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NewSchools Venture Fund: A non-profit venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education for low-income children

NewSchools Venture Fund: A non-profit venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education for low-income children

Lumina Foundation | Goal 2025: to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality college degrees or credentials to 60% by 2025. Harlem Village Academies Reading on a Kindle or iPad is NOT Reading … So, They Say … Maybe it is Better Reading on a Kindle or iPad is NOT Reading ... So, They Say ... Maybe it is Better In his book, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! Dr. While all reports indicate that daily media use among children and teens is mushrooming, reading printed books has remained constant at about 25 minutes per day. At this point I would venture to guess that you are shaking your head in astonishment at my audacity to assert that any type of reading is reading. But should the act of reading be confined to an individualized, sedentary, solitary activity? Carr argues that the "words of books are extracted from the printed page and embedded in the computer's ecology of interruption technologies." I bought a Kindle when they first came out in late 2007 (yes, that's right, the Kindle is only two and a half years old!)

Consumer Truth – Insights & Planning | Stanford to help build edX MOOC platform Culture Connoisseur Badge Culture Connoisseurs consistently offer thought-provoking, timely comments on the arts, lifestyle and entertainment. More about badges | Request a badge Washingtologist Badge Washingtologists consistently post thought-provoking, timely comments on events, communities, and trends in the Washington area. Post Writer Badge This commenter is a Washington Post editor, reporter or producer. Post Contributor Badge This commenter is a Washington Post contributor. Post Recommended Washington Post reporters or editors recommend this comment or reader post. You must be logged in to report a comment. You must be logged in to recommend a comment.

Altius Education Tom Dearden Appointed Chairman; Matthew Schnittman to Join as President and CEO Salt Lake City, UT – October 10, 2013 – Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, today announced it has acquired the technology assets of Altius Education, including its competency-based online learning platform, Helix, as well as its enrollment management and student retention platforms. An investment group led by Oakleigh Thorne, current Chairman of the Board of Datamark and former CEO of eCollege, financed the transaction and committed an additional $11 million in equity to fund the further development of the company’s infrastructure, as well as support the growth of Altius’ current educational partnerships, which will be managed by Datamark going forward. Datamark, which has served the higher education market for more than 25 years, also announced that education-technology veteran Matthew Schnittman is joining the company as president and CEO.

The Myth of Charter Schools by Diane Ravitch Waiting for “Superman” a film directed by Davis Guggenheim Ordinarily, documentaries about education attract little attention, and seldom, if ever, reach neighborhood movie theaters. Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for “Superman” is different. Two other films expounding the same arguments—The Lottery and The Cartel—were released in the late spring, but they received far less attention than Guggenheim’s film. The message of these films has become alarmingly familiar: American public education is a failed enterprise. The Cartel maintains that we must not only create more charter schools, but provide vouchers so that children can flee incompetent public schools and attend private schools. For many people, these arguments require a willing suspension of disbelief. Waiting for “Superman” and the other films appeal to a broad apprehension that the nation is falling behind in global competition. In each of the schools to which they have applied, the odds against them are large.

Shock the System | Startl Red de apoyo Proyecto Maker, es una comunidad que tiene el apoyo de las siguientes entidades: Tectronix es una empresa que nos está brindando un gran apoyo: espacio de trabajo, acceso a material y componentes esenciales, y oportunidad de gran aprendizaje. CNT es una organización de estudiantes de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, que desarrolla y ejecuta proyectos de innovacion y tecnologia, y se relaciona con nosotros como parte de la comunidad de Proyecto Maker, designando a un embajador en este grupo.

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