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Career & Job News, Work, Employment & Salary Trends

Career & Job News, Work, Employment & Salary Trends

Job Search, Career Information, Company Profiles You don't need to purchase the Vault guide to get back on track. Just search our site or use the links above. © 2014 Inc. Browse > Connect with Vault Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition Funeral Service Workers Funeral service workers organize and manage the details of a funeral. view profile » Insurance Underwriters Insurance underwriters decide whether to provide insurance and under what terms. They evaluate insurance applications and determine coverage amounts and premiums. view profile » Computer and Information Research Scientists Computer and information research scientists invent and design new approaches to computing technology and find innovative uses for existing technology. They study and solve complex problems in computing for business, medicine, science, and other fields.

Tools to Help You Grow Your Practice You don’t need compliance approval to LISTEN! Learn how to use Google Reader. Simply enter the code “learn” (without quotes) in the box below. 15 Sales Rules To Live (and Die) By In January 1999, I wrote a memo to a new wholesaling organization that I was starting. It was designed to set the baseline for how we would carry ourselves and face off against customers. 10 Tweeple to Follow During Your Job Search Twitter is a great resource during your job search. There’s a multitude of helpful people who are active on the platform, and many of those individuals regularly share and produce content relevant to today’s job search. Who should you follow during your job search? Here’s a list (in no particular order) of some accounts to add to your current follow list:

Job Search Blog - We all make mistakes. After all, it’s human nature. However, you have to keep these errors from creeping into a job search or else you’ll become one of the dreaded long-term unemployed. Once this happens, you’ll get into a rut that is hard to get out of. Guide to Researching Companies, Industries, Countries Where job-seekers will find all the best research tools and resources for conducting all types of critical career and job-search research -- including researching companies, industries, countries, and people. A key resource for job-seekers is information. Job-seekers will not succeed in your job-search without knowledge of the companies you are interviewing with or information on the industries and countries where these companies do business. 60 Resources and Job Search Websites We have been covering resources for job hunters for quite sometime now. Since the launch of our blog in January 2009, we have come a long way, thanks to you. With unemployment rate still high it has become a challenge to find a job, however, with due effort and determination your dream job isn’t that far. We have compiled a list of sixty resources which includes resume articles, job interview articles, job search sites, career and job related blogs, LinkIn Groups and twitter accounts you should follow (10 each) . We are continually trying to provide resources for our readers and job seekers, if you would like us to cover a specific topic please feel free to let us know through your comments. One more thing, before we get started we want to remind you that unless you put these resources and tips mentioned in these articles into action, the goal can never be achieved.

The Monster Blog December 13, 2011 We've Moved! Find our blog at its new home: Posted by Charles Purdy on December 13, 2011 at 05:02 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0) Best Careers 2011: Training Specialist Number of Jobs Median Salary Unemployment Rate 5.3 percent A human resources training specialist may have a different set of tasks to complete every day, ranging from recruiting or training new employees to answering questions about employee benefits and addressing compliance issues. editorial Guys and girls, this is Cara Delevingne shoot by Matt Irwin (although, if you tell me it's Terry Richadson I would believe you) for the last issue of Magazine. She looks gorgeous, right? I have to admit, that I wasn't a big fan of Cara until sometime ago, when I started seeing images of her outside the shows, with her funny faces, and that was what convinced me. Is that why I'm showing you this editorial? No! Then, why?

Career BridgeBuilders Career Bridgebuilders formed in response to the challenging economic times that we are experiencing. We help connect those in career transition to community business leaders, other professionals, and provide workshops designed to help build job search skills. Our members are business professionals, executives and new graduates who seek to exchange ideas and network.

"Are You Sure You Really NEED a Job?" by Neil Shelton page one One of my favorite cartoons shows a politician giving a speech at one of those thousand-dollar-a-plate dinners. He's saying, "...And during my administration, we've created 200,000 new jobs!". Applause sweeps through the room as a bus-boy is shown in the background picking up dishes, thinking, "And I've got THREE of them." Well, personally, I haven't held a steady job in 30 years, but I can tell you that it was one of the most soul-scarring experiences of my life: not only was I expected to show up at the same time and place every morning, but I had to stay there and pretend to be doing something for eight long hours every day, with no consideration whatever for what I REALLY wanted to be doing. Okay, I'm (sort of) joking, but if you still find yourself working for The Man, then it's no joke to you, and if you're trying to make a go of homesteading AND holding down a steady job (or three) it may be down-right depressing.

The Career Change Guide: Career Lists and Schools Home To help those undertaking a career change, we've profiled over 250 jobs that commonly require education beyond high school for entry or advancement. For each of these you'll find a full page of researched info that covers what's needed for training, what the hiring outlook is, typical salaries, and more. From each page you can search for Job Hunt sponsored schools that offer relevant studies.