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An unpalatable truth Britain's increasing reliance on food banks has grabbed the headlines, but are they a sustainable solution? Jo Salter investigates the alternatives, and introduces a new Demos project looking at how community supermarkets could be a better response to food poverty. Read the blog. Read about the project. Counting the cost

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Graduates, how about a job in the EU? Wanted: British graduates for international policy making. Starting salary £50,000 plus heavily subsidised accommodation in a smart European capital. Enticing it may sound, but each year there is a dearth of British applicants for jobs within the European Union civil service. During last year's recruitment competition the UK produced the lowest number of applicants of all EU member states and British officials make up only 6% of the EU workforce, although the UK has 12% of the EU population. This month, the Foreign Office is launching an EU careers month campaign in an effort to persuade more graduates to consider a career in Brussels before applications for the annual intake of administrators open in March.

List of think tanks This article is a list of think tanks sorted by country. United Nations[edit] United Nations University (UNU) Australia[edit] Azerbaijan[edit] Human "Footprint" Seen on 83 Percent of Earth's Land Hillary Mayell for National Geographic News October 25, 2002 Scientists have produced the first map that traces human influence on the natural world, and the numbers are big. Overall, 83 percent of the total land surface and 98 percent of the areas where it is possible to grow the world's three main crops—rice, wheat, and maize—is directly influenced by human activities. "Yes, humans have a huge influence on the Earth's ecosystems," said Eric Sanderson, a landscape ecologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society and one of the co-authors of the study.

DD: Gaps in UK Foreign Policy — Global Diplomatic Forum In addition to the saga of the UK's Membership to the EU, there is a steady decline in the UK's representation at senior levels in EU institutions. This has undermined London's influence in Europe and its traditional role as a bridge between the US and Europe. In relation to its share of the EU's population (12.5%), the UK remains significantly under-represented among the staff of major EU institutions, and its presence continues to shrink. The number of UK nationals on the staff of the European Commission had fallen by 24% in seven years by 2013, and it stood at 4.6% of the total.

Category:Lists of organizations These are lists of organizations. Sports organizations should go in Category:Sports-related lists and political parties should go in Category:Lists of political parties Subcategories This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total. Pages in category "Lists of organizations" List of cognitive biases Illustration by John Manoogian III (jm3).[1] Cognitive biases can be organized into four categories: biases that arise from too much information, not enough meaning, the need to act quickly, and the limits of memory. Cognitive biases are tendencies to think in certain ways that can lead to systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgment, and are often studied in psychology and behavioral economics. There are also controversies over some of these biases as to whether they count as useless or irrational, or whether they result in useful attitudes or behavior.

SILK For the past couple of years we've been working on the Kent Dementia Friendly Communities project. Covering the whole of Kent the project has inspired local community projects and dementia action alliances to form. The past few months we've been hard at work creating a website that captures all the activity that has happened under the Kent Dementia Friendly Communities project. Internship Opportunities at the ICD The ICD Voluntary Internship Project (2008-17) is a 10 year program with the main purpose to enable students who need an internship as a compulsory part of their BA or graduate studies to engage in cultural diplomacy and in doing so, to further promote cultural diplomacy and multiculturalism worldwide. The positioning of the ICD in the center of Europe, makes it a natural hub for the younger generation and indeed, the past years of the project have been witness to interns being active participants in the multicultural field, where lasting friendships were formed and valuable contacts made, which immediately expanded each individual’s network to all parts of the world. The diverse multicultural environment provides an excellent framework for Cultural Diplomacy to be practiced on a daily basis within the office as well as outside of the office. The ICD invites applications from individuals who are coming from the following fields: Online Application Form »

NWDTT NIRA Think Tank Information NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (NWDTT) A compilation of information on public policy institutes Since 1993, NIRA has published NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (NWDTT), which provides a systematic introduction to the world's most prominent and innovative public policy research institutes, or think tanks. NWDTT provides an overview of the organizational structures and research activities of a large number of think tanks, functioning as the "soft infrastructure" for a global think tank network. Passing through new editions in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005 *, NWDTT has become a well-regarded resource for the policy community.

11 ways you are thoroughly (but interestingly) wrong The folks at Your Logical Fallacy Is have compiled a list of 24 common ways that you and I are often mistaken in the way we think. I have to say that looking through their site is perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had being told how wrong I am. And not just wrong in a certain instance, but consistently and fundamentally flawed in the very way I think. Fun, right? Us Now Us Now is a documentary film project "about the power of mass collaboration, the government and the Internet"[1] The New York Times describes it as a film which "paints a future in which every citizen is connected to the state as easily as to Facebook, choosing policies, questioning politicians, collaborating with neighbours."[2] The documentary weaves together the perceptions of leading thinkers on the power of the web, with the overriding suggestion that people gain a sense of satisfaction from active participation rather than symbolic representation in decision-making processes.[3] (Rebecca Frankel, editor of Channel 4's FourDocs) Synopsis[edit] The Us Now website describes the project as an examination of the role of the internet, and more specifically Web 2.0 in facilitating direct public governance without the need for politicians.

Volunteering and Social Enterprise Students volunteer for a number of reasons, including to meet new people, help others, have fun, gain new skills and get involved in causes that matter to them. This section is here to help you find out more. When individuals freely give their time without payment for the benefit of an organisation, the community, an individual or the environment outside of their family, this is considered volunteering. You could volunteer for one of Leeds University Union's student-led volunteering societies, volunteer in the local community with one of Leeds University Union's community projects, search for opportunities with local charities and community groups via the University's Volunteering Hub or, volunteering project!

Demos est un think tank basé à Londres qui vise à améliorer les politiques par et pour les citoyens. by m.tafani Oct 21