing the music to match what shoppers like to listen to is an easy way to make them happy and remain in the store for longer. Roqbot’s co-founder and CEO, Garrett Dodge, told

WELCOME TO MY WEBPAGE Mozhgan Tavakoli Computer Information Systems courses including: Computer Science Information Technology 101 Community Website And Smartphone App Encourages Friends To Swap Clothes UK TV station Channel 4 Education has launched a new project developed by game company Inensu. Closet Swap is an online fashion community site and app that encourages users to think ethically about their wardrobe and to share their clothes with friends instead of buying lots of new items. To use the app, simply sign in with your Facebook account and upload photos of clothes you’d like to swap to your virtual closet. Then invite your friends to do the same and you can start borrowing and lending items to boost your wardrobe without spending any money. Closet Swap also lets you discover local markets, vintage stores and pre-loved clothing shops, organize fashion parties and read information about sustainable fashion in their online magazine. Paulina Bozek, the founder of Inensu, said:

Portfolio Reflection Organizing the core elements of my professional life as an educator into a single comprehensive document, structured as a professional portfolio, has truly been a growth experience for me. All of the thoughts, ideas, passions, and perspectives were in my head somewhere, but it was both challenging and rewarding to examine them in depth and state them in so many words. The portfolio itself was originally created as part of the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning program at Nova Southeastern University, which I completed in 2003. Since then, I have continued to grow as a professional educator. This growth is reflected by the updated artifacts and professional portrait information.

Springwise: A Peer-To-Peer Marketplace For Experiences It’s been a while since we featured Sweemo’s online auction for experiences, but recently we came across something similar. Based in Berlin, Gidsy bills itself as ‘a community marketplace for authentic experiences.’ Now in beta, Gidsy is still gearing up for launch. The Digital Convergence: Extending the Portfolio Model (EDUCAUSE Review © 2004 Gary Greenberg EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 39, no. 4 (July/August 2004): 28–37. Gary Greenberg Gary Greenberg is Executive Director for IT Teaching and Research Initiatives and Director of the Collaboratory Project, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Comments on this article can be sent to the author at

The Co-Sharing Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi] As we all begin to look forward to the Interactive section of South By South West in March, PSFK has identified five key trends that readers should be monitoring during the festival. One of these trends, we have coined ‘Co-Sharing.’ Today, a growing number of people are trading items and favors between each other. What are e-Portfolios? An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which ‘presents’ a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability.Sutherland and Powell (2007) If portfolios are ‘simply a collection of documents relating to a learner’s progress, development and achievements’ (Beetham 2005) then e-portfolios could be defined as simply digital collections of these documents. However, ideas of what an e-portfolio ‘is’ are complex and to an extent the definition and purpose will vary depending on the perspective from which a particular person is approaching the concept. Consensus is beginning to grow as experience of e-portfolios develops which will help converge these different ideas and definitions. Essentially then, an e-portfolio is a product created by learners, a collection of digital artefacts articulating learning (both formal and informal), experiences and achievements. Understanding how e-portfolios work

Online App Analyzes Your Offline Social Life Using Photos & Check-ins Ultimat Vodka‘s new campaign by ad agency Amalgamated features a Facebook app that rates your social life. Created by Stink Digital, the Social Life Audit analyzes your Facebook photos using facial recognition and mood analysis, and your Facebook Places check-ins using Blackbook’s database of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The online app then scores different aspects of your social life like activity, popularity, crew size, trendiness and workaholism, and gives you a pass or fail grade.