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Recruiting and Staffing – TLNT “I am so thankful that I got this new job. I now work for a non-profit and we are spearheading all these new initiatives, connecting children and health care. I am on a mission. Never been so excited about a job before from my past of working for profit companies.” This email message came to me the other morning from one of my colleagues in the U.S. This brought me back to a time one of our rising executives quit a promising job and career because her dream job materialized — one that would allow her to work with animals. Most managers already realize that employee referral programs routinely produce the highest quality of hires, but few know that the “Give Me 5” program produces the highest-performing hires of any individual referral approach. The “Give Me 5 Names” tool is easy, fast, and free. What you do is stimulate the employee’s memory by asking them a more targeted question like “name the best innovator who you know in this field. History shows that’s just not true.

Rivalis: Solutions de pilotage d'entreprise en temps réel. Devenez indépendant en franchise 100+ Free Sourcing & Recruiting Tools, Guides, and Resources | Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting It’s been a LONG time coming, but I finally got around to updating my free sourcing & recruiting tools, guides and resources page where I now keep a current list of the best of my work all in one place for easy bookmarking and reference. You can find it here on my main page: Additionally, I thought I might as well put all of my best work all in one blog post as well – over 110 of my articles in one place for easy referencing! My blog is a pursuit of passion and not of profit – if you’ve ever found anything I’ve written helpful to you, all I ask is that you tweet this out, share it on LinkedIn, like it on Facebook, or give this a +1 on Google. Many thanks for your readership and support – please pay it forward to someone who can benefit. Big Data, Analytics and Moneyball Recruiting Big Data, Data Science and Moneyball Recruiting The Moneyball Recruiting Opportunity: Analytics and Big Data Human Capital Data is Sexy – and Sourcing is the Sexiest job in HR/Recruiting! Is Sourcing Dead?

La technique du succès - manuel pratique d'organisation de soi-même (partie 1) | Révolutionnez votre carrière Chronique et résumé – La technique du succès André Muller- Les Editions Diateino 2002, 184 pages « La réussite elle-même n’est pas difficile. La réussite est à la portée de tous. Et si tous ne réussissent pas, c’est qu’ils n’ont pas tous voulu réussir ». L’auteur présente l’ouvrage comme guide en vue de l’action et non un recueil de recettes dispensant d’agir. Le chapitre d’introduction risque de bouleverser certaines personnes, André Muller ne mâche pas ces mots, pour lui il est clair que si vous ne réussissez pas, c’est que vous ne voulez pas réussir. Si vous vous contentez de rêver et d’attendre, uniquement l’échec sera au rendez-vous. Pour lui, il n’y a pas d’excuse. La fortune s’offre rarement aux modestes. Chapitre 1 – Pourquoi et comment avoir une bonne opinion de moi Dans ce chapitre, l’auteur nous explique que dans la mesure où vous avez confiance vous, vous inspiré confiance aux autres. Il faut toujours saisir sa chance, sauté sur l’opportunité. Penser et non rêver Délai Le remède

50 Best Engineering Job Sites : Scientia Blogger In tough economic times, job hunting can be frustrating. When choosing a career path, it can help to consider your options and develop skills that are in demand. One of the careers that is likely to see stability in the future is engineering. If you are are looking for a good salary as an engineer, there are a number of job sites that can help you start a successful career in engineering. General Engineering and Science Job Sites These web sites offer listings for different engineering jobs in a number of fields. Engineer Jobs: Look for jobs in a number of specialties.Engineering Central: Includes “hot jobs” as well as more general listings.Engineer Jobs Help: Find engineering jobs by state. Civil Engineering Job Sites Find work in this specific field of engineering. Electrical Engineering Job Sites If you are interested in electricity, and the applications of electromagnetism, check these jobs sites for possible opportunities. Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Job Sites

Make Time for the Work That Matters To identify the tasks you need to drop or outsource, take this interactive assessment. More hours in the day. It’s one thing everyone wants, and yet it’s impossible to attain. But what if you could free up significant time—maybe as much as 20% of your workday—to focus on the responsibilities that really matter? We’ve spent the past three years studying how knowledge workers can become more productive and found that the answer is simple: Eliminate or delegate unimportant tasks and replace them with value-added ones. We believe there’s a way forward, however. While not everyone in our study was quite that successful, the results still astounded us. Why It’s So Hard Knowledge workers present a real challenge to managers. We interviewed 45 knowledge workers in 39 companies across eight industries in the United States and Europe to see how they spent their days. There are many reasons why this happens. Organizations share some of the blame for less-than-optimal productivity.

Post Jobs & Internships | Hire Students & Graduates inShare17 Post jobs and internships to our network. Hire college students and graduates. Post a job opening to one or more colleges and universities in our network. Narrow down the candidate pool by geography or school type – Business, Engineering, Science, etc. Starts at $95.00 The most advanced matching system available to hire students and graduates. Proactive Post™ uses a unique algorithm to select college students and graduates based on location, school, degree, GPA, & personality traits. Starts at $395.00 Symplicity recently acquired Experience and is proud to expand your toolset with OneStop – post jobs to additional schools, manage applications, register for campus events, find top talent and more. Experience was acquired by Symplicity in June 2014. eRecruiting Pro allows you to streamline your recruiting by organizing activities at multiple colleges and universities in one area of our platform. Experience will be merging with OneStop in June 2015.

JEM Home Page Journal of Electronic Materials Published in partnership with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Journal of Electronic Materials reports on the science and technology of electronic materials while examining new applications for semiconductors, magnetic alloys, insulators, and optical and display materials. It publishes papers of interest to both nonspecialists and specialists in the electronic materials field. Member Subscription Access TMS members receive subscriptions as part of their membership, and can access Journal of Electronic Materials and all other member journals via the Members-Only Online Journals link. Not a TMS Member? TMS Publications 184 Thorn Hill Road Warrendale, Pennsylvania 15086 USA Telephone: (724) 776-9000 Fax: (724) 776-3770 E-Mail: