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Better than Tiffanys

Better than Tiffanys
Have some spare time? Feeling crafty? Check out this old school way to make ring I just HAD to try! Here is a simple ring that is MADE from money. So how bout changing this: Yep, I did it! I saw rings like this on etsy, and thought “how did they do that!” Ready? Find a quarter, or similar looking foreign coin (I used a 10 pence because I couldnt find a good quarter). Got your quarter? Grab a hammer. Back in the day, I’ve heard they used to use spoons for this part, and tapped instead of hammered…but I cannot even IMAGINE how long that would take. Anyway, you want to hammer the edges. Just keep hammering, and spinning it in a circle. Yes your hands will get black. Next, you will want a drill. Anyway, keep moving up sizes of drill bits until you get too close to the edge. If you have a dremel, or a sander type bit for your drill…USE IT. Now file it down until you’ve got the ring size you are looking for! How much fun right?!

Make Photo Necklaces, Earrings, Magnets and More Using Shrinkable Plastic Seems like everything keeps getting smaller these days: computers, dogs, headphones… And now even photographs are joining in the smallness, thanks to the magic of biaxially oriented thermoplastic polystyrene (that’s Shrinky Dinks to you). You can print photos on plastic using your inkjet printer, and shrink them down small enough to make into necklaces, fridge magnets, earrings, or practically anything you can think of. See? How to Turn Photo Shrinky Dinks Into Wonderful Things Photo credits: city: Christopher & AmyCate, giraffe: milkfat, tree: left-hand, bird: lucianvenutian What You’ll Need Inkjet-printable shrink plastic (clear or white)– Michael’s and Pearl usually have it Oven or toaster oven Cookie sheet Parchment paper — check the grocery store next to the plastic wrap and tinfoil Scissors and/or X-acto knife Hole punch (optional) Choose Your Photos Your pictures will shrink significantly, so choose ones that will be easily recognizable at a very small size. Print on Plastic More Ideas

DIY Art with Acrylic Paint and Raised Chipboard Letters: Be Still and Know | * View Along the Way * This is a fact: there is something magical about craft stores. Like, fairy dust magical. I know this because the minute I step inside one, suddenly I believe I’m capable of completing all kinds of art projects I have no business touching, and suddenly I’m buying the necessary supplies to knit a designer dress (yes, out of yarn) or bake a cake shaped like a rocketship or something. It’s like I’m invincible, craft-wise. Welp, they got me again. I saw this art on Pinterest: It’s a pricey little piece you can pick up here for £195. I knew I could recreate the look with a few chipboard letters on a solid-painted canvas – and a few other bloggers have done just that. Suddenly I was PICASSO! I picked up some paints, a pack of chipboard letters and a canvas and headed home, all inspired and high off their secret craft-store air. I decided to use words from this Bible verse: “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

DIY Citrus Salt Scrub It’s that time of year. Where you need all the exfoliation you can get! Everyone wants fabulous beach-ready skin! And lets be real, if you’re anything like me… exfoliating just didn’t seam important when you’re all covered up in winter clothing. What you will need: 1 cup sea salt 1/4 cup vegetable oil (or olive, almond or coconut oil) 1/2 tsp lemon juice (or zest) 1/2 tsp orange zest (not necessary) photo credit: via First mix the oil and sea salt together. How to exfoliate: Clean body as normal in shower. Now I’m ready for the beach. # kristanlynn xoxo *Like what you see? DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry Inspired by a shoot styled by Mandy of Oracle Fox where gold leaf was applied in the form of makeup and jewelry, I immediately had to try it myself. It’s an instantaneous and temporary solution for a lack of bling. Plus, it looks super fly! You’ll need: Start by cutting the sheet of gold leaf into half inch strips. The gold leaf will not adhere to anything without an adhesive agent so an application of spirit gum is necessary. Pick up a strip of gold leaf and press the gold side onto the tacky area with pressure. Remove the tape and use your fingers to smooth out any loose flakes. Voila! (top image via, rest of images by HonestlyWTF; bottom image Jennifer Fisher Spike Ring & Zoya Edyta polish)

Fotoramar av kapsyler – Bottle cap photo frames Jag fick med mig lite kapsyler hem från vår Thailand-resa i julas. Inspirerad av ett Martha Stewart-pyssel så fick jag för mig att jag skulle göra miniatyrramar för några av våra Thailands-bilder. Så här gick jag till väga: —–I brought some bottle caps back with me from our trip to Thailand. Först och främst målade jag insidan av kapsylerna med två lager vit hobbyfärg. Jag mätte insidan av kapsylen till 2,5 cm i diameter. Jag vände på kapsylerna och limmade fast magneter på baksidan. Ett alternativ till magneter är att limma fast häftstift om man vill kunna sätta fotoramarna på en anslagstavla t ex. Via Craftgawker, Pinterest & sökning på Google hittade jag fler roliga kapsyl-pyssel: / Mini-värmeljus (Draft Magazine) / Magneter (El hada de papel) Klockmagneter (How About Orange) / Örhängen (A Beautiful Mess) Schackspel (Martha Stewart) / Bricka (Sweet Something Designs) Fler magneter (Design Mom) / Halsband (Compulsive Craftiness) Spindlar (Silly Eagle Books)

Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands I was walking through Target a few weeks ago and noticed this little knit fabric headband that was not just braided together…….but woven. I decided they were charging way too much for something that could be made with t-shirt scraps. And that means free. So there you have it. (Or you may need one for working out. I kinda love it on my little girl . She always has little hair fly-aways that get into her face…….and this helps with that problem. It even works great with her hair down…..and keeps that hair tucked behind her ears. And yep, good for me too. Thanks little t-shirt scraps. Want to make your own? First, find some old t-shirts. Then, cut your fabric into long strips. Next, stack your 5 strips on top of each other and sew together at one end. Now, pull on each strip of fabric so that they kind of curl on the edges. Now, to create this 5 strand braid……’ll kind of be braiding on the left side and then braiding on the right. But let me explain a little better. And that’s it.

Magic Braided Leather Tutorial Seriously this tutorial is magic. I’ve been wanting to share it with you for about a year now, but it’s taken me so long to sit down & figure out the best way to explain myself. See, I discovered how to do this while mindlessly watching an episode of House. My mother-in-law has a rad purse from the ’70s or so; it’s leather with a very cool handle. I’ll be sharing this today on KSL’s Studio 5! (of course the pattern pieces above aren’t the same, I was just too lazy to take a supplies pic that was practically the same as this one. hope you’ll forgive me.) hammerscissorshole punchtapebutton-stud/snap & setter1-2 oz leather/felt Print and cut out pattern pieces. Tape your leather to a sturdy surface, like a desk or slab of wood. Ignoring the bottom part as you go, count up to 6. Look at the bottom part, the strand that’s on top should go through the hole. Once you’ve followed through that end, your ends should look like this. Once you’re done braiding, your bracelet will look a little lumpy.

Craft: Valentine's Day Wall Art I loved how my Valentine's Day garland and wreath looked so I decided to make another Valentine's Day decoration. In our living room we have a big blank wall that is patiently waiting for us to finish the wall art we plan on hanging. I decided to use that space and try to make a simple, cheap wall art. Supplies: Card stock, pattern to print (I did sheet music), scissors, tapeCost: $0 (I already had all of the supplies) I started off by printing off sheet music. I printed two pages on each 8 1/2'' x 11'' sheet of paper. Then I found a heart shape that I liked (via google images). I cut out the hearts by hand - I'm very jealous of people with cricuts or other similar machines that do it for you. :-) I had originally planned on just taping the hearts to the wall (I was going for very simple wall art) but decided it might look neat if the hearts stood a little bit off of the wall. Does that make sense? I printed the outline with the folding lines (light grey) onto card stock and cut them out.

Tutorial - Notebook purse/briefcase Here's a great idea for gifts, party favors, road trip journals, rainy day name it! This project can be altered for girls or boys too! There's always lots of options with my tutorials! ;) Although I can't take credit for the idea, I've infused some of my own twists on the project and I still wanted to share it with you! **Be sure to upload and share your photos in the Brassy Apple Flickr photo group! Supplies:Composition notebooks ( I used the large ones for this tutorial but the small ones can be used as well. optional:hole puncheyelets/grommetsglitterscrapbooking pop ups Step 1:Purse: If you would like to create an angled shaped purse notebook you will need to have the composition notebooks professionally cut. I had my notebooks cut about 1.5 - 2 inches on each side and then angled out to the outer edge as pictured below. Step 2: Choose the paper you'd like on one side of your purse/briefcase. Trace and cut. Step 4: Glue. Applying to cover Step 5: Time to layer!

What I Wore - A Personal Style Blog Do-it-Yourself DIY String Wedding Lanterns Yarn Chandeliers Jessica of Wednesday Inc shows us how to make those gorgeous twine chandeliers from the inspiration shoot she shared with us this morning. Using balloons, glue and twine, you can also make these lanterns for your wedding – and then bring it home and use it as your very own mid century lampshade. What you will need are: balloons, glue, yarn, tray for glue, corn starch 1/2 cup of Corn starch, 1/4 cup of Warm water, clear fast drying spray paint, hanging lamp cord or fishing line (depending on your desired final product), and a lighting kit if you’re looking for a fully functional lantern. Are you getting excited to try to do this at home as much I am? Instructions: 1.

10 Pretty Ways to Display your Necklaces at Home {DIY} {Shelterness} {Gadora Wilder} {be different act normal} {monaluna} {mustard & sage – originally from decor8} {The Budget Babe} {hello beauty} {Bleach Black} {For Me For You} {coroflot} I struggle to find a pretty, non-tangly way to display my myriad of necklaces. I think my favourite (and best for me, considering I own quite a few necklaces) is the first one. Which one do you like best?