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Demos Accel Home Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies List of think tanks This article is a list of think tanks sorted by country. United Nations[edit] United Nations University (UNU) Australia[edit] Azerbaijan[edit] Bangladesh[edit] Belgium[edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit] Center for Socio Economic Studies POPULARI Brazil[edit] Canada[edit] Chile[edit] Czech Republic[edit] Institute for Social and Economic Analyses Denmark[edit] Egypt[edit] Fiji[edit] Pasifika Nexus (PN) Finland[edit] France[edit] Georgia (country)|Georgia[edit] New Economic School – Georgia Germany[edit] Greece[edit] Hong Kong[edit] Hong King Policy Research Institute Hungary[edit] India[edit] Ireland[edit] Iran[edit] Israel[edit] Italy[edit] Japan[edit] Kenya[edit] African Progress Center Mexico[edit] Morocco[edit] Amadeus Institute Hypatia of Alexandria Institute for Reflexion & Studies ( Netherlands[edit] New Zealand[edit] Nigeria[edit] Pakistan[edit] Philippines[edit] Resources, Environment and Economics Center for Studies (REECS) Poland[edit] Portugal[edit] Russia[edit] Singapore[edit] Slovakia[edit] Sri Lanka[edit]

Resource Library - National Business Incubation Association NBIA offers a wide variety of resources to help you learn about the business incubation industry and to make your business incubation program as effective and efficient as possible. Use the links at the left to access these resources, or click on their names from the descriptions below. NBIA Institute Customized training and research services NBIA Review NBIA's bimonthly member newsletter NBIA Archives Archived articles from NBIA publications, organized by topic Business Incubation White Paper Series Commissioned by the BADIR Program for Technology Incubators and written by Dinah Adkins, NBIA’s president emerita, this series of comprehensive white papers includes topics related to business incubation, acceleration, angel investing, industry best practices, evaluating and monitoring clients and much more. Business Incubation Works Tools and resources to advocate for your program and the industry as a whole Business Incubation Bibliography What Is Business Incubation?

Homepage : Homepage Category:Lists of organizations These are lists of organizations. Sports organizations should go in Category:Sports-related lists and political parties should go in Category:Lists of political parties Subcategories This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total. Pages in category "Lists of organizations" The following 175 pages are in this category, out of 175 total. The Chinese Black Swan Party rulers in China are trapped in a position that chess players deeply fear — zugzwang — where any move made puts you at disadvantage. In China, the potential cost of both action and inaction is economic collapse. China is slowly starting to face the consequences of its actions — loans grew over 30% a year over the last few years — and inflation is rising fast. Inflation in developed countries is unpleasant, but it is tolerable. For a developing country — and China, despite its size, is still a developing country — it can be catastrophic. In developed countries, we spend two or three times less on food as a percentage of our income as do people in developing countries. The Chinese government is desperately trying to put the brakes on the economy. China bulls are arguing that the almighty Chinese government will be able to soft-land the economy. Let’s pause for a second. Chinese consumers were punished severely over the last 10 years for the banking crisis of the late ’90s.

WorldShift Council – Commentary and Analysis of the proceedings of the G-20 NWDTT NIRA Think Tank Information NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (NWDTT) A compilation of information on public policy institutes Since 1993, NIRA has published NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (NWDTT), which provides a systematic introduction to the world's most prominent and innovative public policy research institutes, or think tanks. NWDTT provides an overview of the organizational structures and research activities of a large number of think tanks, functioning as the "soft infrastructure" for a global think tank network. Passing through new editions in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005 *, NWDTT has become a well-regarded resource for the policy community. This database version of NWDTT is based on the 2005 edition in book form. The 2008 edition of NWDTT contains basic information on approximately 450 institutions from 100 countries. * We regret that NWDTT 2005 is now out of print. ** If we received responses to these inquires, we used the information to update NWDTT.

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Demos est un think tank basé à Londres qui vise à améliorer les politiques par et pour les citoyens. by m.tafani Oct 21