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Apr Spring is finally rolling in here. The grass is turning a little green, the trees are budding and there are little shoots coming up where my tulips (I hope!) will show up soon. Polymer clayers are, likewise, making spring goods: Stephanie is one of the contributors with “Hand Made Mood” and she has the most delightful “Bunny Boutonnieres and Bows” to deck out the kiddos during this Easter Holiday.

ULLABENULLA Almost 30 years ago after graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Textile Design, I had it in my head that I needed an MFA too. During a grueling interview at a prestigious art school (the name isn't important here) I was told "You cannot draw" by one of my interviewers. I can still remember his face and condescending tone of voice. I was so stunned and hurt. Paperbag Ensemble Dress - Patterns Archive Please consult our size comparison table, our table of body measurements and the "Patterns" section of our FAQs before you download and print a pattern. Paperbag Ensemble Dress Design by jens / Pattern by Your Style Rocks! Finally, here is the pattern for the design that jens submitted as her winning entry in our "Sunday, lovely sunday" contest - we think it turned out great! The fabric we chose for the dress is rather stiff - if you want the paperbag effect to be more prominent you should look for a smoother, flowing type of fabric.

Linda Matthews: Textile Artist & Creative Explorer Recommended products for printing on fabric using an inkjet printer As I mentioned in a previous post, I print on fabric using my inkjet printer using various different techniques, and I also use various different products to achieve the results I’m looking for. Let’s have a look at the products that I use. How To: Print On Fabric Printing on fabric is so much easier than I thought it would be! You start with some spray adhesive: Spray it onto a piece of cardstock and place your fabric on top, being sure to get out as many bubbles as possible. (I recommend spraying the adhesive outside.) Then cut down the fabric so that it is the exact same size as your cardstock. A Big List of Tips for Sewing Knits! Hey, everyone! Happy Monday! I’ve been asked for tips on sewing knit fabrics, to help with sewing up the Renfrew Top pattern. So I’ve compiled a whole bunch of links, tutorials and tips that might help you! Conquering Knits: A Self-Help Guide Lauren from Lladybird’s no-nonsense guide to sewing with knit fabrics, stabilizing shoulders, and why knits are so great to work with. How I hem knits.

A Modern Take on the Doily - $850 Lamp for less than $50 A Modern Take on the Doily $850 Lamp for less than $50? Yes Please! Hello Pretty people! We are so excited to share a project we did this past weekend. How to make gloves Sewing > Gloves Have you thought you can sew gloves of cloth? It's rather easy. Draping - A Tutorial of Sorts I adore draped clothing. I think it is figure flattering on pretty much anyone, and it just adds an element of elegance to even the most simple designs. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, here are a few examples of draping. See? It's an absolutely lovely way to add texture and flow to a garment. » How to Make Fried Shattered Marble Necklaces Nikki Lynn Design This inexpensive yet extremely elegant necklace is made by baking and internally cracking ordinary marbles. Make up a few as gifts or for your next hot seller at a craft fair. Either way you will receive rave reviews and plenty of wonderful compliments.

How to make your own crapestry. « Crapestry This is the general technique that I have developed: 1.) I choose a cross stitch kit (most of my kits are discovered on, and purchased from,… Original design from Paco 2.) I have a brilliant idea as to how I can modify my chosen kit (this usually happens just before I decide to buy it), in this case I wanted to replace the sunset with a nuclear explosion. Strawberry Reusable Grocery Bag The first time I saw this strawberry reusable grocery bag was when I visited Taiwan end of last year. I did so much shopping that I didn’t have enough grocery bag to use. Luckily my friend borrowed her strawberry grocery bag to me when I needed it the most. It is so cute and the folding to keep the grocery bag into a tiny cute little strawberry drawstring bag really amazed me. My daughter liked it so much…. cut the story short **fast forward**, the bag ended up come home with us. I have developed a tutorial on sewing a strawberry reusable grocery bag to share with you.

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